Sea Term Supplies

Sea Term Supplies

Sea Term supplies

Most items can be purchased at the ships store. Phone Number 718 409 7342

small plastic bins like shoe size

roll of duct tape

heavy duty velcro- a roll of it, and a scissor

heavy duty knife (Serrated for engineers) with a marlin spike(deckies)

flashlights (not metal)

super concentrated laundry detergent that can't spill

water bottle (nalgene, something that cant break)

gatorade powder, or other flavoring- koolaid, tang etc( the water is gross on the ship, but you get dehydrated)

hand cleaner (GO JO pumice pump)

toiletry bag that hangs like the kind from ll bean

2 locks ( combination)

plastic hooks or suction cup hooks (heavy duty) for boiler suit/towel

small hammock net to store things in bunk- not totally necessary but nice

work gloves, several pairs

Engineers need heavier work gloves that slide off quickly

Ear plugs- lots of them and an assortment. Engineers need more than deckles

rubber gloves, heavy duty

several pairs of sun glasses (engineers for port, deckles for all the time)

safety glasses- (engineers need several pairs)

strap for sunglasses

good marine binoculars (deckles)

Engineers only: Crescent Wrench ( 6 to 8inch) Screw driver ( 4 tips, two tips on each end ; Channel Locks (6 to 8 inches)


small size toiletries in multiple so you can throw away when empty to save room

batteries for everything

several battery or windup clocks ( they always stop working and you need them because everyone is sleeping in shifts around the clock)

digital watch with an alarm; know how to use all functions before cruise

batteries for the clocks

boiler suits with name tag and school seal, don’t wait until the ship leaves to order tags from ship store

Notebooks, engineers need one that is pocket sized

Pens and pencils

Deck- navigation equipment, charts etc

small hangers like kid size, the lockers are tiny

hanging canvas shoe bag/sweater bag that goes over the rod (hard bottom prevents sag)

lots of bungee cords different sizes from tiny to huge

camp chair that folds up

sleeping bag

sewing kit with extra buttons for uniform

huge zip lock bags

space bags

travel organizer bags

mattress pad of some kind

tiny portable fan

small containers that suction cup or can be velcroed into the bunk for items like pens etc.


toilet paper

Tide white out pen or other stain remover

Big orange clips used as clamps like a huge clothes pin

Lysol spray

Meds as needed ( immodium, sea sickness meds, Tylenol, tums etc) Athletes foot meds



2 week supply of underwear/socks/t shirts Label everything!