Script for Calling Potential Volunteer Ministry Team Members

Script for Calling Potential Volunteer Ministry Team Members

Script for Calling Potential Volunteer Ministry Team Members

Suggested Use for Script:

  1. Create a list of potential volunteers; contact numbers, emails and street addresses. Ask YFC co-workers and Supervisors to suggest church leaders, family members alumni YFC volunteers who might be interested in a one-year commitment to Parent Life Ministry.
  2. As you plan any week, make routine phone calls to advance your mission and build your team by introducing yourself, Parent Life and setting up face-to-face meetings. Aim for at least 4 calls a week.
  3. When possible, refer to the name of the person who recommended this potential volunteer.
  4. Always follow up a phone call with an email and go the extra mile with a hand-written card.
  5. Always follow up phone calls with emails and cc the person who made the referral.
  6. See Script for MEET UP with Potential Team Members for next steps.

Sample Script:

Hi! This is (June Thompson) from Youth for Christ.

(Dan Wolgemuth) suggested that I call you for some help regarding our Parent Life Ministry. Do you have a few minutes to chat?

We have recently launched a ministry for pregnant and parenting teens in the greater (Denver) area. It’s called Parent Life. In Parent Life we connect teen moms (and sometimes dads) with adults for small group community, fun special events and most importantly, transformational relationships with loving adult team members.

I have a summary page that describes Parent Life. Would you like me to send that to you? (Get email address.)

(Dan) said that you might have a heart for this ministry. We are building a ministry team that will work together to reach teen parents in your area. Together, we will step into the lives of teen parents in our community. I’m wondering if you would meet me to talk more about ministry?

Your Last Line is Key and should sound something like this:

I would love to build relationships in the community so even if you decide Parent Life is not a fit for this time in your life, we’d love to have your insights and shared wisdom. And I love sharing the Parent Life Story. Is there a good time for you to meet? May I buy you a cup of coffee so I can learn a little about your story?

Parent Life