SAON Board Meeting 1St December 2017

SAON Board Meeting 1St December 2017

Draft 1st December2017

SAON Board meeting 1st December 2017

18-19 CET / 12-1 PM EST


Draft agenda

  1. Introductions and adoption of agenda
  2. SAON Strategic Framework
    [An updated version (30thNovember) is available. Comments were received to the version from 8th November, and drafting teams have updated the four main sections.
    The Board is invited to discuss the document and give further recommendations to the revision of the text.
    The Board is also invited to discuss the structure of the document. Currently, it contains components that are persistent like Vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, and Goals. It also contains objective Descriptions and associated Urgency and Activities and statements about involvement of Board, Committees, Networks, National SAON organisations, and Relationship with international organisations. Should the latter be moved into a work plan document?
    Larry Hinzmann
    Introduction, Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles: Peter Schlosser
    Goal 1: Creating a roadmap to well-integrated Arctic observing system: Hannele Savela
    Goal 2: Free and ethically open access to Arctic observational data: Peter Pulsifer
    Goal 3: Ensuring sustainability of Arctic Observing: Eva Kruemmel]
  3. Financing Task Force
    [Since 2011, the Norwegian government has funded a full-time position through the annual contribution to the AMAP Secretariat. In 2017, the support has been reduced. A task force that should identity possibilities for the funding of the Secretariat has been established. Members of the task force are Allen Pope, Larry D. Hinzman, Nicole Biebow, Sandy Starkweather, Will Ambrose, and Yuji Kodama. The task force has met four times in the autumn 2017. The document contains recommendations from the task force.
    The Board is invited to discuss the recommendations. If the recommendations are accepted, Board members are invited prepare their countries/institutions that the mentioned letters will be send.
    In a comment to the text, Nicole Biebow has raised one additional proposal: “Shall we also include active lobbying for calls? Many funding agencies have targeted calls which might not fit to SAON but we might be able to get calls targeted to SAON topics as well.”
    Larry Hinzman]
  4. GEO and SAON
    [The Board is invited to review the document from the Board meeting in Prague in April 2017. The document contains a recommendation that SAON seeks recognition as ‘ArcticGEOSS’. A teleconference between Barbara Ryan, Larry Hinzman and ThorsteinnGunnarsson will be held 6th December where requirements and benefits of such an arrangement will be discussed.
    Jan Rene Larsen]
  5. Arctic Observing Summit 2018
    [What kind of outcome/product would the Board like to see as an outcome of the AOS? Link to the call:
    Peter Schlosser]
  6. Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) Essential Climate Variables (ECV)
    [An invitation has been received, “asking for comments on the existing GCOS Essential Climate Variable (ECV) product requirements”. A recommendation on how to respond to this was circulated 24th November.
    Jan Rene Larsen]
  7. Any other business
  8. Next telephone conference
    [21stDecember 16-17 CET / 10-11 AM EST]