Duxbury High School Scholarship

Duxbury High School Scholarship




Students need to fill out the DHS Scholarship Application. Part I needs to be filled out electronically by logging onto your Naviance account. The DHS Scholarship Application for class of 2015 can be found on the left side under the “about me” section. Part I must be completed no later than February 28, 2015. Part II will also be on Naviance beginning in February and must be completed no later than Friday, April 10, 2015. IT IS CRUCIAL THAT YOU MEET THESE DEADLINES TO BE CONSIDERED FOR ANY SCHOLARSHIPS.

Available on the Guidance website is a list of local scholarships typically awarded each year. Please note that some of these may not be offered in a given year. This list is simply to help you plan. Some of the awards may require submission of additional information, and may even require a short essay. The typical criteria are listed beside each award. Essay topics and applications are not yet available in Guidance. We will notify students through Naviance when these become available (typically in late February). These additional applications or essays will be listed on Naviance and students will need to download them and then complete as directed on the individual application.

Scholarships that are awarded based upon a student’s financial need are typically identified in the criteria of the scholarship although some others will also use financial need as one of the criteria for the award. Therefore ALL students are encouraged to apply for need based awards.

Students must submit the Student Aid Report (SAR) that you receive after completing the FAFSA. We need the page which lists the family’s EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) in order to determine the need index. The FAFSA can be completed beginning January 1st, by logging onto http://www.fafsa.ed.gov. Please be assured that student information is kept strictly confidential, and that all information is coded for privacy. (If a student wishes to be considered for scholarships that are not based upon need, information from the FAFSA is not necessary.) Student Aid Reports should be submitted as soon as possible but must be received by April 10th


Scholarship recipients are determined basically by two groups:

1.Private organizations – (American Legion, Duxbury Thrift Shop, Duxbury Yacht Club, Partridge Fund, Duxbury Police Department, Rotary Club, etc.) These organizations review the information we submit to them (GPA, career choice, college attending, activities, etc.) and from this information, using their own criteria, name their selections. For some organizations, like Duxbury Music Promoters, South Shore Bay Band, Duxbury Post 223 American Legion, there are applications that must be completed in addition to the main packet of information provided here. These separate scholarship applications will be available on Naviance as available. We will keep a list of these in Naviance as we receive them. Some private organizations may also require a short essay or the submission of art slides, so please read each scholarship’s criteria very carefully.

2.Town of Duxbury Scholarships - Committees are appointed from within the school system to select recipients for financial aid/scholarship money left to the town or school system. These scholarships are identified by various names: Mary Carr Nepton, Harriet S. Crozier, Colonel J. R. Truden, Helen Delano Howe, Edward P. Hobart, Margaret K. Elliott, and others which are added from year to year. Many are awarded primarily on the basis of need, but some are awarded using other criteria as well. Scholarships from the town are awarded to students in the second semester of their freshman year of college. Students must first prove that they are still enrolled in a college prior to receiving this scholarship award. The requirements for proof are listed in the award letter and must be submitted to the Guidance Office in December of the student’s college freshman year. Please also note that checks awarded for these scholarships are sent directly to the college second semester (typically in late February or early March) of the student’s freshman year. Therefore students should NOT count on this money to be there in time for second semester payments.

Students will be awarded these scholarships on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at our Senior Awards Night in the Duxbury Performing Arts Center. All families and students are invited to this event, but students who are receiving a scholarship or award will be notified via Naviance email by the Friday prior to the event (May 29th). Students will not be told exactly what award or scholarship they have been chosen for but rather that they will be recognized in some way. It is crucial that students make sure they have an updated email in Naviance and check their email regularly to ensure they receive this information.