Santiago Canyon College - College Council (Planning and Budget Allocation)

Santiago Canyon College - College Council (Planning and Budget Allocation)

Santiago Canyon College - College Council (Planning and Budget Allocation)

MINUTES – December 12, 2006, 2:00 p.m., E-107

Administrators: John Hernandez (absent), Mary Halvorson, Steve Kawa, Lori Fasbinder for Jose Vargas, Juan Vázquez (absent)

Faculty: Morrie Barembaum, Linda Cucovatz, Rosi Enriquez (absent), Laura Wirtz, Connie Wilson, Cari Cannon, John Smith (alt) (absent)

Classified: Diane Durdella, Zina Edwards (absent), Sheryl Martin, Terry Wilksen (absent), Janell McWilliam (alt) (absent)

Approved 1/9/07 Student: Meg Rothi (absent)Technology: Curt ChildressCommunication: AnnMarie Librescu

1. Approval of Minutes, 11/28/06 / Motion to approve minutes as written (Cucovatz/Wirtz) passed unanimously. / Minutes approved as written.
1. Prioritization of Construction Projects: Steve Kawa
2. Reorganization: Financial Aid – new Senior Clerk position / Steve noted that we have received permission to change the building letter for the exercise science relocatables to “S.”
First reading to review the recommendations from the SCC Facilities Committee regarding future construction projects. The “high priority projects” will be competing with SAC’s list for the funds available.
First Reading: Mary Halvorson represented John Hernandez to present the Financial Aid reorganization for a new Senior Clerk position. Position is paid for by BFAP categorical funding. / Review the future projects list with your constituency and bring recommendations to the next meeting, January 9.
Second reading will be on agenda for meeting of January 9, 2007.
  1. Associated Student Body: Meg Rothi
  1. Continuing Education: Lori Fasbinder
  1. Classified Advisory Group: Diane Durdella
  1. Communications: AnnMarie Librescu
  1. Technology: Curt Childress
  1. Budget/SAFE Council: Steve Kawa
  1. Curriculum and Instruction Council: Linda Cucovatz
  1. Academic Affairs: Mary Halvorson
  1. Student Success Council/Student Services
  1. Academic Senate: Cari Cannon
  1. President
/ No report.
Joint curriculum meeting was held with CEC and OEC. Effort to get both programs on the same schedule for quadrennial reviews.
The recent auction was very successful. Linda Cucovatz gave a presentation at the last Hawks meeting.
New banners are being purchased through Outreach to place at the Jamboree/Chapman corner.
The virtual groundbreaking for the demonstration garden was a success, including an article in the newspaper.
Advertising for spring is underway, including ads in December and January on the video screens at Main Place mall.
New magazine, “Orange Magazine,” will highlight the college and the demonstration garden. The Orange Chamber “Business News” will feature continuing education classes.
No report.
Power outages experienced late Saturday and this morning (Tuesday).
Key curriculum staff and faculty are receiving Datatel training, and also providing input for revisions.
The five-year plans are being submitted.
The Dean of Library, Fine and Performing Arts and Communication position will close the end of January.
In spring, the college will begin work on the abbreviated self-study for the ACCJC. The site visit will occur in fall 2008.
No report.
The senate held a special meeting today, with Steve Eastmond attending, to answer questions regarding the recent change in the finals schedule. The FTES audit is why RSCCD had to change schedules. Everyone agreed to the need for written documentation of the expectation for finals week (clarification).
Senate retreat scheduled for Wednesday, January 31, 2007.
No report.

Santiago Canyon College - Mission Statement

Santiago Canyon College (SCC) is a diverse learning community dedicated to intellectual and personal growth. Our purpose is to foster a learning environment that helps students develop knowledge and understanding, critical thinking, sound decision making, cultural awareness, effective communication skills, and a commitment to local and global citizenship.

Santiago Canyon College offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes university transfer, associate degree and certificate programs. In addition, we provide community services, career education, continuing education, basic skills development, and a range of support services for full and part-time students, including those with family and career responsibilities. At SCC we encourage students to plan, implement, and evaluate their educational progress through meaningful reflection and interaction with both the college and community. (Approved by CPAC: 1/25/05)