English 111 Reflection 1

Running head: ENGLISH 111 REFLECTION[ad1]

English 111 Reflection

Tnequa Watkins

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College


My[ad2] name is Tnequa Watkins, I have taken English 111 as apart of my course module for Business Administration. English 111 has helped me grow significantly in writing skills and even excel in many levels of life. In English 111 we examined Critical thinking, the writing process, the writing community, and LFD. We also went over MLA format and APA format. All of the goals of English 111 can be observed on my weebly, which was created throughout the course of the class. I hope you will enjoy taking a look in my time in Eglish 111.

Keywords:[ad3] Critical Thinking, the Writing Process, the Writing Community, and Locating, Formatting, and Documentation. I will also go over APA Format and MLA Format


During [ad4]my course of English 111, I have gained a more firm understanding of writing. I had to study multiple concepts of writing starting with the very easy, MLA and APA format and the very complex, locating formatting and documenting literature. I feel confident I have done all it takes to write a professional piece of literature. I demonstrated my knowledge on the topics in English through the narrative and position essay. Weebly was like a guide for me to look at when I was struggling. I am proving my gained strength in literature with the various artifacts located on my weebly.

Goal One: Critical Thinking

Our first goal was to accomplish the Critical thinking process. Critical thinking is basically the underground work you do to validate and credit a piece of literature. It focuses on the three main points avoiding fallacies, analyzing through annotating and determining scholarly sources. It is as simple as choosing the writing context and wording and validating where you have gotten your information for the essay.

Avoiding fallacies was both easy and hard to become accustom to. A fallacy is like targeting or making the audience feel attacked. I learned to write an effective essay that attracted the right audience. One paper that really helped me to better understand avoiding fallacies was the position essay I had to write. The next skill I had to master was analyzing through annotating.

Analyzing through annotating is writing a summary of the sources you are going to use in a paper. In English I had to learn how to do an annotated bibliography. This really made writing my essays a lot easier. I had an outline and reference I could look back on to guide me through my writing assignments. Then it had gotten even easier when I learned how to determine a scholarly source.

Goal Two: The writing Process

The writing process focuses on the structure of an essay, narrative writing, and the position essay. This page on my weebly has the two of the writing units I learned during English 111. I have boosted my creativity skills significantly in the writing process. It is what makes writing fun and inviting to me. It has also gotten me closer to my classmates throughout the course. The structure of an essay was an activity that helped me shape my thoughts into words easy to read.

The structure of an essay is basically the format I had to use to keep my writing on track. One of my biggest struggles with writing is staying on the topic of my paper. Since studying the structure of an essay and taking a test on it I have learned how to keep the point of my writing easy to target. My skills were put to the test in the first writing assignment in Eglish, the narrative essay.

The narrative essay was writing about something I strongly believed in and giving a reason behind the belief. It was the most fun topic I practiced in English. It was the one time I had gotten to express my personality to a new group of people and become confident in writing. I then went into the next essay for the class which was equally exciting, the position essay.

The position essay was writing an argumentative statement in effort to persuade the audience into agreeing with my point of view. This was very challenging and it took me awhile to get the hang of an argumentative essay. We actually had gotten the opportunity the work with a partner for this essay which in turn made it much easier to write.

Goal Three: The Writing Community

The writing Community is learning how to peer edit and getting feedback on an essay. Peer editing gave me a source of valuable tips and constructive criticism. It was the feel of getting help from other students that made me more comfortable with writing my papers for English. It also felt good to be able to peer edit others work and gave me the vibe of team building.

Having the ability to get constructive criticism from my peers made me feel less pressured to write what I felt. I had access to other ideas for my writing in just the feedback alone. It was very helpful to me and helped me gain a better sense of encouragement. This is something that is much needed for many goals in life. It can help me excel at several tasks with great ease.

Peer editing someone else’s work made me feel like I was contributing to their success in English. The process for peer editing was complex but once I had gotten the hang of it I did really well. I also had the opportunity to see what others had written about which was very interesting and exciting. Team building gives me a lot of confidence when it comes to writing. With the writing community we were a working team to make our writing skills improve fantastically

Goal Four: Locating, Formatting, and Documentation

Locating, formatting, and Documentation was a very small segment of English 111. It was however; a very important part of English that I had to study and learn. It focused on plagiarism, the two main formats of English MLA and APA, and Critical reading. I learned how to write an essay without copying other work and the formats of writing a paper.

Plagiarism is included in our class syllabus and was taught through a course in the library. It included a PowerPoint on plagiarism and how to get the information I needed without copying it directly. MLA and APA format was the two main formats I had to write in during English. It took a little getting used to before I could write in these formats correctly. The last thing in English I learned was critical reading which went along with the page on weebly called critical thinking. It is where I had to learn the meaning of words and the power they have to a piece of writing[ad5].


My[ad6][ad7] time in English 111 has helped me become a strong and confident writer and also helped me with a lot of tasks in life. I learned that writing is not just words it is also a powerful tool that makes you into an effective communicator. I apply everything I have learned in English 111 to my daily tasks. Now I can write professionally and communicate with confidence on the job. The things that have stuck with me are Critical thinking, the writing process, the writing community, and locating formatting and documentation. All of which is the structure of becoming an effective and professional writer and communicator. Take a look at the home I have built on weebly to show you what my time in English 111 was like.



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