ROUND 1: 2011 Detroit Catholic Central Academic Tournament

ROUND 1: 2011 Detroit Catholic Central Academic Tournament

ROUND 1: 2011 Detroit Catholic Central Academic Tournament

Toss up 1:This author wrote a volume of poetry entitled Babbling April, but he is more famous for writing novels. He described his conversion to Catholicism in A Sort of Life, and he wrote about Francis Andrews whose friend Elizabeth is killed by a band of smugglers in his first novel, The Man Within. His first success was the novel Stamboul Train, and he also wrote a work about James Wormold, an agent in the British secret service, who attempts to save the lives of his contacts in the titular location in Cuba. Another of his novels involves the “Whiskey Priest” who is accompanied by the Mestizo as he flees from the Lieutenant. For ten points, name this man, the author of Our Man in Havana and The Power and the Glory.

Answer: Graham Greene

Bonus: Greene’s novel Our Man in Havana takes place in Cuba. Cuba is also home to the famous revolutionary poet of “Simple Verses”. For ten points each.

1. Name this poet, whose most famous poem, “Guantanamera” has become a patriotic song in Cuba.

Answer: Jose Marti

2. Marti spoke out against Spain’s control of Cuba in Spain while in this city. At the time, this city was still under the influence of the political machine Tammany Hall and it’s various bosses.

Answer: New York City

3. Marti is seen as a forerunner of this Central-American literary movement. It is exemplified in the works of Ruben Dario, and it translates to “modernism”.

Answer: Modernismo (do not accept “modernism”)

Toss up 2: Type four forms the bases of cell basement membrane, while type three is the main component of reticular fibers. Glycine is required at every third position in it because the assembly of the triple helix puts this at the interior axis of the helix. It serves as a major component of endomysium in muscle tissue. It is found mostly in fibrous tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, and skin, and is very abundant in cartilage. For ten points, name this group of naturally occurring proteins used in gelatin.

Answer: Collagen

Bonus: For ten points each, answer these questions about vitamins:

1. Also called cobalamin, it affects DNA synthesis and regulation. Name this vitamin that aids in fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

Answer: VitaminB12

2. It protects the body against oxidative stress and is an essential nutrient for humans and other animals. Name this vitamin that prevents scurvy.

Answer: VitaminC

3. Three synthetic forms of it are used in the pet food industry and to inhibit fungal growth. Name this vitamin group, one of which is known as phylloquinone.

Answer: VitaminK

Toss up 3: This painting's title was inspired by a poem by John Keats entitled "Sonnets to Solitude." A miniscule depiction of the Kaaterskill Falls is seen along with other geographical features like Fawns Leap. Directly under the people depicted in this painting, a large tree branch has broken off and is falling onto some large rocks. Writing on a tree on the left gives the image that the names of the people depicted in this painting were carved into that tree. For ten points - name this painting depicting Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant on a rocky outcropping, a masterpiece by a certain Hudson River School artist.

Answer: Kindred Spirits

Bonus: Identify these other Hudson River School artists from works given. For ten points each:

1.Niagara, The Falls of Tequendama, The Heart of the Andes

Answer: FredericChurch

2.Falls of Kaaterskill, Schroon Mountain, The Voyage of Life

Answer: AsherB.Duand

3.Storm in the Rockies, Sierra Nevada, Looking Down Yosemite Valley

Answer: AlbertBierstadt

Tossup 4:Written in the 1920’s, the Holy Piby is seen by many followers of this religion as a primary source for their beliefs, but the first true document of this religion was Leonard P. Howell’s The Promise Key. Howell is seen as the “first” member of this religion, and was charged with sedition by King George V of England for his support of another country’s king. The type of music associated with this religion developed out of Trenchtown, and one of the genre’s songs was this religion’s namesake chant. Marcus Garvey was seen as a great prophet by this religion for his promotion of what has come to be known as “black nationalism”. Many followers of this religion wear their hair in a style that they claim is supported in the book of Leviticus, and the limited diet of this religion is known as “I-tal”. For ten points, name this religion in which followers typically wear dreadlocks, use marijuana, worship Haile Selassie, and listen to reggae artists such as Bob Marley.

Answer: Rastafarianism

Bonus: Answer the following about a cult, FTPE:

1. People drank the purple Kool-Aid in a colony formed by Jim Jones, a leader of this congregation based in the Midwestern United States.

Answer: Peoples Temple

2. The main colony of the Peoples Temple, Jonestown, was located in this South American country, a longtime British colony.

Answer: Guyana

3. This congressman led an investigation into possible human rights abuses by Jim Jones but was gunned down as his helicopter took off.

Answer: Leo Ryan

Toss up 5: He almost quit politics completely, but decided against it after Stafford Cripps offered to pay him an additional salary. This man worked with poor children in the slums of London, which ultimately caused him to join the Labour Party. He ran with the Labour Party under the slogan, “Let us Face the Future” and criticized his opponent’s use of the word “gestapo.” He expressed his socialist views in his acceptance of the Beveridge Report and his book, The Social Worker. FTP, name this laconic Prime Minister who enacted health reforms in Great Britain after succeeding Winston Churchill.

ANSWER: Clement Attlee

Bonus: Answer the following about English involvement in early America:

1. This colony was established originally to protect the other English colonies from New Spain after a bloody series of conflicts.

Answer: Georgia

2. Name that series of wars which pitted the two countries against one another and usually saw fighting in Florida and Georgia.

Answer: Anglo-Spanish Wars

3. In this war, the British fought the namesake Indian tribe and forced that tribe out of Georgia finally at the Battle of the Ponds.

Answer: Yamasee War

Toss up 6: The unitary type of these includes 60 and 90, and differs from the most popular type by eliminating n/d (read: “n over d”). The semi type includes all abundant numbers except for “weird numbers.” The hyper type and super type both use the divisor function, while the quasi type is a theoretical type where the sum of the number’s divisors equals 2n +1. The number of divisors in this type of number must be even, because these numbers cannot be perfect squares. The first four, which were known to early Greek mathematicians, are 6, 28, 496, and 8128. For ten points, name these numbers that are the sum of their proper divisors.

Answer: Perfect Numbers

Bonus: Name these other types of numbers.

1. These number triplets include 3, 4, and 5; and 5, 12, and 13. They give the side lengths of a right triangle.

Answer: Pythagorean Triples

2. Two numbers are said to be this if they have no common positive factor other than one.

Answer: Coprime or relatively prime

3. These numbers have a perfect number of positive divisors and have positive divisors that add up to another perfect number.

Answer: Sublime numbers

Toss up 7: Once home to the Sao Empire, this nation contains the region of Bongor. This nation’s north is dominated by ranges such as the Ennedi Plateau. Emi Koussi, a volcano located in the Tibesti Mountains, is the highest peak in this nation. From its largest lake flows the Chari River, which also flows through its capital city. This nation is currently led by President Idriss Deby, who was the target of two recent coups. Known as the “Dead Heart of Africa,” it exemplifies almost all of the climates exhibited in its northern neighbor, Libya. FTP name this African nation with a capital at N'Djamena which is home to a rapidly shrinking lake.

Answer: Chad

Bonus: Answer these questions about African geography:

1. This river flows from the Gulf of Guinea into the country of Guinea after sidewinding through other West African nations like Burkina Faso.

Answer: Niger River

2. This country, whose largest lake is Lake Bizertae, was depicted as Tatooine, the desert planet of the Star Wars movies.

Answer: Tunisia

3. This largest mountain range in Chad borders the Aouzou Strip and juts out of the Sahara desert.

Answer: Tibesti Mountains

Toss up 8: In one of this man's paintings, a man, possibly Anton van Leeuwenhoek, is seen analyzing a celestial globe with a book, Metius's Institutiones Astronomicae, open on his desk. In addition to The Astronomer he painted a work in which a female subject is in front of a map of the Netherlands and next to a window is modelling for a painter. His most famous painting, sometimes referred to as"the Dutch Mona Lisa," depicts a woman wearing a blue and yellow sash on her head gazing at the audience, however, a piece of jewelry serves as the focal point. For ten points - name this Dutch painter of The Allegory of Painting and Girl with a PearlEarring.

Answer: Jan Vermeer

Bonus: Identify these other Dutch painters from works given, for ten points each.

1.Jester with a Lute, The Magere Company, The Laughing Cavalier

Answer: FransHals

2.The Philosopher in Meditation, Abraham and Isaac, Descent from the Cross

Answer: RembrandtHamenszoon van Rijn

3.The Fall of the Rebel Angels, The Fight Between Carnival and Lent, Hunters in the Snow

Answer: PieterBruegel the Elder

Toss up 9:This author was prompted to write the poem “Electra on Azalea Path” when she visited the grave of her father. Her only short story collection, Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams, was published posthumously, and one of her poems contains the lines “I am nobody; I have nothing to do with explosions”. In addition to writing “I didn’t want any flowers” in the poem “Tulips”, she states “You do not do, you do not do, Any more, black shoe” before remarking “Every woman adores a fascist” in her poem “Daddy”. For ten points, name this author, the wife of Ted Hughes, who committed suicide by putting her head in an oven.

Answer: Sylvia Plath

Bonus: Although she wrote many poems, Sylvia Plath is also well-known for writing a novel. For ten points each:

1. Name this novel whose protagonist begins the novel with a summer internship at a magazine in New York City before her mental state begins to deteriorate.

Answer: The Bell Jar

2. This woman is the protagonist of The Bell Jar. She receives psychotherapy from both Dr. Gordon and Dr. Nolan and is cheated on by her boyfriend Buddy Willard.

Answer: Esther Greenwood (Accept either)

3. In the novel, a woman by this name hangs herself. George Bernard Shaw wrote about the titular saint of this name, who played a prominent role for the French in the Hundred Years’ War.

Answer: Joan

Toss up 10: This event was followed by a similar one at Drexel Mission the day after, where the remaining combatants continued to skirmish. A line from Stephen Vincent Benet’s poem “American Names” gives its name to a Dee Brown book titled for this event. Chief Spotted Elk renounced the action that started this event and this event was initiated by Yellow Bird when he (*) threw some dirt in the air. The actions of a “deaf” Native American named Black Coyote helped to provoke this event along with the aforementioned “Ghost Dance”. Not to be confused with a 1973 incident led by the American Indian Movement, this is FTP what massacre in the Pine Ridge Campaign where the Lakota and Hunkpapa Sioux were defeated by the 7th Cavalry Regiment?

ANSWER: (Battle of) Wounded Knee (Massacre)

Answer the following about some other embarrassing U.S. moments, FTPE:

1.This scandal dealt with Warren Harding's Secretary of the Interior selling the rights to oil fields in the titular location

Answer: Teapot Dome Scandal

2.This scandal during the Garfield Administration dealt with the postal service out west

Answer: Star Route Scandal

3.Dealing with the illegitimate son of Grover Cleveland, this scandal was a key point in the election of 1884.

Answer: Maria. C. Halpin Scandal or Ma, Ma, where's my Pa?

Toss up 11: In 1906 Smoluchowski published a one-dimensional model to describe a particle undergoing this. Paul Lévy proved a theorem which gives a necessary and sufficient condition for a continuous R^n (R raised to the n) - valued stochastic process X to actually be n-dimensional this. The mathematical type of this is well described by a Langevin equation. The mathematical model of it is also used in stock market fluctuations. Name this seemingly random movement of particles suspended in a fluid, also known as pedesis.

Answer: BrownianMotion

Bonus: The Pauli Exclusion Principle applies to electrons and other particles, but not these. For ten points each.

1. These particles, unlike Fermions, do not obey the Pauli Exclusion Principle. There are four “gauge” types of these and one named for Higgs.

Answer: Bosons

2. Bosons obey statistics named for Bose and this man, the winner of the 1921 Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of the photoelectric effect.

Answer: Albert Einstein

3. The existence of Higgs’ Boson is trying to be proven using this device, located beneath the Franco-Swiss border near Geneva.

Answer: L(arge) H(adron) C(ollider)

Tossup 12:This man was born prematurely when his mother heard of the news of the coming invasion of the Spanish Armada. In 1628, he completed the first Greek-to-English translation of Thucydides’, History of the Peloponnesian War. He wrote a work, De Cive, in 1641, which contained some of the lines of argumentation that would be presented a decade later in his most famous work. In his most famous work, he used the motto, “Bellum omnium contra omes”, or, “The war of all against all”. To avoid this, he argued for a social contract and rule by an absolute sovereign with a powerful central government. For ten points, name this author of, Leviathan.

Answer: Thomas Hobbes

Bonus:FTPE, answer the following about another great philosophical writer:

1. This man met his most important friend and future lifelong companion at the Café de la Regence after publishing a German-French yearbook.

Answer: Karl Marx

2. That friend of Karl Marx would go on to support Marx’s family and write works like The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844.

Answer: Friedrich Engels

3. Karl Marx worked on the aforementioned German-French yearbook along with this author of Unser System .

Answer: Arnold Ruge

Toss up13: Part of this country’s western border is made up of the Fly River, which connects via the Strickland River to this nation's largest lake. That lake, Lake Murray is surrounded by people speaking Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu. The Rabaul Caldera is located in New Britain in this country, which also contains Manus and the Admiralty Islands. This country is separated from its former owner by the Torres Strait, and during the 1990s a civil war occurred that made it grant autonomy to Bougainville. Formerly ruled by Australia, FTP name this Pacific nation with capital at Port Moresby which shares the second largest island in the world with Indonesia.

Answer: Papua New Guinea (DO NOT accept New Guinea)

Bonus: Answer these questions about Pacific islands.

1.This island, now the capital of Kiribati, was the site of a major battle of World War II.

Answer: Tarawa

2. This island, home to the cities Baguio and Tarlac, can be reached from Borneo by sailing north through the Sulu Sea.

Answer: Luzon

3. The Philippines own this island which is not part of the main Philippines archipelago but forms the border between the South China Sea and the Sulu Sea.

Answer: Palawan

Toss up 14: The lead singer’s girlfriend wore a namesake deoderant that Kathleen Hanna of Riot Grrrl noticed and coined the namesake phrase, and Tony Hawk was asked to be a part of the extras in a parody music video. Rolling Stone Magazine says that a live version in From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah revamped this song. At the end, the lead singer appears to accuse the listeners of denial many times. In this “anthem for apathetic kids,” the singer mentions mulattos, albinos, and mosquitos in the chorus. FTP, name this hit song by the rock group Nirvana, the band’s most popular song.

ANSWER: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Bonus: Rock has recently made a comeback among teens, FTPE: