Revisions Made to the Windows Course Documents

Revisions Made to the Windows Course Documents

Revisions made to the Windows course documents

In general, in any lesson where necessary, a step was added to open the Class files folder on the student disk before opening a file in the folder.

Steps were added where necessary to delete any file or folder saved on the hard drive that was created during any lesson because some Centers do not want student-created files added to the hard drive.

Lesson One

1. Page 1.11 in Item 3: The word “Options” in two places is corrected to “Icons.”

2. Figure 1.14 shows what happens when you click the Start button to open a program. This figure is what you get with Windows 98. SE is a little different and this needs to be explained. A note was added to Instructor’s Guide to remind instructors of this.

Lesson Two

1. Page 2.4. Steps included to ensure that the correct View (Details) is selected to show all information.

2. Page 2.17. A section with steps is included to delete the “test” file from the hard drive.

3. Page 2.17 & 2.18. The text calls for use of a “10Tips” file. The 10Tips file was not included in the original course upload. The file is now included.

4. We renamed the folder “MyOwn Files” to avoid any conflict with the existing MyFiles folder.

Lesson Three

1. Page 3.9. A step is added to instruct students to Maximize the window, if necessary.

2. Page 3.14. Additional steps were added after Step 8 that instructs the students to close the Format results and to close the Format dialog and remove the disk.

Lesson Five

Steps are included to remove the MyWorks folder from the desktop.

Lesson Six.

1. A ClassFiles folder and a 10tips file are now on the student disk.

2. When Win98 is installed the Character Map may not be automatically installed. Character Map instructions have been added to the Instructor's. Guide

3. Page 6.7. Step 10 is corrected to Press the Delete key, not the Backspace key.

4. Page 6.11, Step 3. The wording to drag the handle has been changed to reflect the possibility that one might have to drag it “toward” or away from the center.

5. On page 6.12 and 13 a step is included between 6 and 7 that says to select the Pencil tool.

6. A sentence is included to indicate that students may want to add a boat and change the text to match Figure 6.5.

Lesson Seven

1. Page 7.10. A step is added to close the open windows.

2. A section was included to delete the two test files in MyDocs.

Lesson Eight

The holder folder that was created in Lesson Seven is no longer used in this lesson. New steps are included to create a file that is used in this lesson.