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Present were:

Mauricio L. Tomarong - BAC Chairman

Fernando P. Buna - BAC Vice-Chairman

Teresita P. Galagnara - BAC Member

Elisa R. Tan - BAC Member

Leo N. Magriña - BAC Member

Wilfredo C. Pabliga, Jr. - Tesca Trading Center

Arden Dagaang - Richport Trading & Realty, Inc.

Rey Dal - Richport Trading & Realty, Inc.

Arlene P. Pinpin - BAC Secretary

The Pre-bid Conference for the Procurement of Dumptruck, was called to order at 2:10 P.M. of July 30, 2013, held at BAC Office and was presided by the BAC Chairman, Engr. Mauricio L. Tomarong.

1.  Business Matters:

·  Engr. Tomarong presented on the technical and financial components of the Bid, including the explanation of the different documents to be submitted by each bidders.

·  In addition to the posted specifications of dump truck are as follows:

a. items to be bid are:

i. 1 unit 10-wheeler dunptruck

ii. 1 unit 6=wheeler dumptruck

b. preference brand is Isuzu

c. engine should be Japan surplus

d. service and parts warranty is required

e. tools, LTO registration and insurance are included

·  Amount of bid documents is Five Thousand Pesos ( P 5,000.00) non-refundable

·  Approved Budget for the Contract (ABC) is P 4,300,000.00 for the two(2) dumptrucks

·  The following bonds are required:

a.  Bidders bond - during opening of bid

Amount : 2% of ABC if cash/check and bank guarantee

5% of ABC if surety

b.  Performance bond – prior to signing of contract

·  Delivery period: 30-45 days from receipt of Notice to Proceed

·  The opening of bid is on August 12, 2013 @ 2:00 P.M., BAC Office. Late Bidders will not be accepted.

·  The BAC Chairman, also remind the bidders to review and double check the submitted bidding documents and must arranged them according to checklist. Submitted bid docs should be one (1) original and four (4) copies.

2. Noted Reactions/Comments from BAC Members and Bidders Representative

·  Mr. Wilfredo C. Pabriga, Jr. inquires the BAC Chairman if any other model of Isuzu is acceptable.

·  Engr. Mauricio L. Tomarong explained to him the complications of the other models. On the other hand, he still informed the prospective Bidders that any other model is acceptable for as long as it is a “non-turbo type” for 10-wheeler and 6-wheeler truck.

·  Ms. Arden Dagaang also asked if there are no restrictions on the Bid Security if using surety bond. Engr. Tomarong replied that any acceptable government form as stated in Section II Clause 17 of Instruction to Bidders. (Refer to Bidding Documents)

·  Mr. Wilfredo C. Pabriga, Jr. once again asked if there is site inspection conducted before the delivery of the unit. Though there is none required, the BAC Members will evaluate the unit. On the other hand, Ms. Elisa R. Tan, BAC Member then told the prospective Bidders that if there will be a site inspection, a mechanic and other members from the BAC will conduct the inspection prior to the delivery of the unit.

There are no other remaining topics for discussion, the Pre-bid Conference adjourned at 2:20 P.M.

Prepared by:


BAC Secretary

Noted by:


BAC Chairman