Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad

Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad

[for Teachers only]

Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad

English – Class VIII (English Medium)

Time: FlexibleUNIT TEST – ORAL Weightage:20%


Note to the teacher:

 This is only a teacher part

 Only one competency is tested in oral

 Follow the given guidelines to conduct this oral test (Annexed)

 Record the responses in a list


IListening and Speaking (Oral)

Now ask the students to speak out about the cleanliness of their respective localities and their plans to bring changes. See that they should speak atleast two meaningful sentences.


[for Students only]

Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad

English – Class VIII (English Medium)

Time: 45 Mts.UNIT TEST – Written Weightage:80%

Name of the Pupil: ______Roll No:______



Answer the questions in the space given.

If space is insufficient write in additional paper.

In this test paper only two questions are there

Answer all the five questions (competencies)


II Reading and Responding

Read the following letter carefully and answer the questions.



Dear Sujay,

I am writing this letter with a great cheerfulness and warmth. As you know my ambition is to become a doctor, I worked hard for the examinations and stood with my rank 052 in medicine of EAMCET-2012. Recently, I have attended for counseling and got my MBBS seat in 'The Osmania Medical College', Hyderabad which is famous in South India.

As you know that I have struggled to study from my primary classes, I could not forget your help and encouragement during our school days. I wish our friendship should last forever. Convey my best regards to your family.


Hari Prasad.




M/S Pioneer Constructions,

76,Florence Avenue,


Now answer the following questions with meaningful statements.

1. Where did Hari Prasad get the Medical seat?


2. If you were Hari Prasad, How would you show your gratitude towards Sujay?


III Creative Expressions

By recollecting your experience on the first day in your school

Write a story / poem about your experience on the first day in your school.





IV Conventions of Writing

Rewrite the following lines using necessary punctuation marks.

after some hours had passed, the head teacher said to me the adjoining recitation room needs sweeping, take the broom and sweep it.



V Vocabulary

Answer the following questions as directed

1. pavement=______(Write the meaning)

2. polite X______(Write opposite word)

VIGrammatical Awareness

Rewrite as directed.

1. Boy to teacher, "Sanction me leave for tomorrow' (Rewrite in a polite manner)


2. Our holidays start next Monday. We will start immediately. (Rewrite using as 'soon as')