Question: the Christian County FOC Informed Us That DFAS Will Not Recognize Our Medical

Question: the Christian County FOC Informed Us That DFAS Will Not Recognize Our Medical

Medical Support for Military NCP (Jan. 2007)

Question: We’re having problems with DFAS recognizing our medical forms (CS41 & 72). According to the FOC, if the NCP does not voluntarily provide the application/verification and is not stationed in KY, our hands for enforcement are tied because they have had numerous CPs attempt to go to the military base with the appropriate paperwork (paternity judgment & medical order), but have been told the NCP/sponsor must sign the application.

It is my understanding that the Division does not have separate policies for dealing with the military on medical enforcement. Do you know how other areas that deal with the military handle these type situations? This is one of the main issues that came out while we were doing the federal self assessments.

Answer: Another KY county uses the following procedures for medical support in military cases: When an order for child support or medical support is established, the Health Insurance Provider Cancellation Notice (Form CS-41) and National Medical Support Notice (Form CS-72) must be sent to theDefense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) in order to meet Federal guidelines. Although DFAS may not enforce on their end, these forms must be sent. The noncustodial parent should fill out the paperwork at the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) office on post. The company commander can assist him in completing the paperwork. The amount of time for this process will vary depending on the location and the assignment of the military member. If the noncustodial parent is unwilling to sign, the verifying official may sign on behalf of him/her after all efforts to obtain the signature have failed and those efforts have been documented.

The Web site at TRICARE Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Information,containsinformation on enrollment for medical support. According to DEERS, enrollment can make the child eligible to receive medical care in two ways. The child may be able to obtain medical care and medications from military hospitals and clinics. The child can also use the cost share medical coverage program, TRICARE/CHAMPUS (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services), with civilian health providers. Getting health care from a uniformed service hospital or clinic when available saves money and paperwork. Military bases have Health Benefits Advisors to assist custodial parents on medical options and choices. If a caseworker wants to learn whether a child has already been enrolled in DEERS, he/she should send the National Medical Support Notice (Form CS-72) to the following address:

DMDC Support Office

Attn: CA99

400 Giggling Road

Seaside, CA93955-6771

Include the name, and Social Security number (SSN) of the military service personnel, as well as the name, SSN, and date of birth of the dependent.

Currently, theDefense Manpower Data Center(DMDC) will respond with a letter in-lieu of the form. Once an active duty military member and family members have been enrolled in DEERS, they have medical benefits. These medical benefits do not include dental or vision care.