Qué Necesito Hacer Yo?

Qué Necesito Hacer Yo?

Nombre: ______Clase: ______

¿Qué necesito hacer yo?

All work for the layered currículo must be completed with at least 80% accuracy to be considered for grading.

Nivel B Maximum points available 80

Possible / Gained
1. On a sheet of paper, conjugate the verbs “cenar, asustarse, construir, hacer, and tener” in the imperfect tense. Draw a t- chart and make it legible. / 7
2. On a sheet of paper, conjugate the verbs “ trepar, pelear, fastidiar, molestar, and odiar” in the imperfect tense. Draw a t- chart and make it legible. / 7
3. On page 218 do activity 1. Make sure you write the whole sentence. Do activity 2. See page 198 for help. / 9
4. On page 212 complete activity 1. Write the entire sentence. Then translate each sentence. / 10
5. On page 213 complete activity 3. Write out the entire sentence and conjugate correctly in the imperfect tense. / 9
6. Complete activity 14 on page 199. You should have a total of 12 sentences. / 10
7. Bring in a picture in which you and your friends/family appear. Have a conversation using the imperfect tense. Talk to Srta. Mendez for 2 or 3 minutes. / 10
8. Collage. What I liked and what I disliked!!! On a piece of computer paper, make a collage about your childhood. Talk to me about what you did and what you liked and dislike (use the new words to express likes and dislikes) / 12
9. Look up 5 new verbs and 5 new vocabulary words in English and Spanish of activities you could do as a child (swings/ to skip). Write a sentence for each new verb including one new vocabulary word for each. / 7
10. With a partner write a conversation about what you did as kids. Page 203 exercise 22. Use at least 3 new adjectives and 3 new verbs in the imperfect. / 12

Nivel A Complete at least 60 points from level B ad then choose 2 assignments to complement the assignments form level B.

1. Read the storyon pages 192 – 193 and answer activities 1, 2 and 3 on page 194 in complete sentences. / 15-20
2. Read the strategy para leer on page 210 Then read “La familia, Cosas de ayer y cosas de hoy” on pages 210 and 211. Complete activities C, D and E in written form. / 15-20
3. WATUPE in action! Write and illustrate a short story about what 2 people used to do when they were little. You must mention the weather, age of the people, time of day, what they used to do, how often, and emotions. Use at least 5 new verbs from chapter 7. Caution: Do not translate using online translators. You will receive a zero for this section if you do so. / 15-20
4. PowerPoint: You are in your 40s! Your grandkids are asking you about your teenage years and life in high school. Describe what you “used to do” @ Lassiter High School using the imperfect tense. Did you play any sports? Went to Prom? Play in the band? Had a girlfriend/boyfriend…. Present to the class. / 15-20