Q/A from February 13Th and 14Th Testing Meetings

Q/A from February 13Th and 14Th Testing Meetings

Q/A from February 13th and 14th Testing Meetings


Q: Who decides if a student is eligible for designated supports?

A: The decision to provide a Designated Support to a student is made by the appropriate team of people at the campus level. e.g., ARD committee, ARD committee in conjunction with LPAC, Section 504 placement committee, LPAC, RTI team, student assistance team.

Q: Is the "Accommodations for General Education Students Online Form" only for students who will be taking the STAAR online or is it for all?

A: Accommodations for General Education Students Online Form documents designated supports for all general education students paper and online. The document will be available on Monday, February 27, 2017 the last day to input accommodations for March STAAR testing and TerraNova/Supera is Friday, March 10, 2017.

Q: Who is responsible for training our RTI chair? My asst. principal is coming to me for clarification about accommodations for gen ed student

A: The WAIP will be the only formal notification given to campuses. There will not be a "training". They will need to follow the instructions on the handout and contact us if they have questions.

Q: Is the RtI accommodations for all students that are RtI? So they don't have to be 504 or sped now to get these STAAR accommodations?

A: Any general ed student can now receive testing accommodations as long as they routinely use them in the classroom and meet eligibility criteria.


Q: How do I print out an Online Basic Training certificate for teachers? They are constantly asking.

A: Only K-1 certificates are available for online basic training.

Q: When are the writing samples due to be finished rating?

A: Refer to the calendar. The first day to collect samples was the 13th of February samples collection should be completed by the 6th of March.

Q: Can a TA can administer and run the Lab for TELPAS Reading?

A: A TA can administer the TELPAS reading test and run the labs for TELPAS Reading. Please make sure they sign an oath.

Q: Which website is to go into the TELPAS reading and input ratings? Is it the same as last year?

A: This year you will click on the student's name in Pearson Access and it will direct the user to the app. We will go over this next week.

Q: Can the TELPAS raters take the Rater Manual into calibration, or only copies of the PLDs?

A: You can use the rater manual while completing calibrations. The teacher may not use notes while calibrating.

Q: Who do I pick for a rater if the teacher is on leave or the position is vacant for that homeroom RLA class?

A: Raters of students must be teachers of record. Any teacher that have the students on their roster can rate...math, pe, music...

Q: If a Teacher Assistant is assigned to do the TELPAS online Reading test.

Do I still need to give the raters (classroom teachers) the TELPAS Reading Test Administrator manual?

A: Classroom teachers will not need the reading administrator manual if they are not giving the exam.

Q: What is the average time for TELPAS online testing?

A: The TELPAS reading test can take anywhere for 45 minutes to 3 hours. It depends on the student.

Q: Do we have to have restroom and hall monitors during TELPAS reading test administration?

A: It is recommend that have an assistant nearby that can serve as a restroom proctor.

Q: So the sitting chart should be for students testing online, teachers' calibration OR both?

A: Sign-in sheet for calibrations and a seating chart should be used for testing students online.

Q: Are the telpas ratings input same as last year where you have to individually put in all students' ratings?

A: Entering the rating will be the same except you won’t need a different test ticket to enter the ratings.


Q: Do we use our own EAD and password when putting the TELPAS software on the computers in the lab?

A: Follow the steps Karen sent for downloading software sent on Monday February 13th. If that doesn't work call your campus tech. You can use your own EAD and password to download updated software.

Q: Where is the link for downloading testnav on the TEA website?


Q: Has the Sign-up Genius been sent to register for the Online Setup Training?


Q: Where can we access an online version that has all the new supports in it? All we can find online is last year's version.

A: The tutorials can be found opening the STAAR test app. We will go over how to launch the app on the campus computers.