PTO Meeting Minutes s1

PTO Meeting Minutes

Subject / PTO Meeting / Date / 9/17/2015
Facilitator / Melissa Gerry / Time / 6:00 – 7:10 pm
Location / Library of Academy of Early Learning, Greenfield, MA / Scribe / Kristin Hmieleski
Attendees / Jake Toomey, Nancy Garlock, Gabriel Hmieleski, Shelly Allenby, Shannon Schmalenbery, Sue Goddard, Kim Howell, Aliesha Coyne, Jessica Bermeidez, and Kristin Hmieleski






/ Action /


/ Welcome and Introductions / Melissa and Gabriel introduced themselves as co-presidents of the PTO. Introduction of Jake Toomey, Principal of AEL, and Nancy Garlock, Program Coordinator. Intro of everyone in attendance.


/ Treasurer’s Report / Current account balance is $1,000.


/ Principal/Teacher Report / AEL experienced an increase in enrollment for the 2015/2016 academic year, which caused an increase in 2 morning classes being offered.
Each week students will experience a 30 minute music special to be provided by the districts licensed music teacher
AEL will be implementing technology in the classroom along with tech support to teachers. Hope to have IPads, smartboards, desktops in the classrooms. Also setting up a mini-lab in the library.


/ New Business / Set Monthly Meeting Dates / ·  It was decided meetings will be the 3rd Thursday in each month from 6-7 pm
/ Fundraisers / Fundraisers are done to provide special events for the students of AEL and to help teachers with classroom supplies.
Those in attendance discussed ideas for fundraisers for the year and potential timeline for them. Ideas included: Sell Beef Jerky, Original Works, Hillside Pizza, Yankee Candle. / ·  First Fundraiser will be Butter Braid Bread and Lyman Pies. Forms due by 10/6 to AEL PTO and pick up of order will be 11/17.
·  Melissa and Gabriel will contact Original Works to see if they can offer one free item to all families, similar to another company’s offering. If so we could look at offering this fundraiser for a just in time holiday season gift (October have teachers do artwork with students in class, November Orders due to PTO and early December delivery.)
/ Event Planning / Discussed possible events. Ideas includedand somethings done in the past: Musical Performers, Creature Teachers, Plays, Marionettes, Field Trips, Harvest Festival/Trunk n’ treat/Pumpkin Painting, Ice Cream Social, Mad Science, Birds of Prey, Story Tellers, Animal Safety (Dakin Animal Shelter).
Decided first fun event will be to have a Harvest Fest/Pumpkin Painting with students and their families. Event to be held on October 22nd from 5-6 pm. Would like to donate pumpkins to Pumpkin Fest in Turners Falls for their event on October 24th and hope to have signage to show representation from AEL.
Also, discussion on Teacher Appreciation week to do a raffle for the teachers and possible massages by Shelly Allenby. / ·  We will hold a Harvest Fest/Pumpkin Painting on October 22nd 5-6pm
·  Shelly Allenby will look into a donation of pumpkins for pumpkin painting.
·  Sue Goddard will look into getting a trailer to hold the pumpkins and transport them to Pumpkin Fest in Turners Falls.
·  Kim Howell will check on the pricing of Mad Science as an all school event
/ Teacher Request / Ms. Casey is requesting IPod Speakers
Ms. Horton needs a new Butterfly Net House
A Keurig Machine was requested for all teachers and staff to use / ·  Shelly Allenby will look at what she has and make a donation to Ms. Casey
·  Kristin and Gabriel Hmieleski will purchase a new butterfly net house for Ms. Horton
·  Kim Howell will price possible options for a Keurig Machine for PTO to purchase as a gift to the teachers.
/ Volunteer Positions / Openings for Treasurer and Secretary
Other openings: Box Top for Education Coordinator, Fundraiser Coordinators, Event/Program Coordinators, Announcement Board Coordinator, Clothing Exchange Room, and Sandwich board announcing events and meetings / ·  Sue Goddard volunteered to be Treasurer and Kristin Hmieleski volunteered to be Secretary
·  Shannon Schmalenbery volunteered to coordinate the Box Tops for Education and Kim Howell and Shelly Allenby will coordinate the Clothing exchange room
/ Next meeting Thursday, October 15, 2015 @ 6:00 pm