Progressive Report for the Month of April,2013 Ix-Xii

Progressive Report for the Month of April,2013 Ix-Xii



Admission tests were held on a huge scale as the evergreen demand to admission in DPS Vngr grows year after year. The burgeoning strength stands testimony to the fact of the brand name DPS. The Entrance Examination was on a Easter Sunday.


School re opened for another academic session 2013-14 .At 4 00 pm the Principal Dr.J Pandey called a Staff Meeting for dissemination of information, assigning duties, class teachership, how to mark the attendance in the register by Mrs. K L Jain. The timetable was distributed by Mr.Indrasen Upadhyay TGT Biology and Mr. Awadesh Pandey PRT Science, the incharges for Time table. The Principal chaired the Staff Meeting in the Conference Hall at 4 pm on 2nd April’2013.


Smt. Chhavi Bhardwaj, Commissioner, Singrauli District was ready for an Interactive Session with four of our Dipsites of Vindhyanagar of Class XII B, the future doctors of the Nation. Aastha Pandey was quick, with her questions Sakshi was followed by Sanyukta Kashyup and Meghna M. The appointment was scheduled for 11 am at her office in Waidhan.

Mr. Alka Gaur TGT English was the teacher escort. The four girls had a grand time asking Madam about her schooling, Alma Mater of influence, admirable personae she had come across, passion and hobbies. They were caught unawares when she revealed she was a DIPSITE OF RANIPUR, HARIDWAR FOR HER CL. XI & XII. It was a tough choice opting for the Civil Services.

05.04.2013 List of Selected Candidates for the new admissions were displayed on the Notice Board after the Entrance Examination and Interview.

SMARTKID G K OLYMPIADS:It was conducted in December, 2012. The students were felicitated in the assembly by the Principal. DPS Vngr had 8 gold medals ,7 silver medals and 6 Bronze Medals. This is out of 102 students who appeared from Classes I –X.

8 Gold Medalists are: 1. Lakshya Singh Class - I 1st

2. Pragya Rao Class –II 1st

3. Shivam Kr Vaish Class- III 1st

4. Sanvi S Pradhan Class –IV 1st

5.Debamita Banerjee Class –V 1st

6. Garvit Shubham Class –VI 1st

7. Pranav Class – VII 1st

8.Soumyadeepta Das Class – VIII 1st

INTER-DPS COMPETITIONS: A rigorous Practice for Inter DPS Western Vocal Music Competition at DPS Bhopal on 18.04.2013 (Solo and Group) with 10 team members started for the event.

Class X 2012-2013 08.04.2013

Class X had a gala time interviewing the Pro Vice-Chairman Shri H. K. Sandhir Executive Director NTPC Vindhyachal. Ashutosh Agrawal X-A, Ashutosh Sameer X-A, Nikhil Kulsheshtra X-B , Namrata Yadav X-A , Projeet Banerjee X-A were on the panel of the interview team.


Proficiency Test (08.04.13 – 12.04.13)

Mr. Syed N. Azfar PGT Mathematics conducted the Proficiency Tests for Cl. X students as per CBSE.

Wednesday- 08.04.2013

International Olympiad of English Language organized by Silverzone, had 37 students felicitated at the Assembly. Class Rank and Olympiad Rank were impressive. The examination or competition was held, 402 students participated. The Second Phase qualifiers too had glory tagged to them in March they had appeared again.42 students did well.



Class / Name of the student / Class Rank / Olympiad Rank
I / Lakshya Singh / I / 16
II / Ayana Ojha / I / 16
III / Harshita K Deka / I / 173
III / Jatin Jangir / I / 1353
IV / Sanvi S Pradhan / I / 155
V / Nandita Yadav / I / 125
VI / Akshat Gautam / I / 924
VII / Pranav Pateriya / I / 177
VIII / Madhuri M / I / 22
IX / Anushka Srivastava / I / 404
X / Projeet Banerjee / I / 74
XI / Meghna M / I / 569
XII / Divyani Jain / I / 86

FIRE SERVICE WEEK: Thursday 11.04.13

Essay Writing was organized by the Fire Department of (CISF) Central Industrial Security Force Fire Safety Department had a Demonstration for the school kids at the assembly.It was educative and interesting to watch.Putting out the Fire by 1. Chemicals CO2 2. Water dousing the fire 3.Smothering by cutting off Oxygen. The Fire Service week 14th April -20th April,2013 was to be observed. The Speeches at the Assembly created an Awareness on the advantages of fire, misuse and destructive nature of Fire. Students too took part as they demonstrated in using the Fire Extinguishers.


NATIONAL GENIUS SEARCH EXAMINATION - 10 Brilliant Toppers:This Examination was conducted by Mrs. Sangeeta Kumar, TGT Chemistry. / Name of the student / Class / AIR / Percentile
1. / Siddarth Tiwari / IV / 9 / 93.87
2. / Nandita Yadav / V / 3 / 99.65
3. / Swati Dijod / VI / 8 / 96.02
4. / Soumyadeepta Das / VIII / 20 / 97.26
5. / Ashutosh Agrawal / X A / 2 / 99.56
6. / Ashutosh Sameer / X A / 3 / 98.79
7. / Anitha Saha / X / 4 / 96.96
8. / Vivek Kr Yadav / X / 6 / 91.09
9. / Hemant Kumar / X / 6 / 91.09
10. / Akash Pratap Singh / X A / 6 / 91.09


This is the second scholarship examination in English. S.E.E. is awarded annually by Science Olympiad Foundation SOF in association with The British Council. 120 meritorious children across India are awarded. The intended scholarship Rs.5000/-Rs is the fixed amount. The student should be a competitor of IEO International English Olympiad. Nayanika Kulshrestha Class X is the proud winner of the scholarship for the year 2012-13.Inspiring Young Minds.

CONQUEST 12.4.2013

Another competitive examination saw Anjali Dubey Class IV notching All India Rank 5th Position bringing again DPS Vngr into the limelight.


At the Assembly the Principal Dr. J. Pandey Mr. L N Sharan ,Mrs. K. L. Jain ,Mrs. M. Jose paid a Floral Tribute to Shri. Madan Mohan Malviya. Speeches at the Assembly venerated the honorable persona enumerating his deeds and actions of National Repute.

ALL INDIA ESSAY WRITING EVENT 2012 M.P Zone 8: Shri Ram Chandra Mission SRCM

This is a collaborative effort of SRCM and the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan. UNIC 9900 institutions participated which is an unparalleled magnitude and on a mammoth scale. Numbers are heartening and go a long way in benchmarking the success of any endeavour. The intention was for the youth to introspect, find answers to problems that plague the world, to design an educational system, to promote the pursuit of excellence and the nurturing of the heart.

DPS Vndhyanagar was awarded the 3rd Prize Zonal Level and students given recognition for their essay writing efforts were:

HINDI 1. Shivanshi Shrivastava X Zonal 3rd Prize

2.Shreyas Anand XII

3.Vaibhav Jha X

ENGLISH 4. Nuzhat Praveen XI

5.Shreyadeep Bansod X

SAVE THE GIRL CHILD 14th April.2013

A team of 40 students DPS Vngr,Teachers-Mrs.Mridula Jaiswal ,Mrs.Giri Raj Kishore, Mr. Nitin Nandanwar had a competition at Dhudhichua .Shri Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan CM Madhya Pradesh was present. Under the guidance of Shri.M Selvendran Collector Singrauli District thus made the World’s largest Rangoli with 29 participating school with over 1820 students. The Rangoli was commemorating the Save the Girl Child fervor. A smiling face of a Girl Child was done with the dimensions of 4.8 acre. More than 6 tons Rangoli was used.



Mrs. Kamini Srivastava and her team sent written literary composition for the Hindi Literary Fest at Delhi. Students under the guidance of the Hindi Department vied to present their best.


The Principal Dr. J. Pandey inaugurated the Book Fair organized by the Scholastics Book dealers. The fair was opened to the whole school on 15th 16th 17th April,2013.From 3 pm -5pm,parents and wards could come and buy books of their choice. It was a delight to have students flock to browse through books and select a few.



Tests are going on. Transfer cases, New Admissions and change of residence bring students for the new academic session to DPS Vngr.


DPSS Secretary: No tuitions are to be taken by DPS teachers.


The Principal Dr. Janardan Pandey announced that a Theatre Workshop will be there during Summer Holidays from 6th May onwards for 2 weeks at Bal Bhawan NTPC Vindhyachal organizing it for the children of the Township. Students are to register for it.

MUSSOURI TRIP 20.4.13 Information was given to the students.

Excursions for students for Cl VI-XI 50 students early birds can enjoy a trip to Mussouri during summer vacation. Mr. Anupam Mishra PGT Geography is coordinating the event. 14-17th May Sanctuary Camping Resort and a Continental Hotel will take care of boarding and lodging.


Speeches, Posters, Skits do make up the Awareness Programme of Earth Day. Class X students presented specific issues to save the Mother Earth Carbon foot prints, global Warming are hazards to be averted.

BOOK DAY 23.04.13

Reading is the only way to increase knowledge and Knowledge is Power. Different kinds of Reading do exist Class X students took up the onus of telling the Assembly how important it is to inculcate the habit of Reading. The Birth date of the Bard of Avon, William Shakespeare is celebrated as Book Day.

SENIOR SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 2012-2013 RESULTS (CLASSES IX,X) / Name of the student / Merit Position
1. / Ashutosh Agrawal / 2
2. / Ashutosh Sameer / 3
3. / Nikhil Kulshreshtha / 5
4. / Nayanika Kulshreshtha / 7
5. / Anuj Balaji / 8
6. / Abhay Kumar Giri / 10
7. / Abhilash Bhattacherjee / 11
8. / Suyash Shukla / 11
9. / Anirban Sinha / 12

9 of them did DPS Vindhyanagar proud by giving a spectacular result with Science Skill at the Olympiad of such high calibre.

SUMMER VACATION 6th May to 18th June 2013

19th June,2013 Staff Meeting will be there and School Reopens on 20th June 2013 after the Summer Holidays.4th May is the last working Day ending with a weekly Test on Friday.


CLASS XII will have extra classes until 18/5/13 .


It was held on 20.04.13 for Class IX-XII Open Class wise Competition was held. The topic was Water the Elixir of life. It is pertinent as it is the International Year of Water Cooperation. May be a third World War might arise with the infighting for precious water to quench thirst as a person of eminence is known to have stated.

Class IX / Name of the student / `Class / House / Position
1. / Aashima Gupta / IX D / Yamuna / I
2. / Shivangi Vishwakarma / IX B / Sutlej / II
3. / Harshita Kushwaha / IX C / Ganges / III
4. / Prachi Dhote / IX B / Jhelum / IV
5. / Prerna Ratre / IX A / Ravi / V

Class X

1. / Aditi Singh / X C / Yamuna / I
2. / Aarti Agrawal / X D / Ganges / II
3. / Ananya Singh / X A / Ganges / III
4. / Supriya Singh / X C / Jhelum / IV
5. / Abha Singh / X C / Chenab / V

Class XI

1. / Rupali Shukla / XII C / Jhelum / I
2. / Nayanja Khulbe / XII C / Satluj / II
3. / Shabina Bano / XII C / Ravi / III
4. / Shweta Yadav / XII C / Jhelum / IV
5. / Ayush Pateriya / XII / Ganges / V

3rdSOF conducted International English Olympiad 20.04.13

The results reached us on 11th April,2013.We have 9 students of Class III-XI who did us proud by topping their Class.The brilliant students are / Name of the student / Class / Class 1st Rank(Gold Medalist)
1. / Jatin Jangir / III / 1
2. / Sanvi Pradhan / IV / 1
3. / Archita Sharma / V / 1
4. / Garvit Shubham / VI / 1
5. / Abhik Mahato / VII / 1
6. / Prena Ratre / VIII / 1
7. / Shreya Singh / IX / 1
8. / Nayanika K / X / 1
9. / Aastha Pandey / XI / 1

NSTSE 2012-13 25.3.2013 / Name of the student / Class / AIR
1. / Sanvi S Pradhan / IV / 43
2. / Pranav Pateriya / VII / 75
3. / Bhawna Kumari / VII / 223
4. / Sajal Asati / VIII / 16
5. / Rajeev Nayan / IX / 100
6. / Ashutosh Agrawal / X / 90
7. / Ashutosh Sameer / X / 43


National Standard Examination in Physics 2012-13 class XII Soham Banerjee, was placed at top 10% of enrolled students in M.P where 41,000 candidates had enrolled.

Class X Junior Science 2012-13

Apurv Jain, Ashutosh Sameer and Anuj Balaji were given recognition for being among 10% of the 25,000 enrolled students at 650 centers of M.P.

30th April, 2013. The Principal chaired the staff meeting at 12:00 noon. He discussed teaching learning process at length. Formal assessment and the duties for each teacher should be executed to the Principal by e-mailed to the Principal by class coordinators. Teachers Diary, Attendance Register, Daily Schedule proforma, FA topics etc. should be looked into by the incharges Mr. L.N. Sharan, Mrs. K.L. Jain, Mrs. M. Jose and Mrs. Abha Choubey of Prep-II.


Each departments had their faculty meeting in their respective allotted venues at 12:30 p.m. Formal Assessment, Break-up Syllabus and Weekly Test Syllabus of each section should be the same parameters of assessment was also discussed.