Presque Isle State Park



Volunteer Position Title: Pontoon Boat Driver

Site: Boat Livery

Position Description:

·  Prepare boat for rides in the morning and secure it after the last ride in the afternoon.

·  To operate pontoon boat and give interpretive talk for the general public.

·  To ensure that each rider is adhering to the safety regulations set forth by the Coast Guard with regard to PFD usage.

·  Answer visitor questions about the park.

Time Requirements:

·  Volunteers should choose a time slot and commit to working that shift throughout the pontoon season, Memorial Day – Labor Day.

·  Volunteers are needed to drive the boat for the 11 a.m., 1 and 2 p.m. rides Thursdays from Memorial Day to July 1.

·  Volunteers are needed for the 11 a.m., 1 and 2 p.m. rides Monday – Thursday from July 1 – Labor Day.

·  Drivers are needed for the 7 p.m. Wednesday evening ride.


·  Ability to drive and park pontoon boat in various weather conditions

·  Completion of mandatory Boating Safety Course offered by Fish and Boat Commission

·  Ability to project voice for a small crowd

·  Friendliness and desire to talk with visitors

·  Ability to speak comfortably to individuals and groups

·  Ability to assess and adjust to the comfort and interests of the group

·  Knowledge and familiarity of facility and park

·  Attendance at volunteer trainings

·  Understanding of DCNR and its mission


·  Uniform vest will be provided with TREC/PI logo and must be worn during your work shift.

·  Shirt and pants should be of neutral colors (white, tan, black)

·  Professional, appropriate casual dress


·  Your performance will be reviewed once annually.

·  Review is designed to assist you in performing your duties and to insure standards are being met.

·  You may request additional reviews and input during the year as you feel necessary