Pre-Install Call Check List

Pre-Install Call Check List

JW Marriott Austin

Pre-install Call Check list

  1. Main Point of Contact to Installation Team when we arrive on Property? Cell: (952-836-8770)
  2. Installation Team will be arriving on (Jan. 20th), Departing (Feb 9th).Opening is Feb 12th, possibly have a partial team stay beyond opening. 1-26 employees on property, 1-27 fittings would begin
  3. Will I need to work with the Director of Human Resources to distribute the fit schedule to all department heads? Yes, Karen and Todd will coordinate
  4. Cintas can create a fit schedule or would it be better for you to delegate that to someone familiar with each department’s orientation schedule?We will work together with the property to coordinate the fitting times by departments. Property may reach out to the departments to see when they would be available to arrive for their fittings.
  5. Fitting Day(s): 1/27 – 1/31 Four total fitting days
  6. People per hour: 20 associates per day: 160
  7. Departments in rental garments will be fitted by our Cintas rental division
  8. Are there any pre-opening events that require your staff to be in uniform? Yes, Dry Runs/Play Dates/ Practice Meals? Yes,What are theDates/Departments? Feb 10th and Feb 11th
  9. What is the date all employees are required to be in uniform? Feb 9th
  10. Will department heads be present during fittings?Yes
  11. What is your estimate for late hires? 5% Issue, Non-Issue. We will accommodate late hires/fittings to the best of our ability.
  12. Will a staffing guide be available for our review: Yes
  13. Open Orders
  14. Do we have any items that will be arriving after fittings?No
  15. Departments with items arriving later in the week will need to be fitted.
  16. Is a PO required for any reorders?Parameters will be set for the ordering but an open PO will be used.
  1. Facility/Supplies
  2. Banquet Space 1,100-1,500 Sq Ft.
  3. Rolling Racks will provide: 10-12
  4. Wire Strut Hangers. 1 to 2 boxes each box 500
  5. 15-20 Banquet Tables.
  6. 15 Chairs for waiting area and tailors during alterations
  7. 2 Irons & 2 Ironing Boards in Rooms
  8. 3 Power Strips
  9. 2 Extension Cords
  10. Employee Changing Area
  11. Restrooms directly located near room, or
  12. Arrange for Temporary Changing Rooms – Pipe and Drape

h. High speed internet connection

i. Access to high speed copy machine

j. Ability to print needed documents for the customer

  1. Dry Cleaner.
  2. Is there a dry cleaner identified to handle the pressing of altered garments during the installation?Yes
  3. Account Setup?Yes already set up with a local cleaners
  4. 1 day turnaround expectations. Dry cleaner should expect to visit property twice daily.
  5. Contact Information – I will work directly with the presser
  6. Will there be an On-Site Uniform Room? Yes but the space is very limited
  7. Who will be the main contact for transitioning uniform responsibility at the conclusion of the installation? Karen and Todd
  8. Uniform Room Manager?N/A
  9. When will the Uniform Room be available for our use – storage?Yes
  10. Will you be utilizing an automated conveyor? No May we utilize this for distribution, if needed?Yes
  11. Will you have garment tracking software? No Will the Uniform Program be loaded into the software? Barcodes or RFID Chips?
  12. If yes,We will need to coordinate tagging and assigning garments into our process utilizing your personnel. These tools will needed (heat seal, computer, scanners, garment tracking software). Will you have staff identified prior to that to conduct the labor beginning?
  13. (Barcode Custom First – Catalog product may be returned)
  14. (Alteration performed on garments resulting in a changed size will need to be documented in your system).
  15. Will we be staying on-site: Yes team will be onsite if the rooms are ready, property will look into an offsite accommodations direct billed if the rooms are not ready.
  1. Meals – is there an on-site cafeteria where the installation team may dine: Meals will be offsite with the possibility of moving meals to onsite.

Cintas Team:

Michael Duke: 1-20/2-9

Christopher Walsh: 1-20/2-9

Aleyda Pajon: 1-20/2-9

Soley Vargas: 1-20/2-9

Maria Melo: 1-20/2-9

Glenys Pena: 1-20/2-9

Jose Roman: 1-20/2-9

Edith Valentin: 1-20/2-9