Possible Development Opportunities for Employees on Team

Possible Development Opportunities for Employees on Team

Possible Development Opportunities for Employees on The Prince’s Trust Team Programme

Skill Area Chosen / Possible Development Opportunities
WEEKS 1-3 / WEEKS 4-8 / WEEKS 9-12
Communication /
  • Give Team members support and direction when they need help, e.g. with their paperwork/ form filling
  • Take part in group discussions and/or summarise views of others
  • Begin to collect quotes from Team members and others which can be used for end of Team ‘magazine’
  • Share your own objectives with the Team and ask for help achieving them
  • Assist Team members with their Individual Learning Records
  • Encourage Team and offer support to individuals as needed
  • Liaise with hosts of community project over particular issues
  • Participate in individual practice interview sessions, as required
  • Be interviewed yourself for your return to work. What feedback will you give on your own achievements from Team?
  • Hold 1:1s on future planning (i.e. post programme planning)
  • Rehearse presentation with Team
  • Meet and greet guests at presentation

Teamwork /
  • Identify and share your skills and areas for development
  • Organise a fundraising activity with the Team
  • Treat Team members with respect at all times
  • Assist Team members with finding work placements, helping them prepare as needed
  • Help with the digging, painting (as applicable) on the project
  • Share project planning skills to ensure everyone understands plans
  • Review activities with Team
  • Fully participate in Team Challenge, working with Team, to ensure best possible performance
  • Support others with completing Individual Learning Records
  • Identify and invite new stakeholders to the presentation

Leadership /
  • Lead ‘warm-up’ exercises at start of day
  • Lead on organisation of community project – gathering Team ideas
  • Lead on a specific aspect of the project, e.g. PR coverage or opening event
  • Arrive before the start of activities and plan the day with your Team Leader
  • Visit some Team members on work placement and help them identify their progress
  • Encourage Team members to work together to complete tasks
  • Plan and rehearse the end of Team presentation with the Team ensuring a role for all
  • Devise a presentation feedback tool, e.g. questionnaire for audience
  • Plan a return to work exercise or activity to present to colleagues which demonstrates your own development

Motivation /
  • Join all activities on residential – encouraging others as needed
  • Arrive early each day of project activity
  • Drive enthusiasm for project with others, if needed
  • Motivate other Team members to present their ideas and listen to what they say
  • Set own specific project goals and achieve them
  • Support Team members to find suitable work placements
  • Take lead on specific part of Team Challenge, e.g. one day’s activities or assisting particular individuals (recipients of Challenge)
  • Book time with Team leader, PT rep. or others to discuss your own progress against objectives

Problem Solving /
  • Take on specific problem solving tasks at residential
  • Organise a session to plan for a future stage of the programme
  • Encourage and recognise creativity and innovation within the Team
  • Run a session to generate ideas from the Team to overcome problems encountered
  • Work with Team to solve problems which arise for Team presentation (e.g. venue not ideal, issues with sound/lighting, response rate from invitations etc.)

Confidence /
  • Lead ice-breakers/other Team exercises
  • Participate fully in residential activities
  • Manage certain aspect/s of project (e.g. fundraising, media coverage)
  • Arrange for your manager and others from workplace to attend your presentation
  • Speak at end of Team presentation highlighting skills developed in your 20 days

Taking Responsibility /
  • Assist Team Leader with evening activities at residential (or lead some of these)
  • Obtain specialist skills to assist with project if appropriate
  • Accompany an individual Team member who may need support to their first day of placement
  • Assist with presentation preparation - ensuring sufficient invitations sent, appropriate venue booked, suitable speaker/'dignitary' booked for certificate presentation etc.
  • Run and/or organise for others to run particular ‘Next Steps’ sessions

Planning and Organising /
  • Support Team Leader with clerical or planning activities
  • Organise, or help Team to organise, project opening or an aspect of it, e.g. the PR
  • Plan future Team activities, e.g. Next Steps, Team Challenge or Team presentation
  • Support Team Leader with clerical or planning activities
  • Organise specific aspect of presentation (e.g. audio visual)

Presentation /
  • Present to Team own role/aspirations for programme
  • Lead Team activities such as menu planning
  • Lead ice-breakers
  • Lead activity reviews
  • Present Team Challenge proposal to community group/s
  • Run some ‘Next Steps’ sessions (e.g. body language at interviews)
  • Speak at presentation

Being Assertive /
  • In a group discussion when own views differ from others, put forward own point of view, without causing conflict
  • Encourage positive behaviours in the Team, e.g. raising awareness of why phones should be switched off
  • Help to solve disagreements between Team members as appropriate
  • Support and help individuals with attendance issues and/or behavioural issues (as appropriate)
  • Actively seek feedback on your own progress from young people, Team Leaders and others as appropriate
  • Give Team members support and advice when they need, particularly it as they face change
  • Agree with your manager how you will evaluate and debrief with work colleagues on the experience and what activity you will undertake to demonstrate improvements in chosen skill areas