Plymouth Junior Aquathlon

Plymouth Junior Aquathlon

Plymouth Junior Aquathlon

10th September 2017

Dear Athlete,

Thank you for entering the challenging Plymouth Junior Open Water Aquathlon being held at Mount Batten, Plymouth. We wish you well in the race and hope that you have an enjoyable day with us.

As we are organising a number of races on the 10thSeptember we have decided to complete all the registration for the Junior Aquathlon before the start of the whole event.

At registration, you will be required to show your British Triathlon licence or purchase a day licence at a cost of £1. Please have the correct money if possible.

Registration will take place in the admin tent from the following times: Ages as at 31/12/17

All age groups registration open Saturday 16:00 to 18:00 – Sunday 07:00 to 08:00 hrs

Transition Area

The transition area will be on the grassed section adjacent to the Seniors transition area. Only athletes and raceofficials may enter the transition area, No parents will be allowed. The transition area will be open from07:00am to allow athletes to set up.Transition will close at 08:05(except for the junior / youth age group – 17&18yrs, for whom transition will close at 08:40am). Please ensure you are fully set up before this time. The transition area will be arranged innumbered rows; athletes must set up at their allocated race numberand must not interfere with other athlete’s equipment.

Club marshals/Coaches will be in attendance in transition to assist any juniors stuck in their wetsuit; however this will not be given until those in the same wave who are not assisted have left on the run. No advantage will therefore be gained by those assisted but no child will be left stuck in transition so they can’t complete the race. We advise you have some practice sessions before the race.

Chip Timing

We are pleased to use chip timing in this year’s race. The following instructions are required for the chip.

Chip to be attached to ankle using the Velcro strap

Attach over wetsuit

The timing mat will “bleep” as you pass over it

At the end of the race return your chip to the marshal

Non-returned chips will incur a charge of £25


- There will be a food van on site, also serving coffee and tea

- The Mount Batten Centre will open serving lunches and a range of beers, wines, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

- The Mount Batten Hotel is open from 1200hrs serving lunches and a range of beers, wines, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Toilets, Changing and Parking

The Mount Batten Centre is available for showers, changing and toilets. However there is not a secure left baggage area available. Use of the changing rooms will be payable at the centre which is £3:00, this is not included in your race entry.

The Centre also charges for parking in its car park, to use this please head to the centre’s reception to pay – warning cameras are in force here.

There is a public car park on the left hand side of the road, opposite the Mount Batten Centre. Parking will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Public WC’s are available just behind the Admin tent.


07:00 Transition Area Opens. No Adults are allowed to enter in accordance with BTA race rules

07:00Registration opens. All competitors must be registered before the race briefing. Your hand will be marked with the number of run laps you will need to complete as a reminder

08:00Registration closes. No late registrations will be accepted, athletes not registered will not be permitted to race.

08:05 Race Briefing outside transition – This is an important safety briefing, any competitor missing the briefing will not be permitted to race. Competitors will be reminded of the race route and will then be walked over to the swim start. The junior/youth age group (17 &18 yr olds) will be briefed by the swim start at 08:50am with the adult racers.

08:05Transition closes (except for junior age group -17 & 18 yr olds, for whom transition closes at 8:00am)

08:10 Swimmers will be led over to the entry slip for the following start times

Race start time

08:15Age 13 – 14 (TRI STAR 3) = 400m swim / 5 lap run (3km)

08:30Age 11 – 12 (TRI STAR 2) = 250m swim / 3 lap run (2km)

08:40 Age 9 – 10 (TRI STAR 1) = 150m swim / 2 lap run (1.5km)

08:60Age 8 (TRI START) 50m swim / 1 short lap run then straight to finish (600m)

09:05Age 15 – 16 (Youth) = 750m swim / 1 lap run (5 km) Please see adult route

09:05Age 17 – 18 (Junior) = 750m swim / 1 lap run (5 km) Please see adult route

09:05Sprint distance (Adults) = 750m swim / 1 lap run (5 km)

Standard Distance (Adults) = 1500m 2 lap swim / 2 lap run (10 km)

09:20Super sprint Adults – 400m swim 2.5 kn run

Each age group will be lead to their respective start positions ready for the start

Swimmers enter the water as directed by the race starter. Those competitors who are novices or not strong swimmers are advised to position to the rear of the wave.

11.00Junior Races Completed: We anticipate the Junior Aquathlon races to be completed by approx. 08:45 am. Please remember to remove your items from transition as soon after the race. Be aware that the seniors are still competing. The Transition Manager may limit the access as required.

12:00Presentations.The presentation of trophies will take place near to transition.

We will produce a full set of provisional results on the day and to publish the final results on our website as soon as possible.

Highlighted Rules

  • Wetsuits will be compulsory in the swim. Short wet suits are acceptable
  • Athletes are not permitted to run the run stage bare chested.
  • Race numbers are to be worn to the front during the run
  • No external assistance of athletes is permitted


We could not hold this event without the support of our marshals who have given up their free time to help us, for which we are very grateful. Many of our marshals have no connection with triathlon other than being a friend of a club member; others have given up the opportunity to race in order that you might have a safe and enjoyable day; or they may have the misfortune to be the partner of a triathlete!.

If as a parent you are able to assist in the marshalling for these races please contact the Junior Race Manager, Matt Searl by email – or by mobile -07708950956

Please be courteous to the marshals; we have asked the marshals to be courteous and encouraging to you.


Inappropriate behaviour by athletes, parents or supporters will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification of the athlete and barring from future Plymouth Triathlon Club events. Details of what is considered inappropriate behaviour can be found in the British Triathlon Federation rules.

Please try and encourage all juniors competing on the day

Appeals Procedure

- An appeal is a request for a review of a decision made by a referee.

- We hope that this procedure will not be used, but, in the event that you wish to make an appeal the Appeals Chairman must receive it within 1 hour of the penalty being posted with a fee of £15 that is refunded if the appeal is upheld. The Appeals chairman is Heather Booth who will be stationed in the Administration area.

This procedure is in accordance with BTF rules.


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Ocean BMW, Nordic, County Fasteners Monk & Partners Jelf and LTC group 87 we have been able to keep the entry fee for both races as the same than last year, allowing for a more inclusive event.


We hope you have a wonderful day and that you get out of the race all you wish for. We encourage you to read the enclosed information very carefully and if possible to visit our website.

Race Director


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