Please Circle the Letter of the Answer That Best Completes Each Sentence


Please circle the letter of the answer that best completes each sentence.

1.  If your neighbor peers out her window at you she is ______.

a)  glancing at you

b)  staring at you

c)  rolling his eyes at you

2.  A feisty person is most likely going to do what?

a)  get someone to stand up for them

b)  stand up for themselves

c)  sit and worry

3.  In the novel, Sarah, Plain and Tall, the sky was dark and eerie ______.

a)  right before the storm came

b)  when the sun is out

c)  right before dusk

4.  You should be prim and proper ______.

a)  when you area having dinner at home with your family

b)  when you at a fast food restaurant

c)  when you are having dinner with the First Lady of the United States

5. An example of an item with a pungent smell would be ______.

a)  clean laundry

b)  soap

c)  hot chili peppers

Read the sentence and circle true or false.

6.  A horse has a coarse mane and tail.


7.  White loaf bread has a pungent taste.


8.  If you were making a haunted house for Halloween you might try to make it eerie.


9.  Someone who slurps their drink and burps at the table might be described as prim


Circle the word that best completes the analogy.

10. eerie:______::expensive:costly

a)  normal

b)  weird

c)  entergetic

11.  pungent:______::black:white

a) mild

b) weak

c) overpowering

12.  coarse:______::whisper:yell

a) thick

b) rough

c) fine

13.  push:shove::peer:______

a)  peek

b)  gaze

c)  smile

14.  prim:______::sink:float

a) relaxed

b) proper

d)  primp