Phase V Revised April 13, 2011 April 14, 2011 Version 3 Version 4

Phase V Revised April 13, 2011 April 14, 2011 Version 3 Version 4

Phase V revised April 13, 2011 April 14, 2011 version 3 version 4

This revision is based on the assumption that the most efficient way to locate the key clues to the puzzle of the Todd family in Putnam-Jones Co GA is to get as many index entries from various records and then after I review the index entries, then select those for copying that are most likely to yield key information.

Another assumption here is that when there are only 4 or fewer entries on a page, that these should be recorded by hand or computer, but not scanned and if there are 8 or more entries on a page, then scanning might be more efficient. In between 4 and 8, I would leave to your discretion as to which is faster. Or if the index entries are very simple, if you think you could write them down quicker than scanning, thenplease do so.

  1. Putnam County Deeds:

Check the second part of the deed index for Deeds after 1832 and including 1855

a. Record all Todd sales after 1832 and before 1858.

General index to deed records & mortgages, v. 1-2 1806-1877 FHL US/CAN Film 400934

Copy any Benjamin Todd or John Todd sales between 1832 and 1858.

b. Copy deed to Benjamin Todd in Book K, p 304

v. K-L, 1823-1827 Film 400939

  1. Jones Co Deeds

a. Film 470020

Please check the index to the individual deed book for 1855 only for Benjamin Todd or any Todds for 1855 or Richmond Buckner for 1855 and write down the information from the index. If there is just one or two deeds, get them. If more, let’s wait till I see the index entry.

Any Deeds you find for 1855 should be on the same film.

b. Copies of the following deeds:

  • John Todd to Benj. Todd Mar 11 1840 Deed Bk Q p. 50 Film 470019
  • Jeremiah Stewart to Benj Todd Aug 2 1843 Deed Bk Q p. 368 Film 470019

Please do not copy the deed, just look at the property description to write down the property description which should be only a sentence. Ideally it would give a lot number but if not at least the stream and perhaps the neighbors.

  • John Todd by Sheriff to Joseph Measer, 2 Feb 1847, 1 Apr 1847, Bk R, p 142, 100 acres. Film 470019
  • John Todd to Joseph Day, Book P, p 634 Film 470019 OR 470018
  1. Henry County: Deeds

Pleasea get a copy of the deed from John Todd in 1835.

Deeds, v. G-H 1834-1839 Film 175361

John Todd Deed Bk G, p257

Before you copy it, please see if you can make out the number of the District in which Lot # 73 on Shoal Creek occurs or at least determine whether the District Number is one Digit or two digits, i.e. less than 10 or great than 10. Use this bit of information for Henry County Grants below.

I think it is 5 or 6.

  1. Henry County Grant books

Districts 1-6 1821-1844 FHL US/CAN Film 519030

Check for Todds in District 6. This should be the area of Shoal Creek where John Todd sold land in 1835. just record the book and page and then the information that identifies where John was from, the date of the grant, the Lot and District Number.

  1. Jones County Tax Lists

I am deviating from my general approach here because I am beginning to think that the tax lists might provide the key information I need to identify the John Todds of both Putnam and Jones Co.

Below is the map of militia districts in Jones Co. I would like District 378 searched for Todds for years 1825 and 1832 and copies made of any Todd pages found. So the question is: how do we determine which is District 378 so we don’t have to search through the entire film? If the number of the District is not given, then the first step would be to quickly go through the film and list the names of the captains of the Districts. Then I will go through the census records and see if I can determine which Captain is the captain of the District 378. Then you can return to this film later and search only that District.

Tax digest, 1825-1835 FHL US/CAN Film 470354

  1. Meriwether County: Probate

See if John Todd left a will prior to 1840 or any other Todds prior to 1850. Do not scan anything, just record whatever information the index entry provides.

Wills, 1831-1903 FHL US/CAN Film 327663

IF HE DIDN”T LEAVE A WILL, then see if there is an adminstrator’s bond. Again, just record the index information, do not scan anything.

Bonds, v. A-B 1830-1877 FHL US/CAN Film 327669

  1. Jones Co Probate Records

v. O-P, 1853-1856 / FHL US/CAN Film
v. Q-R, 1855-1857 / FHL US/CAN Film
v. S, 1856-1859 / FHL US/CAN Film
v. T-V, 1856-1860 / FHL US/CAN Film

I have the will of Benjamin Todd in January and voucher # 7 in February 1855. So I am looking for records after that date.

Again, all I want at this stage are the index entries. After I’ve sent the index entries, I’ll figure out which ones would yield the most information.

  1. Putnam Co: Probate

There seem to be four relevant indexes to Probate Records in Putnam. Please take a glance at all three and then begin with the index that seems easiest to use. I suspect it will be the first one, but best to take a glance before plunging in. Perhaps one of them is a consolidated index covering many years for one first Letter of a surname, perhaps another is a year by year index which would take longer to search.

c. Estate records 1800-1928 Thompson, Ichabod - Turkinett, Jacob / Film 1851599
General index M-Z 1808-1940 / FHL US/CAN Film
Index to estate records / FHL US/CAN Film
1851886 Item 1
Miscellaneous estate records 1808-1940 / FHL US/CAN Film

Please record the entries for anyone of the name Todd in these films:

All Todd index entries for the years 1830-1834 and then 1855-1858. I am just looking for records of William Todd died 1832, and do not want the entries for John Todd who died in 1815, but would like anything pertaining to the estate of Benjamin Todd d 1855 if there is anything.

  1. Putnam Co Guardians

Guardians bonds v. AA-CC 1830-1916 Film 394008 All Todd index entries for the years after 1830 and prior to 1840. I am looking for the orphans of William Todd died 1832. I don’t want a copy, I just want the names of widow, children and any key facts.

  1. Jones Co Court Minutes

Court minutes, 1808-1837. FHL US/CAN Film 454260

Court minutes, 1837-1868. FHL US/CAN Film 454261

Just index entries for Todd

  1. Putnam Co Court Minutes

Inferior Court: Records, 1810-1822. / FHL US/CAN Film
Inferior Court:Records and minutes, 1819-1843. / FHL US/CAN Film
Georgia. Court of Ordinary (Putnam County)
Minutes, book A, 1808-1819 / Film 465191 Item 1
Ordinary Court: Minutes, v. B-C 1831-1869 / Film 394028
Title / State of Georgia, minutes of Putnam Superior Court 1808-1901
Authors / Georgia. Superior Court (Putnam County) (Main Author)
Note / Location
Court minutes, 1808-1821. / FHL US/CAN Film
Court minutes, 1821-1829. / FHL US/CAN Film
Court minutes, 1829-1846. / FHL US/CAN Film

If you find these are not indexed, then don’t proceed. All I want is the index entries. Hand copied if 4 or fewer entries per page.

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