Persuasive/Argument Essay

Persuasive/Argument Essay

Persuasive/Argument Essay:

Revision Checklist

1.HOOK- Locate the first few sentences in your introduction. Does it capture the reader’s attention? If so, place a red X on your hook/lead.

2.Reread over your introduction. Does your opening paragraph introduce and give background information about the two grading systems? Shade background information in green.

3.BODY PARAGRAPH- Read over your body paragraph. Do you begin by stating a claim about a grading system? If so, shade in yellow.

4.BODY PARAGRAPH- Did you follow your claim with a counterclaim that challenges your claim and shows the contradictory viewpoint? If so, shade in lightly in orange.

5.BODY PARAGRAPH- Did you follow your counterclaim with a transition that introduces your thesis statement? If so, shade lightly in purple.

6.BODY PARAGRAPH- . Did you follow your transition with a thesis statement? Highlight Thesis IN YELLOW.

7.BODY PARAGRAPH- Reread Body Paragraph- Did you include three reasons that support your thesis statement? Find each supporting reason and shade lightly in blue.

8.BODY PARAGRAPH- Reread Body Paragraph- Did you include at least one or more commentary analysis sentence for each of your supporting reasons? Find each supporting reason and shade lightly in pink.

10. CONCLUSION-Reread your last paragraph. Did you summarize or restate what you want? Highlight your thesis statement (opinion statement) in purple.

11.Place a star next to the sentences that help your conclusion – END IN A BANG!

13.Reread your essay. Identify (5) transitional words, phrases or clauses that convey sequence, signal shifts from one subject to another, or show a relationship among the details. Draw an octogon ROAD SIGN for each transition used in the essay.

12. Words can be very powerful. Reread your essay and circle 5 words you can change or improve. Use a thesaurus or your vocabulary words in your notebook to improve the word choice of your writing.

13.Count the total number of sentences used in your essay. On the bottom of your essay write an S and identify how many simple sentences you used. Write CD and identify how many compound sentences you used. Write CX and identify how many complex sentences you have used.

14.Commas in your writing. Count how many commas you have included in your essay. Circle the commas and refer to the comma rules for assistance.

15.Punctuation PUNCH! Adding a variety of punctuation in your writing will enhance the flow. Place the letter P next to examples of punctuation.


What else can you add to your writing to SPICE it up!