Parsimonious Penury Mendicant Solvent Affluent

American Lit

Vocab #11

Word / Definition
Parsimonious (adj) / Excessively stingy
Penury(n) / A poverty-stricken or destitute person
Mendicant ( adj) / Beggar, needy
Solvent (adj) / Able to meet financial obligations
Affluent (adj) / Rich, prosperous, wealthy
Remuneration (n) / Payment for goods or services provided
Veracity (n) / Truth
Dissembler (n) / One who tells lies, conceals the truth, misleads
Circumlocution (n) / An intentional use of many words as a way of getting around the truth
Equivocate (v) / Not quite lying, to deliberately mislead


Parsimonious penury mendicant solvent affluent

remuneration veracity dissembler circumlocution equivocate

1.  The skillful candidate spent a lot of time trying to ______rather than just coming right out and telling the voters what they really needed to know.

2.  In order to save money, the ______director of the orphanage refused to serve meat to the children more than once a week.

3.  There are often ______citizens in Aberdeen who do not seek welfare or other government help because they’d rather stand on the street corner near Walmart.

4.  Mrs. Krick is known for her short, direct answers and instructions, so she is rarely given to ______.

5.  Being a ______comes naturally to most teens who spend a great deal of their time hiding the truth or misleading those around them, especially those in authoritative positions.

6.  Some argued that putting the new high school up on the hill in a particularly ______area of town was going to negatively impact those students who lived on the south side.

7.  She is an unusual person, a political leader who is known for her ______.

8.  The school district offers substitute teachers poor ______for their 6 hours in a classroom, as that time really deserves combat or hazard pay.

9.  After college, most students are incredibly relieved to be finished but also excited because they might actually become ______one day rather than attempting to avoid bill collectors.

10.  Suffering from disease, hunger, and ______, the homeless man sought help in a shelter.

Key V11 Am Lit

1.  Equivocate

2.  Parsimonious

3.  Mendicant

4.  Circumlocution

5.  Dissembler

6.  Affluent

7.  Veracity

8.  Remuneration

9.  Solvent

10.  Penury