Open Office Writer Activity: Make an Invitation

Open Office Writer Activity: Make an Invitation

Open Office writer Activity: Make an invitation

Tejas and jyoti are busy discussing while Moz walks in.

Tejas: Next Friday is my birthday, I want to invite all my friends to the party.

Moz: Have you send invitation to all your friends?

Jyoti: We want to make an attractive invitation using the word Processor application. We have created a file and named it as partyinvitation.Connect to CM 2 (saving files)

Moz: Good, I see that you have started typing in the contents of the invitation. An invitation is different from a letter, the text can be aligned centrally or to the sides. You can you insert pictures and use different colours to make it attractive.

Jyoti (finishing typing the content): Done! The content of the invitation is ready. Now we have to format it.

Moz: Before formatting you have to make sure that you don't have any spelling mistakes or typos in the content. What will you do for this?

Jyoti: We can check the spelling using the spellcheck option ( ) which is available.

Moz: There is also a thesaurus available along with the word processor application which can help you to find synonyms of words.

Tejas: Under the format menu on the menu bar, I have noticed an option 'paragraph'. We can use this to format the paragraph?

Moz: Yes, now go ahead and have fun formatting the invitation.

Skill box:
To format the paragraphs go to 'Format' tab on the menu bar and select 'paragraph' under it.

Click on this option, a pop up window is displayed. Options to format: line spacing, indentation, bullets, borders, etc. are available. You can even give a background colour to your paragraph.

Alternate way to reach this option is to right click and select 'paragraph' from the pop up menu.

End of skill box

Tejas: See how I have formatted the text. I made the text of the paragraph to be aligned in the center with single line spacing . I also changed the font size to 28 and used some font colour, so that the text catches the attention of the reader.

Jyoti: We selected a border and background to the paragraph.

Tejas: we used some pictures to make it more attractive. We used the option 'fontwork' (found in the Drawing toolbar )to give effects to some text.

Jyoti: See we have completed formatting the invitation for the party. See how our invitation look now?

Moz: It look very nice. You have used various options like alignment, line spacing, borders and background to format the invitation. You also have used your imagination to make the invitation catchy.