One Voice Meeting

One Voice Meeting

Chair’s Report – August 2010


  • Hannah McKinnon has new e-mail address - please update records accordingly
  • E-mail from Daniel Haylett confirming that he is unable to give time to OV and happy for religious community to be represented by another organisation
  • E-mail from Tammy Jackson (IMP) to say that they wish to withdraw from the committee due to lack of people to attend
  • Letter from Thomas Horton and Adam Farrow also withdrawing from committee, due to study commitments. They will however fulfil any obligations that they have taken on.
  • Volunteer through VANEL did not attend last meeting however an independent volunteer, Lauren Briggs has expressed an interest in becoming group secretary and will attend September’s meeting.
  • Jenny Hodson – VANEL Development Worker, to attend meetings (follows vote at July meeting)


  • Reedmeer Clean Up Event – attended by Lisa, Corrina and Jean who handed out cinema leaflets and referral forms.
  • Woodland Trust ‘Woods on Your Doorstep’ – update from Janet Cowan?
  • Summer Camp at Burgh on Bain (to which OV made a donation) attended by Shane and Elaine – article in OV Autumn Newsletter
  • E-Factor BIG Society event, 17th September 1330-1730, Civic Centre – Volunteer(s) to hand out OV Referral Forms and Studio-1 Leaflets – Jean has offered assistance, anyone else who can help?
  • GIFHE Fresher’s Event - 17th September 1330-1730, I Bar, GIFHE – Volunteer(s) to hand out OV Referral Forms and Studio-1 Leaflets – Sarah has offered assistance, anyone else who can help?
  • VANEL AGM – Wednesday 29th September – anyone wish to attend with JA?
  • Invitation Awards Night Thursday 07th October – Justin and Elaine attending but we have further 8 tickets if anyone interested?

Training & Briefings

  • Safer and Stronger Communities Organised Dialogue Sessions starting Thu 9th September at Grimsby Town Hall – contact 01472 324976
  • Integrated Working Workshop – contact 01472 372026
  • Free training sessions this Autumn aimed at marketing and communications for community groups – contact 01472 372026
  • ‘Beginners Guide to Public Law’ – training provided by VANEL – contact - 01472 231123


  • Letter of thanks from Cancer Collaborative for £500 donation to calendar – One Voice will be put on a page of calendar – JA has sent logo.
  • Cracking the Bursary Code – Round 6 funding now open with deadline of 30th September
  • Drinkaware Funding – aimed at changing drinking culture. Suggest a bid for Studio-1??


Drop In Boxes

  • 5 boxes being made by Gareth Joseph at Oasis. These will be located at Library, Somerfield, Post Office and both Habrough and Stallingborough Village Halls
  • LG has quotes for referral forms x 3000 - £250

Website –

  • Need members to send material, photos, news etc to Rick Weatherill
  • Volunteer required to maintain Facebook and Twitter aspects of website
  • Vikki Piper forwarded contact details of someone who could give help / support on social networking – JA has attempted to contact her but no response to e-mail


  • Deadline for next Insight newsletter is Monday 20th September therefore any items for OV Autumn Newsletter to be sent to JA by Friday 10th September


  • JA has written to NELC on behalf of committee regarding proposed MUGA. Only 1 person put forward comments!
  • Signage for Children’s Centre and Immage Studios – LG has written to NELC who advise cost of providing or re-instating signs very expensive – awaiting feedback from Cllr Swinburn
  • Housing issues at Thornaby Road – LG has written to Shoreline having received an e-mail from unhappy tenant. No reply from Shoreline received – could Christina Letter investigate please?
  • LG has submitted a bid to Payback to assist in tidying up a property on Hume Brae that has suffered from arson attacks. The householder is disabled and unable to fund removal of large trees that are posing environmental health issue.
  • BD has identified issues at St Andrews Way with access to playing fields and ASB. Nominate to Payback?


  • ‘Treasures from Trash’ – 1500 2 litre plastic bottles needed – contact 01472 328543
  • Minutes of Strategic Partnership – available if anyone wishes to read them
  • NEL Stronger Communities Action Plan – available if anyone wishes to read them
  • Mosaic Profile for Immingham – summary available if anyone wished to read
  • Trevor Oliver has contact from Cristal Global (Lynton Simmonds) who are looking for a community scheme for up to 40 staff to become involved in for a single day

Mayflower Wood

  • Bid submitted to Big Lottery Wildlife Grant to fund practical conservation projects that bring community together – LG has written to Alan Jones with various contacts who may be able to assist this project. Contacts for the project are Alan Jones, Conservation Officer at Humber INCA (01652 631523) and Nina Stobart, Conoco Philips Media and Public Affairs,



  • Have now held x2 public screening (Sherlock Holmes and Mamma Mia) with 33 and 43 paying customers respectfully.
  • Feedback has been generally very positive although group aware that improvements can be made in some areas
  • Sub-group will meet in next month to plan H1/2011 programme – we already have offer of sponsorship from LINK and x1 business.

No other project updates received.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Accounts are in good standing with a surplus of £22,622
  • Likely that Immingham In-Bloom account held by us may in future be transferred to their own account

Humberside Fire & Rescue Report

  • 2 young fire setters have attended HFRS ‘Consequences’ course and to date have had no further incidents of arson since
  • One group dwelling in Immingham targeted for Home Fire Safety Checks as part of ongoing programme with others to follow

Humberside Police Report

Criminal Damage - Woodlands Avenue, Pelham Road and Margaret Street, Immingham
Criminal damage offences are still a priority and the revisits to all victims of damage are continuing. The damage has been occurring more around the Middleplatt Road area of Immingham and Alden Close, which is around the Shoreline flats area. The items that are getting damaged regularly are building windows and other parts of those properties. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious circumstances or damages that you see in progress.
HGV’s contravening the 7.5 T Gross Weight Limit within Immingham.

The proposal by the council involving the extension of the double yellow lines at the junction with Manby Road at the redundant section of the road are still waiting to be completed. There has been a delay due to various types of orders going through but work is expected to commence within four to six weeks. The neighbourhood team are also still monitoring an illegal parking issue that is currently in progress on Pelham Road near to the Pelican crossing. If vehicles are found to be parked illegally then they can be dealt with by means of fixed penalty notice. We are also in the process of contacting HGV transport managers to send the message to their drivers about the restricted use of our roads. Two warnings were recently given out to the transport managers involving HGV’s that were found to be illegally parked along Pelham Road.

Anti-social behaviour -Clyfton Crescent and Roval Drive, Immingham

We have had a good month in relation to Anti-Social behaviour issues. Reports for this type of incident have reduced. The issue still remains a priority and areas such as Clyfton Crescent and Roval Drive continue to be monitored. The CCTV camera is still there and appears to be working well. Regular patrols have continued to take place and any youths found abusing the facilities or acting in an anti social manner will be dealt with. The second youth crime prevention project jointly run by staff from the Oasis Academy, Neighbourhood Policing team, Youth inclusion support panel and youth workers has been successfully completed with the six youths that were present on the course. There are future plans for further courses.

Priority Stallingborough

HGV’s using the village to access Stallingborough Industrial Estate has been continuing. There have also been several reports of theft of diesel from compounds locally. Businesses on the Industrial Estate are encouraged to join the Stallingborough Industrial Estate Group S.T.I.N.G. who meets regularly to discuss issues with a view to reducing the levels of crime and making the area a safer place to work, and operate a business. Three males were successfully charged following a Police investigation involving an attempt burglary to a transport company within Immingham recently.

Priority Habrough-Youngsters causing annoyance playing football in the street

Immingham PCSO’s are continuing to successfully engage with the youngsters with the aim of improving facilities, and organising football coaching and practice matches. There have been complaints of youths causing annoyance by playing football in the bus shelters. The training usually takes place on the playing fields at the bottom of Chapel Lane on a Sunday. Times do vary so if you know anyone who would like to attend it is best to contact PCSO Emma Garner directly at Immingham Police Station.

Offenders Brought to Justice

On 30th July your local Police Officer Chris Walker dealt with an HGV contravening the 7.5T weight restriction on Manby Road by issuing the driver with a £30 fixed fine.

On 1st August your local Police Officer Chris Walker dealt with a motorist on Sommerton Road in Immingham. The result was that the vehicle was seized under police powers and the driver is currently going through the criminal justice system for driving licence and insurance offences

On Saturday 7th August, your local Police Officer Chris Walker had cause to stop local man driving his car at Habrough. A positive breath test was provided resulting in the man being arrested and taken to Grimsby Police Station. A subsequent breath test showed that the man was over four times over the drink/drive limit. This person has now been charged and going through the Criminal Justice system.

On 12th August a local man has been charged with three breaches of his ASBO and another offence. He is now going through the Criminal Justice system regarding these incidents.

Habrough Parish Council Report

  • No report received

Immingham Town Council Report

  • No report received

Stallingborough Parish Council Report

  • No report received

NE Lincolnshire Ward Council Report

  • No report received