On January 25, 2017, at the Oxford Township Building, 780 Hanover Street, New Oxford, PA

On January 25, 2017, at the Oxford Township Building, 780 Hanover Street, New Oxford, PA

On January 25, 2017, at the Oxford Township Building, 780 Hanover Street, New Oxford, PA 17350, the Board of Supervisor's meeting was called to order byChairman Mario Iocco at 10:00am with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag. The Quorum consists of Supervisors Mario Iocco, Jim Lafferty and Harry McKean. Sitting with the Board of Supervisors were Engineer Terry Myers, Roadmaster Rick Groft and Secretary Beverly Shriver.

Motion on previous meeting minutes: No public comments. Lafferty second by McKeanmotioned to approve the January 17, 2017 meeting minutes as written. 3 Aye Votes

Public Comment: Tom Beamer/NOMA reported he is re-writing their invoice to the Township for the fire hydrant repairs.

Iocco questioned Beamer why NOMA didn’t fix the repair while the contractor had the ditch opened and just bill the Township. Beamer explained this happened along Rt. #30 and it is State Law; you cannot work along a state highwaywhen it’s raining; so the contractor had to quit working otherwise it would have been fixed that day. Beamer handed out a Fire Hydrant Maintenance Agreement for the Board of Supervisors to review; already signed by the NOMA Board.

Beamer gave the office a check around $3,800 for delinquent sewer collections.

Motion on Tabled Conditional Approval of the Oxen Country Meadows Well, (NOMA) Final Land Development Plan: Randolph Bailey, P.E. and Tom Beamer were present. Myers noted there were no outstanding issues and recommends the plan be approved. Taking the Township Engineer’s recommendation; McKean second by Lafferty motioned to approve the Oxen Country Meadows Well Final Land Development Plan. 3 Aye Votes

NOMA is eligible for an exemption to the Stormwater Management requirements. This is a disconnected impervious area; the stormwater is going to spread out over the lawn. NOMA will have to check the lawn after a one inch rain to see if there is any erosion. There is an easement across the entire site so NOMA can’t change the grading, do any paving etc… Lafferty second by McKean motioned to execute the Operation & Maintenance Agreement for the Stormwater Management. 3 Aye Votes The O & M Agreement will be recorded with the plan.

Randy Bailey withdrew the time extension request letter since the plan was approved. The Planning Commission will have to sign the plans.

Iocco mentioned hearing Tom Olshanski, who is the Township representative on NOMA’s Board is moving out of town. Beamer hasn’t been informed of that. Beamer explained the process for a replacement on NOMA’s Board would have to be advertised; NOMA would accept applications (someone from their service area), NOMA would decide on a person or persons to fill the position, then it gets submitted to New Oxford Borough, the Borough has to approve the appointment.

Motion onTabledDraft Ordinance Amending Chapter 27-203, “Specific Words and Phrases”; 27-302, “Permitted Uses”; 27-402, “Accessory Uses and Structures”; 27-403, “Storage Sheds”; 27-404,” Detached Garages and Other Accessory Buildings”; 27-560, “Off Lot Accessory Building”; 27-806, “Variances”; 27-807, “Special Exceptions”; and 27-903, “Conditional Uses” :

Review Adams County Review Comments; the Board of Supervisors discussed their comments.

Terry Myers reviewed proposed changes with the Board of Supervisors. Hempfing is to review and approve the changes and then Shriver should send those changes to Baranski to make a revision. The revised amendment should go before the Planning Commission.

McKean second by Lafferty motioned to table the draft Zoning Ordinance Amendment. 3 Aye Votes

Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer’s Report: No report in Hempfing’s absence.

Roadmaster’s Report:

Hanover Street and Brickyard Road Intersection: Groft received information from Patrick Wright/LTAP. According to the situation; Wright would use rumble strips as the last resort; truck traffic would be very noisy for residents in the area and a lot of maintenance issues. Groft reported the cost of cutting in rumble strips would bearound $5,000 to $6,000. The thermal-plastic stripswould not hold up to the truck traffic. Wright gave other alternatives to consider. The Board of Supervisors reviewed Wright’s list of options. McKean second by Lafferty motioned to add Stop Ahead signs on both sides of the road. The one “Stop Sign Ahead” sign should be on the back of the existing 45 Speed Limit sign/post and relocated across from the other “Stop Sign Ahead” sign. Both sign posts should have a yellow reflective strip attached anda red reflective strip attached to the existing Stop Sign at the end of Brickyard Road. 3 Aye Votes Shriver is to send Swope a letter telling him what the township is doing immediately and ask if he is interested in theoption of a double arrow sign in front of his home. Swope is to come to a Board of Supervisors meeting if he wants to pursue the double arrow sign. PennDOT will have to give permission for the installation ofthe double arrowsignsince Hanover Street is a PennDOT road.

Guide Rails/Hydrant Insurance Rider Quote: The quote sent to the Township is incorrect. Groft pointed out insurance is not a maintenance policy; insurance would not cover things related to wear and tear or maintenance. Insurance would cover a situation where someone uninsured runs over a hydrant or guide rail. The insurance company question if it is in writing that the Township actually has ownership of the hydrants and guide rails. The Board of Supervisors wants a corrected quote before making a decision.

Secretary’s Report:

Mike Hartman stopped by the office to drop off a new Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA), InspectionFee Schedule with increased fees. The office typed up a resolution for the adoption of those fees and added Mike Hartman’s name as an inspector for Oxford Township under MDIA. Currently Ed Strevig inspects Commercial buildings and Mike Hartman inspects the Residential building. McKean second by Iocco motioned to table the adoption of this resolution to have time to review the fee increasesby MDIA’s inspection fee schedule. 3 Aye Votes

Lafferty asked if there is a problem with putting the Board of Supervisors minutes on line after approval. Lafferty second by McKean motioned to put only the Board of Supervisors minutes starting at the beginning of 2017 on the website. 3 Aye Votes

Black Lane Bridge Replacement: Shriver contacted PennDOT and they will be getting a hold of the Township closer to the time of videoing the roads.

Board of Supervisor’s List of Outstanding Issues:

Cohen Law Group: Shriver spoke to Dan Cohen on January 9th; Cohen would provide anupdate for her to report at Jan. 11ths meeting. Shriver has not heard from him. The Board of Supervisors is demanding an update.

Red Hill Property: Baranski was given the Bank’s attorney’s information from the Sheriff’s Sale on the property located at the corner of Red Hill Road/ Route 94 intersection.

The office received Cedar & Suzanna Eckert Final Subdivision Plan. Terry Myers received this plan electronically; Myers recommends the initial plan submissionbe done by hard copy. The Board of Supervisors agreed.

Feb. 8th after the Board of Supervisors meeting; around 11:30 there is a C. S. Datum training; pizza will be provided.

McKean second by Lafferty motioned to adjournthe meeting. 3YeaVotes Meetingadjourned at 11:19AM.