Of the Ephraim City Planning Commission

Of the Ephraim City Planning Commission




APRIL 26, 2017; 6:00 PM

Commission Members Present: Planning Commission Chair Lisa Murray, Planning Commission Members Stephen Cornelsen, Lemar Hanson,Dennis Nordfelt, and Craig Rasmussen

Staff Members Present: City Planner Bryan Kimball, Recorder Leigh Ann Warnock

Others Present:Abraham Hundepool, Baudel Jimenez, Antonio Jimenez

Planning Commission Chair Lisa Murray conducted the meeting.


Planning Commission Member Rasmussen moved to approve the minutes of the March 22, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting as presented. The motion was seconded by Planning Commission Member Hanson. The vote was unanimous. The motion carried.


No public comment was presented.


Antonio Jimenez has acquired land from the Snow College Foundation. He would like to split the property into four lots for himself and his two brothers, and use the existing commercial building on the fourth lot for storage. This property was previously in the County but was annexed. The building used to be a crystal plant and has since been a fiberglass filter plant, a call center, and Snow College used it for offices for a time. The property is currently vacant. Minimum lot size allowed is 1/3 acre. Bryan wanted to get the Planning Commission on board before telling Antonio to bring in engineering and full plans. The situation is unique because of the existing industrial building which will sit on one of the lots. The building would be used for his drywall business. The building is not visible to the road currently, but if the rest of the property is opened to cul-de-sac, it would become visible. It is not an unsightly building.

The property is currently zoned RA as is all other property around it. Lot 3 takes up all of the current parking for the existing building, so future use of this building will be limited to that lot. Under current zoning there arenonconforming structures meaning the building is grandfathered in and doesn’t meet current zoning ordinance regulations.

The Council at the time was not comfortable restraining the use of the building, so the Council added a clause to the ordinance saying that with a CUP owners could continue to use the existing structure as a commercial use. If the new owners decided to change the use to a commercial operation sometime in the future, under the current ordinance, it would require a CUP. The planned use for the building is storage. All lots meet size requirements. They would easily be able to build meeting set-backs and frontage.

Bryan pointed out that Regan Bolli purchased a lot, with along with the Wathens, behind Don Olson’s house. This is a development that may front on that road. They wouldn’t have the ability to build anything between the subdivision line and the road line. The road is 16’ wide. One possibility would be to front some lots to the east; that would change the configuration of the lots. That could also allow flexibility with the use of the existing building.

Bryan explained that Wathensown the west lot behind Don Olson, Blacks own the property south of Eastpoint subdivision, and Gordons acquired some of that intending to build a subdivision and tie into that road. It will all eventually be developed, but how is yet to be determined.

As proposed, the plan fits all parameters. Bryan commented he wanted to make clear they would have a large lot requirement to improve frontage. This keyway access would be improved with sidewalk and curb around the edge. Mr. Baudel commented the original plan was to put in gravel, but if improvements are required, they would put them in. Bryan pointed out that anything less than 1 ½ acre must be improved. Exceptions may be given to an outer layer in exchange of a bond for improvements. Commission members would prefer it matched the nearby subdivisions. Antonio Jimenez commented he wanted to make it right and do what the City requires.

The Commission agreed to approve the concept plans as discussed with a recommendation to consider some of the options discussed.

Bryan said they would move forward and bring the issue back to the Commission once it is ready for approval. It was asked if the RA zone would allow animal rights. Bryan responded that the RA zone allows chickens, rabbits, and small animals.


Bryan reported he attended a Planning conference in Brigham City. They offered a tool bag, with information on how to preserve a rural area that is growing. He said some interesting concepts were presented that could be applicable in our area. They also talked about ways to preserve an AG heritage.

Bryan also reported that CUPs are again a big topic. Developers are getting elected who are crafting rules in favor of development. They are saying a CUP is not a legislative decision, but an administrative decision. If a use is listed, it is pretty much guaranteed a CUP would be granted. Cities can put conditions to deter undesirable requests. All the City’s ordinances are out of date now according to recently adjusted legislature. This is a big flip, but ordinances now have to state everything allowed and not allowed. Codes should be rewritten this next year to match state codes. Bryan will work on language to put in front of the Commission and try to get it adopted within the next 6 months to a year. In the meantime, the Council really can’t deny CUPs if they can show they meet code.


Planning Commission Member Rasmussen moved to adjourn the meeting at 6:42 p.m. The motion was seconded by Planning Commission Member Cornelson. The vote was unanimous. The motion carried.

The next meeting is scheduled to be held on May 10, 2017, at 6:00 PM.

Minutes Approved: ______


Planning Commission Chair



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