O, Full of Scorpions Is My Mind




“O, full of scorpions is my mind…”

Name ______

ACT 3 scene 1


1.  Find the line that reveals to the audience that Banquo does indeed doubt Macbeth’s innocence. Record it below:

2.  In 3.1, Macbeth expresses his current fears and concerns surrounding Banquo. Quote each of his fears and concerns and then explain what they mean. Find at least THREE.





3.  Using quotes (with line numbers) discuss the strategies Macbeth uses to persuade the two men to murder Banquo. How does he appeal to their ambition? How does he appeal to their resentment and sense of inferiority?

Act 3 scene 2

Feelings and Doubts

1.  Lady Macbeth once again demonstrates in this scene that the murder of Duncan bothers her more than she lets on to her husband. Give an example with evidence for how she feels about the murder of Duncan.

2.  How does she instruct him in regards to how he should think and act? Is she being hypocritical?

3.  Give an example of another time during the play when she acts differently when Macbeth is not around.

4.  From what is Macbeth suffering? Give a quote that proves this. How does this fit with what he had said after the murder of Duncan?

ACT 3 scenes 3 & 4


Scene 3:

1.  What went wrong with Macbeth's plot to have Banquo and Fleance murdered?

2. How does this relate to the witches' prophecy?

Scene 4:

1.  Soon after he cooly masterminds murder, Macbeth sees a ghost while in the company of guests. What does this turn of events reveal about his personality and the progression of his guilt?


·  His inner conflict

·  What he is afraid of

·  His previous vision of the dagger & how he heard voices

·  To whom he reveals or does not reveal his troubled mind

Scene 4 Continued…

Macbeth is preoccupied with blood throughout this scene. In the chart below, find four quotes from the scene where Macbeth says the word blood and then interpret what he means.


How would you characterize or describe Macbeth’s mindset at this point in the play? Compare it to his mindset at the opening of the play.

Act 3 Scene 5:

1. Why is Hecate so angry at the three witches?
Act 3 Scene 6:

Suspicion Mounts

Find evidence of the following statements from the scene and copy a quotation that proves the statement

1.  Lennox is ironic when speaking of Macbeth’s reaction to the murder of Duncan.

2.  If Macbeth had the chance he probably would have killed Duncan’s sons as well.

3.  Macbeth is referred to as a tyrant who has taken Malcolm’s rightful place on the throne.

4.  Macduff has gone to England to try and persuade the king to join Malcolm in war against Macbeth.

5.  The country is suffering under Macbeth’s rule.

Act III Final Questions

1.  In what ways has Macbeth changed since Act I?

2.  Could Banquo have done anything to prevent the foul actions of Macbeth? Explain your answer.

3.  How has the relationship changed between Macbeth and his wife?

4.  One of the greatest puzzles in the play is the appearance of the third murderer. Why do you think Macbeth sends the third murderer?

5.  Why could the banquet scene be considered the climax of the play?