Non-Equilibrium and Coherent Systems

Non-Equilibrium and Coherent Systems


Non-equilibrium and Coherent Systems

In: Biology, Biophysics and Biotechnology

Ed: Dr.Lev Beloussov Dr F.A.Popp


Introduction Remarks`iii

List of Contributorsvii

Rector's Addressxi

Section 1: History and general Considerations

M.Bischof. Vitalistic and Mechanistic Concepts in the History

Of Bioelectromagnetics3

M.Lipkind, L.Beloussov, A/.Gurwitsch: Personality and

Scientific Heritage15

Z.Wolkowski. Recent Advances in the Phoron Concept:

An Attempt to Decrease the Incompleteness of Scientific

Exploration of Living Systems

VG.Cherdantsev, V.Skobeyeva: On Gurwitsch's Morphogenetic Law53

A.U.Igamberdiev: Non-equilibrium States in Plant Metabolism71

Section II: Physical Backgrounds

F.A.Popp: Modern Physical Aspects of Mitogenetic Radiation(Biophotons)85

Ke-hsueh Li: Coherence - a Bridge Between Micro-and Macro Systems99

Q.Gu: Quantum Interference Between Coherent States115

Section III: Biophotons - from Molecules to Whole Organisms

V.L.Voeikov, I.V.Baskakov: Amino Acid Oxidation in Water Solutions

(Gurwitsch's Reaction) is a Highly Ordered Branched Chain Reaction:

Analysis of Chemiluminescence Kinetics139

M.Ryuzaki, M.Oonuki: Photon Emission During Cleavage of Frog Eggs:

Comparative Study of Cortical Photons between Nuclear Division and

Cytoplasmic Fission157

L.V.Beloussov: Photon-Emitting Properties of Developing Hen Eggs167

L.V.Beloussov, I.V.Baskakov: A Reproduction of the Mitogenetic

Experiments of the Gurwitsch School on Frog and Fish Cleaving Eggs191

F.Musumeci, A.Scordino, A.Triglia: The Dynamics of Photoinduced

Luminescence in Whole Soya Seeds and their Parts201

B.W.Chwirot, F.-A Popp: White-Induced Luminescence from Normal

And Temperature Sensitive Saccharomyces cerevisiae211

R.Van Wijk, J.H.Van Aken, J.E.M.Souren: Ultraweak Delayed

Photon Emission and Light Scattering of Different Mammalian Cell Types.221

A.V.Budagovsky: Principles of Action of Coherent Electromagnetic

Fields upon Living Organisms233

A.M.Kuzin, G.M.Surkenova: Secondary Biogenic irradiation of

Plant Structures after y Irradiation in Low Doses257

V.A.Veselovskii, T.V.Veselova: Spontaneous Ultraweak Light

Emission from Plant Tissues267

Anna A.Gurwitsch: Mitogenetic Radiation from Nerves.

Muscles and Brain Tissues as an Indication of Molecular


Section IV: Photon Communication Channels

K.N.Novikov, V.L.Voeikov, F.-A Popp: Analysis of Light Emission

By Neutrophils in the Process of Respiratory Burst Suggest that

Physical Fields are Involved in Intercellular Communications291

Xun Shen, Wei Ping Mei, Xing Xu: Information Transfer

From the Neutrophils undergoing Respiratory Burst303

Jin-zhu Zhang, F.-A Popp, Wen-dou Yu: Communication between

Dinoflagellates by Means of Photon Emission 317

Yuming Zhou, Mae-Wan Ho, F.-A Popp, Q.Gu: An Oscillator

Cellular Automation Model of Superdelayed Luminescence in Synchronously

Developing Populations of Early Drosiphila Embryos331

A.A.Moltchanov, V.P.Galantsev: On the Functional Role of

Spontaneous Photon Emission in the Mammary Gland341

Section V: Electromagnetic Oscillations and Long-Range Order

M.B.Golant: Alexander Gurwitsch Ideas and the Development of

Extremely High Frequency Biology351

D.G.Moodrick: Influence of Coherent Low Intensity Electromagnetic

Radiation of Extremely High Frequency on Ultraweak

Optical Radiation of Blood363

V.E.Orel: Biological Mechanoemission369

M.V.Fok, A,R.Zaritskii, G.A.Zaritskaya, E.V.Perevedentseva:

Structural Transition as the Mechanism for Regulation of the

Non-Specific Cell Membrane Permeability381

Section VI: Applications of Biophoton Studies

B.W.Chwicot, W.Jedrzejczyk, S.Chwicot et al: Ultraweak Photon

Emission from Rumour and Normal Human Tissues389

R.N.Tilbury, A.J.Matich: The Ultraweak Photon Emission

From Human Blood Plasma399

M.B.Leible, F.-A Popp: Biophoton Analysis:

A Method for the Measurement of Food Quality415

A.Triglia, F.Musumeci, A.Scordino: Photoinduced Delayed

Luminescence from Acetabularia acetabulum

As a Tool to Cheek the Presence of Atrazine in Water423

Section VII: Methodical Problems and New Techniques

C.L.Zhang, F.-A Popp: Statistics of Body Conductivity as an Index

Of the Physiological State433

A.P.Batyanov: Correlation between Mitochondria Metabolism

And the Physical Charateristics of Incubation Cells439

I.V.Baskakov, V.L.Voeikov: Application of Liquid Scintillation

Counters of Radioactivity for Measurement of Ultraweak

Luminescence Provides Additional Information on

Underlying Physical Chemical Processes447

V.I.Passechnik: Ultraweak Photon Emission from Biological Systems457

V.P.Tychinsky, I.Vasilenko, T.Vyshenskaya, G.Kufal

Immunology Reactions Study with Computer Aided Phase Microscope467

Yu.I.Gurfinkel, V.Lubinov, V.Oraevsky, L.Parfenova

Geomagnetic Monitoring: Experiments and Prospects in

Biology and Medicine473

E.R.Nanushyan, V.V.Murashev: The Effect of Geomagnetic

Field Fluctuations upon the Changes in the Cellular Structure

Of the Apical Meristem in Allium cepa L477

N.K.Belisheva, A.N.Popov, A.A.Konradov: Morphogenetic

Effects in Cell Cuiltures Associated with Geomagnetic Field Variation483

Z.Wolkowski: Concluding Remarks495


A Biophoton Symphony (in three parts)499

A.G.Gurwitsch and L.D.Gurwitsch: Twenty Years of Mitogenetic

Radiation (Emergence, Development and Perspectives)503