Night Chapter 6/7 Quiz

Night Chapter 6/7 Quiz

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Night Chapter 6/7 Quiz

Chapter 6

1.) What did the SS officers threaten to do to the ones who couldn't keep up on the run?

A.) They would let them starve

B.) They would go after their families

C.) They would shoot them in the knee

D.) They would kill them

2.) What happens to Elie’s friend, Zalman?

A.) He is shot

B.) He has a seizure

C.) He is trampled

D.) He passes out in the snow and freezes

3.) After running for hours, where do Elie and his father go to rest?

A.) In a ditch, covered in moss

B.) In an abandoned shed

C.) Beside a nearly frozen tree

D.) In a broken down truck’s bed

4.) Why did Elie’s dad wake Elie up?

A.) He thought Elie was dead

B.) He thought they had a chance to escape

C.) He wanted to move to a different location

D.) He said it was dangerous to sleep in the snow

5.) What camp do they finally reach after marching and running?

A.) Buna

B.) Buchenwald

C.) Glewitz

D.) Treblenka

6.) How long did they stay at the camp?

A.) Two weeks

B.) 3 days

C.) 1 day

D.) About a week

7.) What was Juliek worried about the most?

A.) Being killed in his sleep

B.) Elie losing his father

C.) His violin being destroyed

D.) None of the above

8.) What does Elie wake up to?

A.) His father being beaten

B.) A man beside him weeping

C.) SS guards whipping prisoners

D.) Juliek dead

9.) What composer is being played when Elie wakes up?

A.) Beethoven

B.) Bach

C.) Mozart

D.) Saloman

10.) What person did Elie pray to God to never be like?

A.) Rabbi Eliahou’s son

B.) Meir Katz

C.) Juliek

D.) Stein of Antwerp

kWhat does Elie do when his father is put on the “bad” side during selection?

A.) Weeps, thinking his father is going to die

B.) Asks an SS officer to please move his dad to the “good” side

C.) Holds his dad and reassures him that everything will be okay

D.) Distracts the officers as his dad returns to the other side

Chapter 7

11.) During the train ride, what happens?

A.) Two prisoners try to escape and are shot

B.) The train is stocked with food, and the prisoners get to eat

C.) Dead bodies are thrown off the train

D.) A prisoner gets in a fight with a SS officer

12.) How does Elie convince the others not to throw his dad off the train?

A.) He convinced them that his dad was alive

B.) He bribed them with bread

C.) He threatened to fight them

D.) He reminded them that God was watching their every move

13.) By the end of the train ride, how many bodies were thrown off?

A.) Almost 100

B.) 80

C.) 50

D.) 20

14.) How long were they on the train?

A.) 1 week

B.) 4 days

C.) 2 weeks

D.) 3 days

15.) What do the prisoners eat while waiting for the train?

A.) Snow

B.) Leftover bits of corpses

C.) Dead insects

D.) Food they found at the back of the train

16.) What do the locals throw bread into the train cars?

A.) They want to help the prisoners

B.) They are secretly working for the Russian army

C.) They want to see the prisoners fight

D.) They want to see if the prisoners will be able to escape

17.) What is Elie horrified by during the train ride?

A.) A prisoner that commits suicide

B.) The inmates that pick-pocket the corpses

C.) An SS officer that tortures a prisoner in front of everyone

D.) Prisoners killing each other over pieces of food

18.) What happens one night during the train ride?

A.) Elie gets frostbite

B.) A prisoner attempts to strangle Elie

C.) A prisoner steals Elie’s ration of bread

D.) Elie faints from not eating

19.) Who helps Elie? (Hint: Think back to the previous question)

A.) Franek the Foreman

B.) Yossi and Tibi

C.) Meir Katz

D.) Elie’s dad

20.) Why does everyone begin to cry?

A.) They cried because they were cold

B.) They cried because Meir Katz was dead

C.) They cried because they were dying from frostbite

D.) They realized that many people were not going to live

21.) Out of 100 prisoners, how many make it out alive?

A.) 12

B.) 81

C.) 64

D.) 25

22.) What did the victims write on their luggage?

A.) Their name and birthdate

B.) Their name and address

C.) The name and social security number

D.) Their name and

23.) What typically happened to young mothers that had children?

A.) They went to work

B.) They were forced to do a selection

C.) They were sent to the gaschambers

D.) They were put in the infirmary

24.) During the Holocaust, what were the victim’s hair used for?

A.) Sweaters

B.) Wigs

C.) Cloth

D.) Experiments