New Drummer, Skinny Singer, Genetically Modified Name

New Drummer, Skinny Singer, Genetically Modified Name

New drummer, skinny singer, genetically modified name.

Previously known as The Lazy..., The Lazy Gene Theory (LGT) came about after the loss of the original drummer B. Lazy due to relocation and Repetitive Strain Injury. Suddenly after a fruitful career that saw the band play with the likes of Motorace, Naked Heart, Snout, Nick Barker, Jack Jones, Tim Henwood, and Mach Pelican while garnering local airplay and winning strong crowd reactions whenever they played, Shane and Willy needed a new drummer.

The remaining membersfinally recruited the services of Tim, a drummer who had been subsisting on a diet of "classic" rock covers with the occasional Avril song thrown in. With the slight and probably inevitable change ofsound and direction, and besides the fact that without Belinda it could never be The Lazy... again, a new name was needed. One that sounded a touch more serious, a touch more grown up, yet still showed the subtle band humor and occasional juvenile mentality.

The Lazy Gene Theory was born.

And Tim lasted one gig before his furniture business took off and he was unable to continue. With a heavy heart he turned his back on the beginnings of a successful rock career in order to feed himself.

Shane and Willy proceeded to try out new drummers faster than a Spinal Tap reunion show. Looking for something to do, Willy joined a cover band that was playing "classic" rock covers with the occasional Avril song thrown in as a replacement bass player. After a week of this or so, it was suggested that the drummer jam with LGT. Nathan did so, and his place was cemented in the line up.

Ditching every song from the previous era except for the fivemost recently written with Tim, they began to expand on their catalog of catchy, distinctly individual, yet indefinable style of rock.

Stylistically, LGT are a melting pot of influences. Each member could name different influencing bands to each other, with next to no overlap between them, but with one common thread - rock. Shane likes punk, Willy likes anything with guitars, and Nathan, well, Nathan likes Metallica. Refusing to be pigeonholed into a particular style or songwriting method, the three laid back guys from LGT create rock that covers a surprisingly large spectrum of sound. From the Latin grooves of "Her Name Is Trouble" to the pop punk of "Way You Look" and the balls to the wall raw rock energy of "End of Species", LGT continue to write songs of diverse character and arrangement. Like the guys say, not every song has to be five minutes long, but not every song has to be a three chord 30 second wonder either.

Live, the band is a wonder of rock energy, guaranteed to entertain. Shane is a bit less active on stage now due to once snapping his Achilles tendon during a gig, but Willy has a deep inbred love of the rock move, and Nathan is a rock pig who would be jumping around if he didn't have to stay behind the drums.

With a new set list and a new intense focus of purpose, The Lazy Gene Theory will be playing somewhere near you soon. Contact via Willy Lazy on 03 5336 2679 or 0400 523 313, or

Demos and older archival material can be heard at

The Lazy Gene Theory consists of the following chromosomes, left to right:

Willy Phillips: Guitars and ...Vocalizing

Shane Giles: Vocals and Bass

Nathan Hall: Drums