Navn: Thomas Christensen

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Thomas Christensen

Address: Immanuelsvej 25

6000 Kolding


Telephone no.: 22 15 59 10 / 36 44 02 92

Birth date: 4. February 1974

Marital status: Married


2007 Granted the title of State Authorized Translator and Interpreter. Authorized be the State of Denmark to do sworn translations from German to Danish and vice versa

2003-2007 Master in International Business Communication - Translation and Interpretation

2000-2003  Bachelor in Business Communication - Translation and Interpretation

1996-1998  Different courses sponsored by LM Glasfiber

1990-1993  Commercial School, Grindsted, Denmark

Working experience

2007 Substitute

At the time being, I am attached to several temp agencies, and have acted as a substitute at several different companies doing variable jobs. These jobs are temporary occupations, until I am able to work as a full-time translator and language consultant.

2007 Language consultant

Teaching German professional language proficiency at a company in Kolding, Denmark. During the course, the course participants learn to engage and take part in different business situations in German.

2007 Language teacher at the night school in Vejle (AOF Vejle)

Teaching the courses “German for intermediates” and “Business German”.

2007 Translator

Translation job for the library in Kolding, Denmark

2006 Language teacher at the night school in Vejle

Teaching the courses “German for beginners” and “Information searching on the Internet”.

2006 Substitute as course coordinator at the night school administration in Vejle (AOF Vejle)

Coordinating the courses, managing PR, preparing ads and time plans for ads and lectures, managing contact to teachers, course participants, and facilities etc.

2006 Assistant at the night school in Vejle (AOF Vejle)

Assisting the administration in the preparation of their catalog 2006. Preparing catalog text and proofreading the final version.

2006 Translator

Translation job for the police in Herning, Denmark, and the AC Child Support

2003 Freelance translator for LinGo Communications

2003 Translator

Translation jobs for Athena Communications A/S

2000-2003  Storage worker at COOP Danmark (in the school holidays)

1999-2000  Glass fiber worker at LM Glasfiber A/S

1998 Stay at a kibbutz in Israel

1996-1998  Glass fiber worker at LM Glasfiber A/S

1995-1996  Reception worker at Hotel Propellen

1994-1995 Military service (Royal Danish Guards)

1993-1994  Reception worker at Hotel Svanen

1993-1994  Drum teacher

Board membership

2005 Co-founder of Forum Germanicum, treasurer and head of marketing (

1996-1998  Chairman of the volleyball-committee in Vorbasse, Denmark

1992-1994 Chairman of the volleyball-committee in Vorbasse, Denmark


Academic interests: Beyond the mandatory areas of my education, my focus has been on the below areas:

·  Organizational communication

·  Political communication

·  Intercultural management and decision making.

·  Knowledge management

·  Language policies

Beyond the above areas of interest of educational character, I am fascinated by the way that language influences the way we perceive and act on information and different phenomena. This has built the foundation for my interest in NLP, sales, marketing etc.

IT skills: I am an experienced user of the main part of the MS Office suite, and I have extensive experience in the use of translation and terminology software. I easily acquire new knowledge and adapt to new programs. Furthermore I am very interested in programs to increase or ease the workflow or flow of information.

Extra curricular activities:

The main part of my spare time I divide between:

a)  Family

b)  Sports (running, weight training, Wing Tsun (self defense))

c)  Expanding my knowledge on communication, NLP and personal development.

d)  Establishing my own translation office.