Nataepu Shohpe Lodge October 11, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Nataepu Shohpe Lodge October 11, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Nataepu Shohpe Lodge October 11, 2015 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Nick Capell, Steve Heitmeier, Eryk Feala, Mark Gutowski, Matt Novak, Will Silvey, Joe Amoros, Karl Lannen, Nick Chalom, Tom Plett, Nate Galen, Tyler Penrod, Tyler Young, Nate West, Brett Windsor, Nick Rottier, Jim McCain, Thomas King, Mike King, BJ Young, Josh Wolf, Jacob Bakker, Russ Schlarf, Brandon Sinclair, Gabe Miller, Jim Hughes, Robert Williams, Pat Schemmel, Linda Hendricks, Randy Siegersma, Drew Siegersma, Mike Squires, Scott Dennis, Kevin Goldberg, Clyde Sinclair, Keith Goldberg

Meeting Started at 10:45am

Approval of August EC Minutes

Matt Novak motions to approve the minutes for the August 15th Meeting. Seconded by Nick Chalom. Motion passes unanimously.


Joe Amoros: Vigils went well this weekend with extensive help from Tom Payne. No problems. Joe has reviewed traditions/other lodges’ vigils. Possibility of having one event for the entire vigil class to go through their vigil together. “AH, what just flew into my eye?”

Tyler Young: Ceremonies went well from his understanding (could not be here due to school). Grateful for all of the help. Glad to have been able to work with Russ S. Potentially doing smudge pots at ceremonies bowl. Fundraising has hit a snag (working on gathering concept designs).

Jacob Bakker: Working on communication with chapter cub ceremonies people to help them out.

Will Silvey: Really tired, but glad the event went well. Thanked everyone for their help this weekend. “Go Ducks!” Newsletter is at a standstill at the moment, but will work on the newsletters now that Fall Conclave is over. Plans on making the newsletter briefer.

Nate Galen: New to his job, still learning.

Gabe Miller: Worked on Service Beads this weekend. Working on award nominations.

Brandon Sinclair: Winter Banquet Promotion.

Nick Chalom: Elangomats did well and the ordeals worked hard this weekend.

Nate Westenberg: Working with officer on elections. Wants chapter chiefs to start going to roundtables to have units sign up for elections

Tom Plett: Unable to attend meeting, but there is a potential chapter chief lined up (pending parent approval)

Keith Goldberg: Were supposed to have a chapter chief election Thursday.

Nate W.: Elected yesterday. Wants to work on chapter elections,

Brett Windsor: New to EC. Will talk to chapter chief prior.

Eryk Feala: Chapter is working on boosting attendance and filling chapter EC positions.

Karl Lannen: Attended chapter meeting last week. Talked about trailblazer, cub ceremonies, unit elections, and boosting attendance

Matt Novak: Working on 2016 budget and looking at 2015 and 2014 budgets. Has a rough outline

Eryk Feala: Fall Conclave went well. Excited for Winter Banquet. Ready for Spring Conclave

Tyler Penrod: Still having issues with ceremonies PO from last year. Wants to implement Quality Chapter Program (discussion to follow). Ceremonies prep went okay, but that did not affect performance.

Nick Capell: Talked to Nate W about Unit Elections and worked with Gabe M on service beads.

Mark Gutowski: Worked with Tyler Y and Tyler P on getting ceremonies teams together for this weekend. Created the EC agenda with Steve H.

Winter Banquet Update

Brandon S: regular meetings with advisor. Registration is still up. Price increases at the end of the week. Working on involving chapters. Finalizing mini events. Contact Brandon with any ideas/suggestions.

Lodge Election Procedure

Mark G passed around the Lodge Elections Procedure that was approved at the August EC meeting to be reviewed by the EC.

2016 Calendar

Mark G: We have been setting dates and times for events. Next EC will be Nov. 8 2pm at GR Council Office. Sees Strategic Planning as a time to bond and work on where we want to go. It will be Dec. 4-6 at Camp Tapico in Kalkaska.

Matt N: Asks about how much of the calendar that we have approved and how that will be communicated to the members

Steve H: Approved through June 2016

Mark G: Dates are on the Lodge website and mcc site

Quality Chapter Program

Tyler P: Was given proposed program by Tom Payne. Thinks it is a good program. Asks if Brotherhood Conversion Rate requirement should be removed.

Brandon S: Good to have chapter events and a way to promote them. This program is a mini JTE for the chapters, so that when chapter members join the Lodge EC, they’ll know how things run. Suggested changes to the program that will improve its impact on the chapters.

Will Silvey: incentives to go to chapter meetings

Jacob Baker: 30% Brotherhood Conversion Rate is unrealistic

Steve H: 30% conversion rate is being removed from JTE

Matt Novak: Doesn’t think 30% conversion rate is the way to go

Tom Payne: Suggests plaque as award (one at each camp)

Tyler Young: Talks about plaques at both camps;Thinks a plaque would be good in Centennial.

Tyler Penrod: Does not believe program is ready right now, so he will work on it and have it ready for November

First Year Arrowman Program

Tom Payne: wants to call it “Allogagan” (he who serves) b/c other lodges call it that. Incentive (patch) to encourage participation

Gabe Miller: Will this be retroactive?

Mark G: Only for 2015 and on

Pat Schemmel: How motivated are new arrowmen for patches? Is there something else that we could do instead?

Brandon S: Present award at Winter Banquet

Tyler Penrod: Present award at ceremonies as well

Tom Payne motions to approve the program. Seconded by Brandon Sinclair. Mark G asks if the patch has to be approved separately; Tom Payne says it’s a package deal. Motion passes unanimously.

Camp Promo

Steve Heitmeier: Lodge has been asked to do camp promos, but no material has been provided. Matt Langlois has promo material for us. We have been asked to help with Cub Scout Camp Promo.

Provisional Week

Steve H: WE have been assigned the beginning of June at Cole Canoe Base. I will take care of the adults. How do we want to choose the two youth to be the SPL and ASPL?

Mark G: Maybe use an application.

Matt N: Likes the idea of an application. Gives someone who isn’t as involved the opportunity to be involved.

Request for Additions

Steve H: Lodge was asked to go after those who have been away from scouting for a while during Winter Banquet, but would require some funding from us.

Brandon S: Will look more into it and come back next month with a plan


Thomas King: Served on EC in the past. Decided to take a step back to the chapter due to concerns with the lodge. Concerned about member retention/growth. Would like to see members staying active/dedicated.

Joe: I have been doing things for a long time for this lodge. Not out of a selfish reason, but because I have done a lot of things, and I will step back to allow younger arrowmen to step up. I will still be around.

Tom Payne: Everyone has discussion points at EC meetings. Talk to each other for help outside of the EC meetings. There shouldn’t be a need to have lengthy discussions on programs.

Tyler Young: Regalia making generated high interest among the members. Good for ceremonialist recruitment

Nate W: Really reallyreallyreally wants to push unit elections.

Brandon S: Agrees with Thomas K that there is a problem. Advises that we should work on chapters to help with retention/growth. Enjoys discussion, but there should be invitations to edit programs. Talks about winter banquet flyers and changes. Recommends planning around national events.

Will S: recommends having event themes (an umbrella theme) that is integrated into the weekend. Says we should promote the theme and talk about how awesome it was. “It was great. Oh, you didn’t go? Sucks to be you, go to the next one.” An umbrella theme would definitely be helpful.

Jim Hughes: Lodge was asked to staff Mackinac Rendezvous trading post. Congratulated youth staff

Pat S: Was asked to congratulate the ceremonialists on their work this weekend.

Randy Siegersma: If you attended the MR OA Ceremony and did not get your patch, talk to Steve H or Mike Sulgrove

Robert W: Chapter 1 has not been doing well in the past, but they are taking a step in the right direction. Also, OA is our NHS. It is meant to give service, but it is also the heart and soul of our scouting community.

Matt N: One thing that always got him active was other people. We can be those people as EC members. He would like to challenge everyone here to reach out to younger arrowmen who want to get active to see what they want.

Eryk F: These events are great. In order to get active, you have to be willing to put in the service. Look for the happy, cheerful people. They can get other people happy and excited.

Mark G: There will be an event (July 30-Aug 3) at IU to plan the next century. Apologizes for the confusion at the beginning, and says the meeting went well.

Steve H: We have to think about how we can get somebody to do our job so we can move forward as a lodge. If we induct members, but our membership doesn’t grow, we’ve failed miserably. Talked about burying the time capsule. If you want to go to NLS/NLATS or participate in OA High Adventure, talk to Steve.

Meeting ended at 12:28pm