My Storyby: Timothy Alan Whitaker

My Storyby: Timothy Alan Whitaker

My Storyby: Timothy Alan Whitaker

On the morning of a July day, all students were called into school from their vacation. When everyone was there is when I noticed armed men running around yelling orders to have students to go to a class room and hold them there till the special object arrived. The first thing on my mind was to find my baby girl. Then the general had called everyone to the gym. I hated the government just for fear that they might try to control us citizens. When everyone was seated a loud booming voice came through the microphone. He told us that “everyone would be getting a tracking device injected into them through a liquid serenge and everything is going to be okay.” Soon it ended up knocking almost everyone out. When I woke up I was dizzy and felt something running through my veins and soon to find out I had a little flame flickering from my fingertips. I looked up and saw other students were doing the same thing. As soon as everyone was up and moving around the troops reassembled us into the gym for a second meeting but it took a good thirty minutes till they finally quieted down when I shot flames into the air and rebounded and retreated back into my hand. Thank you said the general.

“Now before we begin any questions about what you’re feeling” the general began. Hands shot into the air and before I knew it there was a tornado rawer of students demanding to know what happened to them. Then two people shot water and drenched over half the students. No one around me had gotten a drop of water on them because of my shield. Now the general said “that I have your attention that serum we gave you earlier was no tracking device as you have noticed it was to amplify your body’s to be able to perform many unnatural ability’s and so that you can help with the war against Russia, china, and a few other alien countries.” This time there was little commotion and the general continued, “We need as much help as possible and the middle and high school students with power can help us.” At that instant my hand shot up, “yes young man!”“What if we don’t want to join your little wazoo of an army why do you need us to do your dirty work why us millions will be killed and all your worried about is how many people you can recruit to overcome the USSR. No thank you.” Then there was his booming voice again and several people jumped. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, your only a kid”, at that I interrupted him, “I AM NOT A KID my name Is Timothy Alan Whitaker and I am my own person and NOBODY CONTROLS ME.”“Ok” said the general. “Well some people do like to fight, not to interrupt but I like fighting the old way.”

After the meeting was over there was an infinite amount of people signing up to fight with their new found power. I ended up signing the paper to become a fighter. But I was fighting for a different cause I wanted the nation I know to stay free and the way I know it to be. Training will start in thirty minutes you may train with loved ones, friends or just join a group. I found my baby, my brother, my sister, Johnny and my cousin and some of my girlfriend’s friends. Mybrotherisn’t in my school so he didn’t get the exact potion the high school was given. In other words the middle school was weak compared to the high school.

Five hours later we were finished with training for the day. The only problem was students were allowed to go home to grab the stuff they needed because they were going to be living at the school for the next year.Not many agreed with this but it was general’s orders. We went home and I used my ability to make my bag infinite so I could put a mansion full of stuff in there. Soon everything was packed I took the keys to my f350 and threw my stuff in the back. I started her up and listened to her purr and put on my country put it in drive and tore outta my drive spitting rocks everywhere and made my black truck look gray. I took the back roads, hit some bumps to where the truck flew and landed couple inches further and still in full speed. As soon as the school came into view I stepped on it and now I was flying. I came drifting round the corner of the rear parking lot as students flew into the air to avoid being hit. i was angry for the takeover and was determined to make the best of it by doing the most damage to their little operation.

As soon as I stepped into the school I was surrounded and I put an automatic shield around me and they couldn’t touch me not with a nuke nor with their bare hands. “Why are you surrounding me”. “Because we have orders to take you to the general” said one of the men. And with that I let down my shield and held out my hand to signal them to lead the way. “Wait here a minute” said one of the men. Three minutes later the same soldier came out and told me to enter. There was a few students in the office. Then the general spoke “you are all here because the potion has acted differently to you” “in other words (your stronger than the rest) he mumbled. How are we stronger than the rest? “Your sister here has a sort of mixture, like a half breed you see she’s part vampire with powers increased. As he went around the room his dark eyes kept landing on me, watching me, examine me. When he finally got to me he said “you, you are extraordinarily powerful your readings are beyond are charts boarders your strength is a million fold stronger than anyone that’s ever taken the potion. Johnny asked “if she was going to be ok.” Yes! Said the general “she’s more than ok.” Her health is very, would you say? Perfect, no better than perfect said the general. You could see Johnny’s chest move slowly in and out as if he was happy. Little did anyone know deep down in his heart he was developing feelings he’s never felt before and the good part the feelings was directed towards my sister, the vampire. He was falling in love with her.

Back in the room my group has chosen everyone was talking laughing until me and my sister walked into the room then all fell silent. “There’s news that you two are going to be like dominators, the strongest in the school and possibly all across the world.” “Yes that is true my powers are growing and with my sister’s newfound ability, yes I think we will be the strongest but don’t worry we have chosen to use them for good. There was a small chatter and then one spoke, “how do we know you will use your power for good. Out of nowhere a small goblet appeared and so did a knife. I held the knife to my hand and slowly blood trickled into the goblet and as it did I spoke the words, I promise on my life on my soul I will use my power for good.

Everyone gasped when the saw the blood had spelled truth. Later that evening I went out and created a two trailer homes. They weren’t normal homes. They had an enchantment on them so the insides were the size of a mansion. And could hold three school full each. I lived in the first one with speakers sticking out the sides, kind of built in. The other with black, purple, white and silver designs in separate rooms, a black and silver kitchen with crystal clear wine glasses, and a living room with a wraparound couch. I had a 44inch TV with speaker/subs on the sides. The next morning I woke up late and as soon as I walked outside the general walked up and” asked where have I been”? “I’ve been asleep thank you very much” “you were supposed to be out here training”. “Well I was sleeping.” Well you should have set an alarm clock, said the general. And I should have slit your throat in the gym. Now leave me alone, I will do my own training. And with that I walked away.