Fill in the Following Correctly with the Conjunctive Adverbs Above

Fill in the Following Correctly with the Conjunctive Adverbs Above

Conjunctive Adverbs

Conjunctive Adverbs are connectives which are distinct from both conjunctions and adverbs. Like many adverbs they can move around the clause without altering the meaning noticeably. Like conjunctions, they are often found between two independent clauses with a semi-colon preceding and a comma following. In using Conjunctive Adverbs, the writer often wishes to convey a closer connection between two clauses, something which is not achieved by punctuating with a period.

furthermore / meanwhile / accordingly / besides / still
consequently / hence / otherwise / moreover / however
henceforth / therefore / nevertheless / likewise / indeed

Fill in the following correctly with the conjunctive adverbs above.

  1. You don’t have the qualifications we need; , we are impressed with your voluntary service in the past.
  2. Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the probationary period; , you will be considered a bona fide employee of Glen Walter Enterprises Inc.
  3. Our supervisor has raised both our wages; , you will go from $9.75 per hour to $10.55 per hour. Well done!
  4. Her record of service shows great merit; , in most areas of responsibility, she has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty.
  5. Look, the computer’s down and we can’t do any more work while they’re debugging it. Let’s call it a day; , I am exhausted!
  6. Hmmm. Late: 12 times this month. Absent: 4 times this week. Overtime: unavailable; , we feel that we have no other choice except to seek a demotion, Dave.
  7. Your resume was expert, clear, and concise; , the short-listing of your application for the position of Chief Accountant.
  8. Hmmm. Appearance: 8/10. Punctuality: 9/10. Teamwork: 10/10. Office demeanor: 9/10. The overall rating is excellent; , your typing skills could use some work.
  9. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are interested in these positions! You’ve got to keep applying for every job posting that comes up; , people will start thinking that you’re not ambitious.
  10. No one had the time to go over the material again for him; , nobody had the energy.
  11. A rather ‘chippy’ attitude was noted almost immediately at the outset of the meeting; , your answer to the third question determined your fate in the committee’s eyes.
  12. I will take care of the typing, photocopying, and emailing; , you oversee the stats and the collation.
  13. Your surname begins with Z; , you are up next, Mr. Zhong.
  14. The application does mention one legal infraction three years ago; , the manager is willing to overlook this. Welcome aboard!
  15. Well, for one thing the linguistic skills are below standard; , the punctuation and orthography are clearly substandard.