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Thesis Release Form

Please submit this form with the final copies of your thesis

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The final reviewed and approved thesis must be presented to the Monmouth University Library as follows:

  • The thesis must be submitted in hard copy accompanied by a CD or other electronic storage medium containing a copy of the thesis saved as a PDF.
  • The thesis must include a cover sheet containing the author’s name, Monmouth University ID number, department, school, university, course code, name(s) of director and additional reader(s), date of completion, title of thesis, keywords, as well as signatures of approval from the Thesis Director, Program Director, Department Chair, and School Dean. A list of keywords and abstract must immediately follow the cover page.
  • The library will bind three hard copies of the thesis. One copy will be housed in the University Library archives and one in the Department, and the third copy will be returned to the student.
  • A bibliographic record will be created for the University on-line catalogue containing the call number, author’s name, project title, year of creation, Monmouth University department, and the abstract provided by the author.
  • If the student gives permission and the department approves electronic distribution of the thesis, it will be made possible to access the thesis by a direct electronic link from the catalog bibliographic record. The electronic text will be watermarked for copyright protection by the University Library.
  • Process will take approximately ten to twelve weeks.

Copyright Compliance

Your thesis is a public distribution of your creative and/or researched work. The bound hard copy will be accessible to general public patrons, walk-in visitors, Monmouth University employees, students, and Library Association members through the Monmouth University research database. If you consent and your department approves to have your thesis made accessible through unrestricted open access, you acknowledge and consent that your thesis can be accessed by anyone searching the Monmouth University catalogue bibliographic record on the Monmouth University Library web site. By signing and submitting this form, and subject to the approval of your department, you agree and consent to have a copy of your work placed on the website, a University accessed archive of scholarly work. You certify that the content of your thesis does not, to the best of your ability and knowledge, infringe upon anyone else’s copyright through plagiarism, unacceptable copying of other materials, or improper citation.

I understand and agree ____ Yes _____ No

Release of Materials and Copyright Infringement

Your thesis, as a public distribution, will be accessible pursuant to your consent and your department’s approval as set forth in Part C of this form. You hereby agree that you will not hold Monmouth University liable for a third party’s infringement of your thesis. You agree that Monmouth University will not be held responsible for a person attempting to infringe upon your copyright through plagiarism, unacceptably copying of your work and/or improper citation. Monmouth University agrees that it will promptly notify you of any unauthorized use of which it becomes aware and will take all reasonable steps to stop such activity. The University will cooperate with you in any investigation of such infringement or unauthorized use.

As set forth in Monmouth University’s Intellectual Property Policy, Monmouth University does not claim ownership of students’ theses, except to the extent required by any applicable funding agreement.

You hereby grant to Monmouth University the non-exclusive license to archive and make accessible, under the conditions set forth in this Consent and Release Form, your thesis in whole or in part in all forms of media, now or hereafter known. This license shall be effective for the term of the copyright. You retain all other ownership rights to copyright of the thesis by virtue of being its author and retain the right to use in future works (such as articles or books), all or part of your thesis. Monmouth University shall not transfer or assign the rights set forth in this document to a third party without your written consent and approval.


A. Research Approvals

I hereby certify that I have obtained the required institutional approvals if my submitted thesis contains content resulting from my participation in research involving human subjects, protected health information, animals, or minors. In addition, I further certify that if my thesis contains content resulting from my participation in contract or grant funded research or as a result of my participation in a clinical placement or affiliation program I have obtained the Agency or funding Sponsor’s written consent, if required. If applicable, I further certify that I have abided by any and all confidentiality and contractual or grant requirements of Monmouth University, any other Agency, funding Sponsor, and/or persons mentioned in my thesis.

B. Copyright

I hereby certify that, where warranted, I have obtained and attached hereto written permission statements from the owners of all third-party copyrighted matter included in my thesis, allowing distribution as specified in this Release.

I also hereby grant to Monmouth University the non-exclusive right to license to archive and make accessible, under the conditions specified in this Release, my thesis in whole or in part in all forms and media, now or hereafter known. I retain all other ownership rights to the copyright of the thesis by virtue of being its author. I also retain the right to use in future work (such as in books or articles) all or part of this thesis.

C. Access

In addition to the unrestricted display of bibliographic information and the abstract, I agree that if approved by my department my thesis may be placed in the Monmouth University electronic archive with unrestricted open access: ____ Yes _____ No

I, the undersigned, hereby agree that I have read and understood this Release Form and will comply with Copyright restrictions and release of materials. I further certify that the statements made by me herein are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that this Release updates any and all previous statements submitted by me.


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Signature of Student

The final submitted thesis has been reviewed and approved subject to appropriate Monmouth University guidelines, policies and procedures


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Sample Thesis Cover Sheet

Jane Q. Student



Semester, Year

Department of English

Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Monmouth University

EN 692


Thesis Director (print)(signature)(date)


Program (print)(signature)(date)


Department Chair (print)(signature)(date)


School Dean (print)(signature)(date)