Mohamed Osman Ibrahim Badr

Mohamed Osman Ibrahim Badr

Mechanical Engineer C.V

Mohamed Osman Ibrahim Badr


Mechanical Engineer hasability to work accurately under pressure and high motivationwith 9 years of progressively responsible on Steel Structureprojects,with Strong knowledge in drawing models and technical guide line of construction engineering using Tekla structure - Auto cad for 3D modeling and work shop drawings (extracting and checking), also study of the project contract, technical specification to ensure the accuracy and safety of compliance with plansaccuracy for completing the project in the given time line.

Personal information:

Name : Mohamed Osman Ibrahim Badr

Nationality : Egyptian

Date of birth : 27\05\1986

Place of birth : Alexandria, Egypt

Address : 56 Canal Elsuez Street, MoharamBaiek.

Military status : exempted

Current Location : Saudi Arabia- Riyadh

Email : /

Cell phone :+966 -541292336 +2-01226151151

Saudi Council of Engineering

Membership ID: 258971


Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical EngineerAlexandria Institute of Engineering Technology (A.I.E.T).

Graduation Date : June 2008

General grade : good

Graduation project : 4 wheel power steering system with grade "excellent"


  • Arabic: (mother tongue)
  • English: excellent reading, writing & speaking.
  • German: good.

German course (level 3) from “GOETHE INSTITUTE”


ICDL (windows, word, excel, power point, access, internet)

Welding technology.

Non Destructive Test in:

  • PT: liquid penetrant testing (level॥)
  • MT: magnetic testing ( level॥)
  • UT :ultrasonic testing ( level॥)

I have been qualified based upon the satisfactory of requirements of the American society for non- destructive testing and E.W.A .


  • Strong knowledge in construction and mechanical engineering concepts.
  • Preparing project coast estimate and project execution phases.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Proficient in various engineering software programs: Auto CAD & Tekla Structure.
  • Teamwork ,Initiative, Responsibility and Challenge
  • Excellent Time Management
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility
  • Have experience in internet searching, emailing and corresponding.
  • Highly proficient at word,Excel, power point presentation& Photo shop.
  • Familiar with hardware & software computer maintenance.


Al Jawad for Construction in Saudi Arabia (from 12\2008to 5\2010)

Site Engineer worked inSteel structure & piping erection.

B. S. Company for Construction and Engineering in Egypt from (06\2010to 09/2015)


  • Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company S.A.E
  • Egyptian LNG
  • Third Army factories in Suez
  • Amryia cement factory (Conveyor steel structures)
  • Abukuir for fertilizer and chemical industries
  • Elhamra oil Matrouh Road (Diesel vertical storage Tanks)
  • COP Gasoline and Diesel tanks in (Tanata).

Construction Engineerresponsible for:

  • Steel Structure erection-Fabrication in site.
  • Fabrication Main tanks with all fitting according to standard codes.
  • Supervision on Mechanical construction.
  • Supervision on Machining works.
  • Piping construction (fabrication,installation, lying).
  • Reviewing Method of statement, specifications, and standards of materials (pipes, fittings, flanges, gaskets… etc).
  • Studying my scope of piping lines from the drawings.
  • Follow up the status of spools and field run pipes through reports from fabrication workshop and painting yard and coordinating for transportation these materials to site.
  • Supervised the Contract and project development.
  • Tanks fabrication and installation in accordance to API (650,653).
  • Supervision on all QA/QC activities for tanks and piping including (PT,MT,UT,RT,Vacuum box testing, Hydro test,…etc).
  • Supervision on Machining works.
  • Supervision on all sandblasting and painting works for tanks, pipes and steel structure

Worked as a Project Engineer responsible for:

  • Preparation of proposal / quotation documents, technical specification, and price schedules, etc.
  • Co-ordination with consultant to finalize site issues.
  • Reviewing Steel Erection drawings.

Arabian international Company Steel (AIC) in Saudi Arabia from (10-2015 till now 2017)


  • Medical Research center inImam Saud University (MRC)
  • Arena Girl Stadium- (Riyadh)
  • Tadawul Tower in KAAFD- (Riyadh)
  • Elevated Metro station in Riyadh (3A1-3A2,….)-(Riyadh)
  • Pp13-Durma Power plan with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) and Warily parson W.P. (Near Riyadh)

Senior Site Engineer responsible for:

  • Steel structure Erection.
  • Break Down for the Structure priority wise
  • Prepare the Site Sequence of erection using Snapshots from Tekla Model.
  • Plan for Erection by date with all resources.
  • Submitting the reasonable erection schedule to the Client before start Work.
  • Supervision on surveying civil foundations elevation before steel (columns / frames Erection).
  • Preparing all ground assembly for main columns with beams to compose frames can be lifted and erected one time.
  • Checking all alignment members of the structure on the main Aligns and Axis before offering for any inspection. (Internal checking)
  • Solution for many technical problems in erection due to material defects or wrong design through RFI & as built drawings after coordinating with the consultant.
  • Coordinating with QC department to cover any required NDT or Heat treatment (preferably before lifting to avoid difficult accessibility).
  • Coordinating with QC department for Submitting IR of all the Finished Area to Hand over with the Client.

In the c.v. I want to thank you for your close attention and for giving me some of your time to read it, hoping to join your leading corporation.

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