Module 7: Usability and Revision Report

Module 7: Usability and Revision Report

Sydney Beaudreault

WRA 210

Module 7

Module 7: Usability and Revision Report

What did your classmates (your users) tell you that you hadn't considered?

My classmates told me several ways to additionally improve my web site. One girl had done her own research on things to add to her site in order to be more creative. Although my site included everything we learned semester, she suggessted adding things such as pictures to links of my professional work and resumes.

What kind of feedback did they give you on your design choices?

One thing they did not like was all of the white space. I had a very colorful picture that displayed the names of the web page. With this, I was skeptical on over-doing it on the creative side therefore making it less professional. They suggested subtle colors such as greys or light blues to accent.

On your information architecture?

They liked the information included but thought the home page and about me were repetitive.

What assumptions did they agree with and which did they challenge?

They agreed that it was good to continue with the same layout in order to avoid too much comotion, but they thought I needed to take more of a risk with the web page.

What feedback did you utilize in your revisions?

I cleaned up the content within my home page and about me page in order to differentiate the two easier. I also played around with different colors and used greys and blues.

What did you disregard?

Although I played around with different colors, I still left some white space. As far as the theme goes, I thought the white complimented the theme better than any other color I tried or simply filling it with grey.

How substantial were your revisions?

My revisions actually really helped my page. It made it more professional and less boring.

Did you find usability/review helpful?


Why or why not?

I always find it helpful to get an outside perspective. Without an additional perspective, my page would be visually asthetic to only myself rather than pleasing those that may actually view it.

Did you learn anything about graphic design from your test group?

I just learned to be more open minded. I mainly stick with the same layout, design, or colors within all of my creative projects.

How might your design choices in the future be influenced by what you learned from your group?

Again I would simply be more open minded. I stuck with a pretty basic layout and would like to be more creative with my website.

Also, think about your usability test of others - what did you learn by reviewing the work of your classmates that might be helpful for you going forward?

I actually got a lot of input as far as ideas from other projects. In reviewing their projects I found to concentrate more on alignment.