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1) READING (4 points)

1.1 Read the text and choose the best answer (a, b, or c).

George Seferis / Born 1900 Died 1971 / Nobel prize for literature 1963

Seferis (real name Giorgos Seferiadis), Greek poet and diplomat, was born near Smyrna, in Asia Minor, Turkey. In 1914 the Seferiadis family moved to Athens, where Seferis finished his basic education. Then, he continued by studying law at the University of the Sorbonne in Paris. While he was in France, in September 1922, Smyrna was seized by the Turkish Army. Many Greeks, including the Seferiadis family, fled from Asia Minor.

Seferis lived in Athens and was admitted to the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1926, where he began his diplomatic career. He worked as a Greek diplomat in England, Albania and Turkey.

From 1941 to 1944, the Germans invaded and occupied Greece. During these terrible years, Seferis accompanied the Free Greek Government in exile to Crete, Egypt, South Africa, and Italy. He returned when Athens was free from the Germans, in 1944.

Seferis, named as “the poet of the future”, received many honours and prizes for his lyric poetry.

1. Seferis was born in

a. Turkey / b. Greece / c. France

2. George Seferis finished school in

a. Asia Minor / b. Athens / c. Paris

3. Seferis became a

a. Minister of Foreign Affairs / b. a university professor / c. a diplomat

4. When the Germans occupied Greece, Seferis

a. went to France / b. went back to Turkey / c. went into exile

5. Seferis is best known as

a. a great Greek poet / b. a Greek patriot / c. a Greek writer
1.2 Read the story and choose the best answer (a, b, or c).
Bryan doesn't like going to school anymore. He is tired of being bullied. Some of the bigger boys at school are mean to him. They push him to the ground. They hide his books. They call him names. When things get really bad, Bryan tells his mom he is sick. Then Bryan gets to stay home.
“You should tell someone you are getting bullied at school,” says Bryan’s best friend, Link. But Bryan is scared. He doesn't want to tell an adult. “That will make things worse, Link,” says Bryan. “You have no idea how mean these guys can be.” “You can’t keep missing school,” says Link. “Your grades will fall. And besides, you don't want to be in the seventh grade forever, do you?" Bryan thinks Link is probably right. He will tell his mom about the bullies when she gets home from work tonight. He will see what happens.

6. Why doesn't Bryan like going to school anymore?

a. The work is hard. / b. The kids are mean. / c. His best friend does not go there.

7. What grade is Bryan in?

a. fourth grade / b. sixth grade / c. seventh grade

8. Why hasn't Bryan's mom helped him?

a. She is busy at work. / b. She does not care. / c. She does not know.

9. Why doesn’t Bryan tell his mom he is being bullied?

a. She might hurt the mean kids. / b. He is scared of what the bullies will do if he tells an adult. / c. She might talk to the teachers at the school.

10. When does Bryan plan to tell his mom about the bullies?

a. today / b. tonight / c. tomorrow


  1. Choose the right word. (1,5 points)

1. The mountain ……. team saved the climbers.

a. police / b. rescue / c. fire

2. Do you have any …….. in working with young children?

a. interview / b. qualities / c. experience

3. It was raining ……..

a. birds and bees / b. pots and pans / c. cats and dogs

4. Have you ever visited the ancient ……. of Olympian Zeus in Athens?

a. temple / b. wall / c. shelter

5. Emails are a fast and cheap way to …….. with your friends.

a. trade / b. join / c. communicate
  1. Write the verbs in the brackets in the correct form of Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous. (2,5 points)

1) Turn off the TV! I ...... (study)!

2) What time ...... (your dad / come) home every day?

3) Nigel ...... (break) his leg while he was skiing.

4) While Paul ...... (surf) the Internet, the lights went off.

5) They were taking a test when the headmaster ...... (enter) the classroom.

MODULE 2 WRITING (8 points)

ACTIVITY 1 (3 points)

Complete this questionnaire and take part in our contest to win a tablet!

1st Computer Festival for Kids Thessaloniki, 25th – 28th May 2017
1. How often do you use your computer at home? ______
2. What do you use it for? ______and/or ______
3. Who helped you learn how to use the computer? ______
4. How old were you when you first used the internet? ______
5. Do you like Facebook, blogging, and electronic mail? What do you do when you use them? ______
6. What type of websites do you usually visit when you’re using the Internet? ______
7. Which are the two things you did last month, using the internet? ______and ______
8. How often does your teacher use a computer for work in class? ______9. Who else uses computers in your family? ______
Now, YOU ask our computer experts a question about computers – any question you want!
10. ______
Thank you!

ACTIVITY 2 (5 points)

Have you ever been bullied? Do you know someone who has? Explain. (50 words)









MODULE 3 Listening comprehension (4 points)

Listen to items 6a-8a and choose the best answer (A-D). There is one answer you do not need.

Ο λόγος που τηλεφωνεί είναι:

6a. ______
7a. ______
8a. ______/ A. Να πει ότι θέλει να μιλήσει μαζί του.
B. Να βεβαιωθεί ότι θα γίνει η συνάντηση.
C. Να εξηγήσει γιατί δεν θα πάει στο θέατρο.
D. Να πει ότι πάει στο αεροδρόμιο.

Listen again and check your answers.

Listen and choose the best answer (A, Β, or C) for items 9a-10a.

9a. The caller wants

  1. to cancel her appointment.
  2. to make an appointment.
  3. to change the appointment.


A. is kidding with Janet.

B. calls to tell Janet she’s ill.

C. got the wrong number.

Listen and fill in gaps 1b-5b with the right word, as in the example.

Where are these people going?

ΕΧ. / They’re going out to their friends’ party.
1b. / They’re going on a t_____.
2b. / They’re going to a g_____.
3b. / They’re going to w_____.
4b. / They’re going to the h_____.
5b. / They’re going to a r_____.

Listen again and check your answers.



1.1 text from: ΚΠγ / English Language Exam Level A1 & A2 / Module 1 2016A

1A, 2B, 3C, 4C, 5A

1.2 text from:

6B, 7C, 8C, 9B, 10B



A_M3_2016A Level A1&A2 / Module 3 2016A

Part A Activity 2 & 3

6a. C 7a. Α 8a. D 9a. B 10a. C

Part B Activity 1