Modern British Literature

ENG 225 3/20/2006 Update

English 225: Modern British Literature

Twentieth-Century Irish Literature

Spring Interim Study Tour 2006

Dr. Marguerite Helmers, instructor

Radford Hall . Room 226 . 424-0916, office

Mark these dates on your calendar. All room locations and times will be announced in advance.

March 25 First group meeting, Swart 3.

April 1 Family Orientation

May 15-18 4pm-7pm, Class sessions UW Oshkosh.

Book Purchases

Irish Writing in the 20th Century, Ed. David Pierce

Angela’s Ashes, a memoir by Frank McCourt

Dubliners, short stories by James Joyce

Writing Assignments

English 225 is a Writing Intensive course, requiring at least 4000 words of writing during a semester (please see

Journal. Due August 7 or before.

You will keep a notebook daily while traveling. Purchase a notebook that is large enough to write, keep photographs, do sketching, and collect postcards)

Critical Responses to Literature (5; 2 pages each). Due prior to departure (see syllabus); some presented during travel.

These one-page essays will have a thesis about the literature and supporting points drawn from the text. In them, you will formulate a critical stance, saying something about, for example, style, character, scene. Ideas from these responses will be presented to the group during travels. Consider exploring potential ideas for your research paper (take a look at the research essay topics, listed below, for ideas.)

You must turn in responses on each of these topics:

1.  James Joyce, Dubliners

2.  The Dead [film].

Please prepare a “film portfolio” for this assignment, containing key background information from the Internet Movie Database (; one external review of the film; and your response.

3.  W. B. Yeats, poetry

4.  Angela’s Ashes

5.  Gender

Author Biography (3 pages). Due prior to departure and presented to group during travel.

Select one author other than Joyce or Yeats and research his or her life. Please do not just print out pages from the internet or do a (plagiarized) cut and paste. This writing assignment does require that a bibliography be attached, using MLA format.

Researched essay (8 pages). Due August 7 or before.

This essay must consider a group of works that are connected thematically. Topics should be drawn from those listed in the Pierce anthology (1285-7), specifically numbers 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 11, 12, 15, 20, 23, 25, 26, 41, and 48.

Specific Research Requirements: You must use books and peer-reviewed articles. Sources are used to support your main ideas and is integrated into the essay through summary and direct quotation. You are graded on your ability to integrate the new information in a manner that supports the purposes of your essay. The bibliography should contain at least six secondary sources (secondary sources are sources other than the primary poem, play, essay, memoir, or novel); no more than 30% of your total sources (2 out of 6, 3 out of 9, etc.) can be an internet source. Your final grade will be lowered if you use more than 30% web sources. Use MLA format for the paper and bibliography.

Grade Distribution for Final Grade

15% One-page critical responses (3% each)

15% Presentations to group while on tour

15% Journal

10% Author Biography

20% Final critical essay, including bibliography

25% Participation in scheduled events

Writing Center

The Writing Center will help you conceptualize your essays (for this class and others). The Writing Center is not a proofreading or editing service. All Writing Center services are free, but you need to schedule an appointment. The Writing Center is located in the basement of Radford Hall. The phone number is 424-1152; you may also email them at .

Comprehensive Syllabus


How to read poetry,

How to read a play,

On Reserve

Howie the Rookie, a play by Mark O’Rowe. This play is being performed at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin. [This is optional reading]


Keep a notebook with summaries in it, organized so that you can access it easily. Write a short summary and a short comment on each poem.

All Readings indicated with * will be copied for ENG 302

May 15: Places

Readings to be Discussed

James Joyce, Dubliners

Stanislaus Joyce (Pierce anthology 615) “Background to ‘Dubliners’”

Kavanagh, Patrick (Pierce anthology 650) “Who Killed James Joyce?”

Pierce, Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century

The Aisling [Ash-lynn] Poem

Mangan, James Clarence “Dark Rosaleen” []*

Corkery, Daniel (288) “The Aisling”*

Longley, Edna (1074) “From Cathleen to Anoerexia”*

Boland, Eavan (1063) “Mise Eire”

Plays, Poems, & Essays

Yeats, W. B. (98) Cathleen ni Houlihan

Synge, John Millington (171) Playboy of the Western World [tour site, Connemara area]

Yeats, W. B.~

“The Wild Swans at Coole” (274) [tour site, Coole Park]*

“Meditations in Time of Civil War” (349)*

“Coole Park and Ballylee, 1931” (428)*

The Lake Isle of Innisfree []* [tour site, Sligo]

The Tower []* [tour site, Thoor Ballyle]

O’Flaherty, Liam [Lee-am] (364), “The Tent” [tour site, Inishmore]

O’Byrne, Cathal (521-6) “Tradition and the Falls Road” [tour site, Belfast]

Gogarty, Oliver St. John (602) “The Destruction Still Goes On” [tour site, Dublin]

Kavanagh, Patrick (780-1) [tour site, Dublin]~

“On Ragland Road”*

“Canal Bank Walk”*

“Lines Written on a Seat on the Grand Canal”*

Muldoon, Paul (960) “Ireland”*

O’Callaghan, Julie (992) “A Tourist Comments on the Land” [tour site, Dublin]*

McDonagh, Martin (1240) The Lonesome West [tour site, Inishmore]

What Papers are Due?

English 225:

Response on James Joyce, Dubliners

Author biography

May 16: History and Politics


The Dead (on your own, prior to this date)

Michael Collins (on your own, prior to this date)

Listening (CD)

The Boys of Wexford

Kevin Barry

Roddy McCorley

Valley of Knockanure

The West’s Awake

Readings to be Discussed

Pierce, Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century)

Hyde, Douglas (2) “The Necessity for De-Anglicizing Ireland”*

Stephens, James (235) The Insurrection in Dublin: Wednesday

Shaw, George Bernard (239) “The Easter Week Executions”

Pearse, Patrick (260) “I am Ireland”

Collins, Michael (284) “Distinctive Culture”

Russell, George (286) “Lessons of a Revolution”

O’Connor, Frank (413) “Guests of the Nation”

Lynch-Robinson, Sir Christopher (607) “The First World War”

Devlin, Denis (694) “The Tomb of Michael Collins”

Longley, Michael (764) “Strife and the Ulster Poet”

McMahon, Bryan (786) “Valley of Knockanure”

Kinsella, Thomas (802) “A Nightwalker”

Montague, John (854) “A Lost Tradition” from The Rough Field*

Simmons, James (884) “Claudy”

Johnston, Jennifer (893) Shadows on Our Skin

Hewson, Paul [Bono] (935) “Bono: The White Nigger”

Beckett, May (960) “A Belfast Woman”

Friel, Brian (974) Translations

MacLaverty, Bernard (997) “Cal”

Fiacc, Padraic (1034-5) from Missa Terribilis*

Carson, Ciaran [See-ar-an] (1063) “Belfast Confetti”*

McKitterick, David et al. (1160) Lost Lives*

Buckely, Vincent (1172) “Bobby Sands: One”

Yeats, W. B.

The Literary Movement in Ireland (38)

September 1913, Fallen Majesty, The Cold Heaven (259)

Easter 1916 (270)

An Irish Airman Foresees his Death (276)

Leda and the Swan (353)

Among School Children (368)

Sailing to Byzantium (370)

Byzantium (429)

Crazy Jane Talks with the Bishop (429)

Lapis Lazuli (475)

Under Ben Bulben, The Statues, News for the Delphic Oracle, The Circus Animals’ Desertion, Politics (483-6)

Moore, George (219-223) Hail and Farewell (on Yeats)

Fallon, Padraic (651) “Yeats’s Tower at Ballylee”

O’Brien, Conor (756) “Passion and Cunning: An Essay on the Politics of W. B. Yeats”

Kennelly, Brendan (1098) “Irish Poetry Since Yeats”

Heaney, Seamus

Punishment (885)

Station Island (1002)

From The Republic of Conscience (1033)

Deane, Seamus (836) “Unhappy and at Home”: Interview with Heaney

Listen to the BBC Interviews with Heaney at

What Papers are Due?

English 225: Response on the film The Dead [portfolio]

May 17: Myths and Legends

Listening (CD)

The Leprechaun

Readings to be Discussed

Pierce, Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century

Lady Gregory (95-98) Cuchulain of Muirthemne [Koo-hulin of Myuer-hem-ay]

Campbell, Joseph (203-4) “I am the Mountainy Singer” and “Night, and I Travelleing”*

Devlin, Denis (569-70) “Lough Derg”

O’Faolain, Sean [Shawn O’Feelan] (694) “Lovers of the Lake”

Robinson, Tim (1116-1118) “Among the Thorns” [tour site, Inishmore]

O’Loughlin, Michael (1236) “Cuchulainn”*

O’Malley, Mary (1239) “Lightcatchers”*

Yeats, W. B. “The Harp of Aengus” and “The Stolen Child”


Heaney, Seamus [Sham-us Hanny]~

The Tollund Man*


You may read these poems and listen to Seamus Heaney read these poems online at

What Papers are Due?

English 225: Response on Yeats’ work

May 18: Memoirs & Questions of Gender

Readings to be Discussed

McCourt, Angela’s Ashes

Pierce, Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century

Brody, Hugh (820) “Family Life”

Trevor, William (854) “The Ballroom of Romance”

Higgins, Aidan (1115) The Great Flood

Women Writers

Boland, Eavan [Avan]~

Outside History (946)

The Emigrant Irish, Tirade for the Lyric Muse (1063-65)

The Achill Woman (1165)

That the Science of Cartography is Limited. Read and listen at

Higgins, Rita Ann (1228) “Remapping the Borders”

Ní Chuilleanáin, Eiléan [Eileen nee Killan-ayn] (85) “Early Recollections”

Smyth, Ailbhe [Alva Smith] (1118-1128) “Declining identities”

Ní Dhomhnaill, Nuala [Noola Khovnal]~

The Unfaithful Wife (1163)

The Language Issue (1164)

Cathleen (1174)

Máire Bradshaw (1172) “High Time for all the Marys”

What Papers are Due?

English 225:

McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes response

Issues of gender response