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Annexe to Academic Provision Approvals Committee form / Appendix 3u

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Academic Quality Service

Annexe to APAC proposal form

  1. Programme Information
/ Responsibility*
a)Named entry award / School/IWBL
b)MISIS/Access Programme Code / Misis*: *PLEASE DELETE AS APPROPRIATE
Access*: / AR / AP*
c)Department code / AR
d)Subject code / AR
e)Months when assessment boards will be held (if outside normal MU calendar) / Insert either:
MONTH or Normal MU calendar / AR / AP**
f)Date of First Conferment of Award(s) / AR / AP**
g)UCAS Entry points required / Marketing
h)UCAS Code (for undergraduate programmes only) / Marketing
i)DBS clearance required / Yes/No / Contract Governance, Compliance and Placement Unit

*AR = Academic Registry

AP = Academic Partnerships (for Validated programmes only)

**AP = Academic Partnerships (for Validated or Validated/Funded programmes only)

  1. Timetabling information
/ Responsibility
Module code / Academic Year / Module delivery requirements FOR NEW MODULES ONLY IN FIRST YEAR OF DELIVERY (ie 1 x 1hr Lecture/lab/seminar etc over 24 weeks or 2 hours alternate weeks etc) / EFMS
  1. Financial Information – RESPONSIBILITY = AR

Level of study / Please tick / Main source of funding / Please tick / If HEFCE funded, please complete box below
Further Education / HEFCE fully funded / HEFCE Cost Centre:
HEFCE Price Group:
Undergraduate degree / HEFCE co-funded / HEFCE Cost Centre:
HEFCE Price Group:
Undergraduate other / LSC
Postgraduate – wholly or mainly taught / TDA
Postgraduate – wholly or mainly by research / NHS
Full cost

FINANCE to note: Overseas campuses and partner fees are excluded from fee assessment in MISIS (SWAAWAC)

Financial Information Guidelines for UK In-house programmes

All programmes, regardless of the main source of funding, should be allocated to a cost centre. The cost centre for a programme should relate to the department offering the teaching. The price group for the programme must be consistent with the cost centre. For full details of cost centre and price groups see

Where the source of funding is HEFCE co-funding there will be a requirement to provide evidence of the appropriate level of employer contribution that lowers the cost of delivery. For further information see

Please complete as appropriate (RESPONSIBILITY = AR)

Is this a programme of initial teacher training (ITT)? / YES/NO
Will this programme lead to qualified teacher status (QTS)? / YES/NO
Will this programme provide in-service education of teachers (INSET)? / YES/NO
This ITT Programme leads to QTS and the applicable age range is:
3-7 Primary
3-8 Primary
3-9 Primary
3-11 Primary
5-9 Primary
5-11 Primary
7-11 Key stage 2/3 lower
7-14 Key stage 2/3
9-14 Key stage 2/3 upper
11-16 Secondary
11-19 Secondary
14-19 Secondary
Will the programme lead to eligibility to register with a Health and Social Care statutory regulatory body? / YES/NO
If yes, please indicate which regulatory body:
Is this a post-registration course in Health or Social care? / YES/NO
If the programme is funded by the Department of Health, please indicate the relevant funding body (strategic Health Authority):