Middle School English Instruction: Pretest for Writing

Middle School English Instruction: Pretest for Writing



1Jana is considering writing about whales and dolphins. What should she do next?

A Read entries in a thesaurus

B Start writing her rough draft

C Narrow her topic

D Ask if others have chosen this topic

2Which of these should Jana do to organize the information she has gatheredfor her report?

ARead her science book

BResearch her topic on the Internet

CTake notes

DMake an outline

3What is the best way to combinesentences 2 and 3 without changing

their meaning?

A In zoos and at aquariums they havebeen observed by scientists and also inthe wild to see when and how theysleep.

B To see how and when they wereobserved by scientists, they sleep inzoos, at aquariums, and in the wild.

C Observing them in the wild, scientistsobserved them to see when and howthey sleep in zoos and at aquariums.

D Scientists have observed them at zoos,at aquariums, and in the wild to seewhen and how they sleep.

4Which of these sentences needs to berevised because it is not a completesentence?

ASentence 5

BSentence 7

CSentence 16

DSentence 19

5What is the best way to rewritesentence 9?

A To breathe, consequently, beingconscious and alert.

B Consequently, they must be consciousand alert to breathe.

C Being conscious, consequently, tobreathe and also be alert.

D Consequently, they must be alert. Andconscious to breathe.

6Which of these sentences does notbelong in Jana’s paper?

ASentence 7

BSentence 12

CSentence 17

DSentence 20

7In sentence 21, they can hold their breath is correctly written —

A they can hold there breath

B they can hold they’re breath

C they can hold thier breath

D as it is

8In sentence 24, more larger than most animals, is correctly written —

Amore larger then most animals,

Blarger than most animals,

Clarger then most animals,

Das it is

9In sentence 26, while its mother swamis correctly written —

A while its mother was swimming

B while its mother swimmed

C while its mother swims

D as it is

10In sentence 28, fat, on their body iscorrectly written —

Afat, on our body

Bfat, on your body

Cfat, on its body

Das it is

11In sentence 30, to breathe dolphins and whales is correctly written —

A to breathe dolphins, and whales

B to breathe dolphins and, whales

C to breathe, dolphins and whales

D as it is

12 In sentence 32, other life processes dolphins is correctly written —

Aother, life processes dolphins

Bother life processes dolphins,

Cother life processes, dolphins

Das it is

13Betsy doesn’t know what to write about. Which of these would best help her?

A Brainstorming for ideas _

B Reading her best friend’s story

C Going to the library to do research

D Making an outline

14Based on Betsy’s notes, which of these would be the best title for her story?

AWhy I Like Basketball

BWhat It’s Like Being a Twin

CThe Moons of Saturn

DAstronomy’s Not So Boring After All _

15How can sentences 1 and 2 best bejoined?

A Shivering in the cool night air, Betsywaited impatiently, she was waiting asher twin sister Maya adjusted thetelescope lens.

B Betsy, shivering in the cool night air,waited impatiently, waiting as her twinsister Maya adjusted the telescope lens.

C Waiting impatiently, Betsy shivered inthe cool night air, Betsy was waiting asher twin sister Maya adjusted thetelescope lens.

D Shivering in the cool night air, Betsywaited impatiently as her twin sister

Maya adjusted the telescope lens. _

16How is sentence 5 best written?

ABut ever since two months ago Mayahad gotten the telescope for her

birthday, not interested in anythingelse.

BBut Maya had gotten the telescope forher birthday two months ago, she wasn’tinterested in anything else ever since.

CBut ever since Maya had gotten thetelescope for her birthday two months

ago, she wasn’t interested in anythingelse.


DBut Maya had gotten the telescope eversince her birthday two months ago andwasn’t interested in anything else.

17Which of these does not belong inBetsy’s draft?

A Sentence 6

B Sentence 8

C Sentence 13

D Sentence 16_

18In sentence 21, how is the amazingest thing correctly written?

Athe most amazing thing _

Bthe most amazingest thing

Cthe more amazing thing

DAs it is

19In sentence 23, how is can hardly keep it in site correctly written?

A can’t hardly keep it in site

B can’t not hardly keep it in sight

C can hardly keep it in sight _

D As it is

20In sentence 24, how is both Saturn and Earth is spinning correctly written?

Aboth Saturn and Earth are spinning _

Bboth Saturn, and Earth are spinning

Cboth Saturn, and Earth is spinning

DAs it is

21In sentence 27, how is increasing interest correctly written?

A increasing intrest

B increaseing intrest

C increaseing interest

D As it is _

22In sentence 29, how is I hope you and me can correctly written?

AI had hoped you and me can

BI hope you and I can _

CI hope me and you can

DAs it is