Method of Earning Dash Coin Online

Method of Earning Dash Coin Online

Method of Earning Dash Coin Online

The basic underlying technology behind the Dash cryptocurrency is the blockchain. Blockchain is a dissipated and non-centralized log book of the transactions which are taking place inside the ecosystem of the Dash coin cryptocurrency. Security of the blockchain is maintained by a mechanism of consensus which is known as proof of the work. In short it is called PoW. Then there comes the process of mining. Specialized hardware are attached to the computer to solve the gigantically tough mathematical problems. The problems are solved by trial and error methods which require huge computing resources. These huge resources can only be deployed if specialized hardware are added to the main computer. It is beyond the manual human capacity to solve these tough mathematical problems. If the computer arrives at the correct solution then it is awarded by the Dash network to add up a new block to the existing blockchain. This way a blockchain gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Then there happens a verification of the block by the whole of the blockchain to check if the solution proposed is correct or not. Once the verification is correctly matched the user is given with the Dash cryptocurrency. This way one can earn Dash cryptocurrency online.

There exist specialized computing hardware which are known as application specific integrated circuits. These are commonly known as ASICs. These application specific integrated circuits are in wide use to mine not just the Dash cryptocurrency but other altcoins too. Now a days mining of cryptocurrencies has become a tough job as more and more miners have started the process of mining. Earlier graphical processing units of simple personal computers were good enough devices to mine the Dash cryptocurrency. As the popularity of Dash cryptocurrency grew it gave rise to lessening of probability of mining by using GPUs or CPUs. Therefore only ASIC miners specially designed to mine Dash crypto currency became the viable option for this. Following is a list of widely used Dash cryptocurrency ASIC miners:

- A 900 X 11


- DM 384 MX 11

- X 11 USB DU 1


As already mentioned that like other altcoins the Dash cryptocurrency is based on the concept of blockchain. And blockchain is a decentralized logbook of all the transactions which are occurring inside the ecosystem of the Dash cryptocurrency. Hence by mining Dash cryptocurrency using adequately powerful hardware such as ASICs listed above one can earn Dash cryptocurrency online.