Meeting Opened at 1930 Hours with the Pledge of Allegiance

Meeting Opened at 1930 Hours with the Pledge of Allegiance

PARC Meeting 4/16/15

Meeting opened at 1930 hours with the Pledge Of Allegiance.

Introductions were made with 15 members present.

First order of business was announcing the resignation of KJ4ECP as secretary and KK4KF volunteering for the position. New secretary affirmed by members present and our thanks to KJ4ECP for his service in this capacity.



Minutes from March 19 meeting read.

Motion to accept, seconded and carried.

TREASURER, KJ4ECP. At the end of February we had;

$8938.15 in savings

$ 880.41 in checking.

A profit and loss comparison was run for the first quarter of this year and last and is attached.

We are expecting a check from Yaesu for $60 to refund us an overpayment. This check has not been received yet.

It was also reported that the insurance was paid, however we still have no equipment identified on the policy yet.

Motion to accept, seconded and carried.

KJ4ECP reported that the electric bill for the past couple of months has increased approximately $50 or more a month. Motion made, seconded, and carried to ask why we no longer get detailed billing and to request me from utilities.


Income: $4145.00

Expenses: $2806.56

Profit: $1338.44

Attendees: 315

Vendor Tables: 66

Raffle Tickets: 1358

Surplus equipment sales at hamfest earned an additional $100.


N2XU was contacted by Mary Jacobs, the widow of W8HKP in Lillian, AL and Ms. Jacobs requested that his remaining equipment be sold at the hamfest. N2XU went and collected a large quantity of equipment and placed it for sale at the hamfest with the intention of splitting the proceeds. After the hamfest, the Ms. Jacobs told N2XU that all the proceeds were a donation to the club. The club earned an additional $642 from these sales.

A more comprehensive report was provided and is attached.

Suggestions for next year from the floor:

Change the sign/banner to read Amatuer Radio Festival (or something similar) as we has a couple of folks show up looking for pigs.

There was also discussion on checking out the possibility of getting hotel deals from local lodging facilities, especially those not located on the island, one of the complaints received was the cost of lodging for those staying overnight.

HAMFEST DATES FOR 2016 are March 18-19


146.79 and 147.225 repeaters are now Yaesu Fusion repeaters, FM and DIGITAL.

FM station antenna on EFCU building is progressing. Antenna not here yet but W4RH and Neal were up on building and found a suitable location. W4RH stated that the owner would give us free internet access at the repeater site (which we need for linking repeaters). Further info as received.

While on the roof of EFCU, they found that there is a second padded similar to the one we have the VHF repeater antenna mounted to. This second ladder is not "properly" attached and they are looking at what is needed to tighten it up so we can mount the UHF antenna to it.


147.225 repeater was installed and initially checked out good, however, as we started using it it was found to be lacking in signal in areas where it should be working good. The repeater was remotely shut down for a week or so until arrangements could be made to access the site in case there was something connected wrong or a transmitter issue. N4GXX and W4RH went to the site and checked all wiring, power out, reflected power, etc and it checked good. The repeater is now back on the air and working okay.

Coverage is still a concern and a lengthy discussion ensued as it relates to the bent antenna mast, which has been that way for years. The final outcome was to use the repeater and pay attention to signals and locations to give us a better understanding of coverage area. A decision to repair or replace the antenna will be made at a later date.


KK4VHX was not present tonight. N2XU reported using the web page and it was working fine.



Field day is June 27/28

A visit was made to the Hurlburt Picnic Area located south of U. S. 98 t the end of the runway by NS4H, KJ3ECP, KV4RL, and KK4KF to look the site over for a field day location. These 4 felt it was a suitable site.

This site has a large fixed building which is screened in, permanent bathroom facilities and lots of trows for wires to be installed.

Reported costs are $50 a day ($100 for both days)

All questions were answered and a motion was made, seconded, and carried to attempt to get this site for field day for the club.

In an attempt to get young people interested in the hobby, NS4H brought possible certificates to give any young participants, as well as possible ways to promote young members to come out.


NS4H generated a discussion on how to let/get participation in club events and meeting from snowbirds here for the winter. He generated some possible handout sheets and there was some discussion. Attempts will be made to find organizations to assist in disseminating this information.



There was discussion about possible pre-planning events as a special event station, Billy Bowlegs, Mullet Festival, Armament Museum/military anniversaries, etc. No volunteers to take this yet, tabled for further discussion.

Per our by-laws, it is time for nomination for HAM of the year. Written nominations will be accepted until the May business meeting. At the May business meeting, nominations will be taken from the floor and then members present will vote on a selectee.

N4GXX announced that the 442.950 repeater (DCS-023) in Crestview is a test repeater with WIRES-X connected to it right now. WIRES-X allows the repeater to be connected to other WIRES-X systems/chat rooms/ and other repeaters. Right now it is connected to Mark Holmes’ (KJ4VO) chat room at HRO in Atlanta. Please check it out!

There being no further business, a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adjourn the meeting at 2044 hours.

Respectfully Submitted

Bill Myers, KK4KF