Meeting Called to Order at 3:05 P.M. by Chair, Michael Levinson

Meeting Called to Order at 3:05 P.M. by Chair, Michael Levinson

SAC Minutes – March 8th, 2017

Meeting called to order at 3:05 P.M. by Chair, Michael Levinson

Members Present:Jimmy Arrojo, Betty Davis, Francisco Diaz, Marcy Fallazedeh,Brenda Fischer, Diana Haynes, Liz Hernandez, Camrudeen Kahn, Michael Levinson,Melina Markos, Alexandra Maslan, Fernanda Müller, Alexandra Price, Isabella Schaerf,Heather Story, Adina Tuchman, Gila Tuchman

I. FebruaryMinutes

Motionto accept February minutes(with correction to typo error in III. A & B.)made by Ms. Fischer, and seconded by Mrs. Müller. All were in favor; motion passed.

Item III.A. “We are expecting an enrollment…”

Item III.B. currently reads “The PTSA contributed $8,000.00…” The monetary amount is corrected to read“$5,000.00.”

II. Budget Report – Michael Levinson

Current Balance - $16,604.03 (item subtracted from last year)

Available - $15,604.03 (item subtracted from last year)

III. Principal’s Report

A. Mr. Arrojo had seen and congratulated Ms. Bristol on her first day as Principal at Plantation High School. She is missed

here at Western though. Ms. Bristol had seen to it that our students completed their course selection sheets for next

year, and now Department Heads will received enrollment sheets. We are finishing the year with our four A.P.s, but

will hire a 5th for next year. Our business program is back, and those classes were listed on the selection sheets. Also

new for next year is Chinese-Foreign Language course.

B. So far we have 150 new students on our re-assignment list. As far as teachers go, the transfer window is open and we

are collecting resumes and preparing to interview, and no Western teachers are currently on the transfer list.

C. We are looking forward to the Drama Department’s production of Legally Blonde that starts this weekend.

IV. Funding Requests

A. There are currently no new funding requests

V. Changes to By-Laws: Meeting Dates for Next Year

We discussed changing our SAC meeting date to coincide with the SAF meeting dates so that we are meeting after their meeting. The committee agreed that this would help us deal with information from SAF in a more timely manner. A Motion to change the SAC Committee Meeting Date next year from the 2nd Wednesday of the month to the 3rd Wednesday of the month was made by Ms. Fischer and seconded by Mrs. Fallazadeh. All were in favor and motion passed.

VI. Nominating Committee formation/Membership Intentions

We discussed creating a nominating committee, and a candidate slate for next year, which is an election year. We have current member intention slips whereby members can indicate whether they want to remain in, or give up a position.

VII. Mid-Year Reflection

Mr. Levinson discussed the 2017 SIP Mid-Year Reflection Q and A as follows:

  1. Has your school made progress towards achieving its goal?

Yes, with the changes to the school schedule including a uniform study hall, students now have a greater opportunity to be successful in class assignments.

  1. Have alterable barriers been eliminated or reduced?

Student attendance continues to cause concerns but with the automated telephone contact for absences, parents are made aware. For our lowest 25th percentile students, new programs were instituted such as pull-outs/push-ins to aid in remediation.

  1. Are your strategies being implemented with fidelity?

Yes, specific staff were hired to accomplish the tasks-and they are being held accountable for students’ scores.

  1. What are your benchmarks for success?

Test scores—graduation rates—raising test scores as high as possible

VIII. New Business

A. The annual Val-Ed Surveys were made available to students, parents, and staff. Teachers are asked to encourage the

students and parents to complete this important survey.

B. A parent present at today’s meeting asked an FSA Scores Report question: how she can see the detailed breakdown of

FSA scores? The total score is found on Virtual Counselor, but she is not seeing the detailed Score Report. It is very

important for parents to be able to obtain this information about their student. Administration is looking into it.

C. Mrs. Price described the use of the Khan Academy program by 11th graders looking to improve their SAT scores. All

11th grade students were provided the enrollment directions, and many completed it and took practice tests in their

English classes as some type of assignment to provide incentive, getting the students use to navigating the site.

IX. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 3:35 made by Ms. Fischer and seconded by Ms. Müller; all in favor and motion passed.

School Advisory Forum (SAF) – Co-Chairs: Mrs. Betty Davis and Mrs. Melina Markos

Among topics discussed was our mutual concern over the annual “Take Your Child to Work” day. At the last district meeting, the pros and cons of that day were discussed and some feel that by the time students are in high school, it becomes just another day off from school. There was then a Motion passed to move it to the end of the school year.

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