Mcgraw-Hill, K-5 - Instructional Materials (CA Dept of Education)

Mcgraw-Hill, K-5 - Instructional Materials (CA Dept of Education)

This advisory recommendation has not been approved by the Instructional Quality Commission or the State Board of Education.



Publisher / Program / Grade Level(s)
McGraw-Hill / California Impact / K–5

Program Summary:

California Impact: Inquiry Journal (IJ), Research Companion (RC), Teacher Edition (TE), Explorer Magazine (EM), Explorer Magazine Teaching Guide (EMTG), Language Learners Teaching Guide (LLTG).


California Impact is recommended for adoption because the instructional materials include content as specified in the History–Social Science Content Standards for California Public Schools and meet all the criteria in category 1 with strengths in categories 2–5.

Criteria Category 1: History–Social Science Content/Alignment with Standards

The program supportsinstruction designed to ensure that students master all the History–Social Science Content Standards for the intended grade level(s) and meets all of the evaluation criteria in category 1.


  • Criterion #1: Grade 5, IJ 54-59, RC 58−67, LLTG 35−39
  • Criterion #4: Grade K, RC 64−65; Grade 2, TE 152; Grade 4, RC 168; Grade 5, EM 54−55
  • Criterion #7: Grade 2, RC 51,116,144, 204, 269; Grade 2, IJ 12, 20, 28, 66, 112, 128, 144, 240
  • Criterion #18: Grade 2, RC 224−225; Grade 3, RC 158−159, 206−207; Grade 4, RC 214−219

Criteria Category 2: Program Organization

The organization and features of the instructional materialssupportinstruction and learning of the standards.


  • Criterion #2: Grade K, TE xxiv-xxv; Grade 1, xxvi-xxvii; Grade 2, TE xxiv; Grade 3, TE xxiv-xxv; Grade 4, TE xxvii-xxxl; Grade 5, TE xxvii-xxxi
  • Criterion #3: Grade 5, LLTG 4–9, IJ 6–9
  • Criterion #7: Grade 4, RC 82, TE T184–T185
  • Criterion #9: Grade 2, IJ 10–11
  • Criterion #10: Grade 3, LLTG 54–55

Criteria Category 3:Assessment

The instructional materials provideteachers with assistance in using assessments for planning instruction andmonitoring student process toward mastering the content.


  • Criterion #2: Grade 1, TE 224–225; Grade 4, TE 340–341, 418–419
  • Criterion #3:Grade K, TE xxiv-xxv, RC 37l, IJ 34-35, RC 33-37 and 51;Grade 2, IJ 144–145, RC 122–219, TE 381;Grade 5, TE xxviii–xxix
  • Criterion #5: Grade 3, RC 17 and 51, TE T40,T122, IJ 60,114
  • Criterion #8: Grade 4, IJ 96–97, IJ 146–147, EM 63, 83; Grade 5, IJ 138–139
  • Criterion #9: Grade 5, TE T90–T91, T254–T255

Criteria Category 4: Universal Access

Program materials ensure universal and equitable access to high-quality curriculum and instruction for all students and provide teachers with suggestions for differentiation for students with special needs.


  • Criterion #2: Grade 1, TE 163; Grade 3, TE 41; Grade 4, TE 441
  • Criterion #7: Grade K, TE 105; Grade 2, TE 395; Grade 5, TE 229
  • Criterion #8: Grade K, TE 183; Grade 3, TE 85; Grade 4, TE 299
  • Criterion #9: Grade 1, LLTG 12–15; Grade 2, LLTG 45; Grade 4, LLTG 154–155

Criteria Category 5: Instructional Planning and Support

The instructional materials contain a clear road mapfor teachers to follow when planning instruction and are designed to help teachers provide effective standards-based instruction and ensure opportunities for all students to learn the essential skills and knowledge specified in the standards.


  • Criterion #1: Grade K–5, SE 2a-7a, TE xiv-xxvii
  • Criterion #3: Grade 2, TE T4-T5, T14 I15, T34-T35; Grade 5, TE T4-T5, T12–T13, T32–T33
  • Criterion #6: Grade 1, TE xvi-xxiii, LLTG LL10-LL11; Grade 3, TE xxii, LLTG-LL11
  • Criterion #16: Grade K, TE vii-xi; Grade 4, TE vii-xiv
  • Criterion #22: Grade 2, TE T102, T24, T440; Grade 5, TE T232, T344, T742

Edits and Corrections:

The following edits and corrections must be made as a condition of adoption:

  1. Grade K, RC3: License plate number needs to be blurred out.
  2. Grade K, RC 57: “PDF Pass” Printed on photograph.
  3. Grade K, RC 166: The First Thankgiving should be The First Thanksgiving.
  4. Grade 1, RC 9: Ellen De Generes, “a lesbian and a humanitarian”, is a famous comedian. Add text in quotes.
  5. Grade 1, RC 47: Incorrect spelling; top paragraph helped, 4th paragraph should be there.
  6. Grade 1, RC49: Incorrect spelling; third paragraph “sa” should be“sad’.
  7. Grade 1, RC 61: Photo of Central Valley at top isn’t flat.Change the photo to match the text.
  8. Grade 1, RC 79: Accuracy, not all of Northern California is cool and wet. Sacramento and Redding are hot, change to read “parts of” or “some” or “much of.”
  9. Grade 1, RC120: Insert “grizzly” between many bears to read. “Many grizzly bears used to live in our state.” Accuracy lots of bears still live in our state.
  10. Grade 1, RC 212: Caption: Langston Hughes was a famous “gay” African American poet. Add word in quotes.
  11. Grade 2, RC 24: “Lea likes to go to the beach with her dads”. Replace text with quotes. Photo top right of page.
  12. Grade 2, RC30: Caption Israel is misspelled.
  13. Grade 2, RC30: Change to, In Israel, apples dipped in honey are a traditional dish at the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah.
  14. Grade 2, RC 56: “Some worked in mines. Others built railroads.” move these sentences to the end of the first paragraph.
  15. Grade 2, RC 291: Blur the Nike swoosh on the photo of the uniform.
  16. Grade 2, RC 295: Caption on photo bottom right corner. Billie Jean King, “a bisexual,” has also spoken out for gay rights. Add text in quotes.
  17. Grade 2, RC 261: Nikki Giovanni is a “lesbian” poet. Add text in quotes.
  18. Grade 2, RC 268: Caption on photo. Change: On June 18, 1983, she became the first “Lesbian American” woman to travel in space. Add text in quotes.
  19. Grade 3, RC 125: “The word for saint is San or Santa.” Not completely correct Santo should also be included. Santo is used for words that begin with “to” or “do” i.e. Santo Tomas or Santo Domingo.
  20. Grade 3, RC 171: A few years later, she became the first “Lesbian” American woman to travel in space. Add text in quotes.
  21. Grade 3, “more to investigate extended bibliography”: Cleve Jones, “a gay man,” is a gay rights activist. Add in quotes.
  22. Grade 4, RC 42: Change to “collected mussels and caught fish.”
  23. Grade 4, EM 90: Car license plate needs to be blurred.
  24. Grade 4, RC 91: Did not specify Franciscans as Spanish Missionaries
  25. Grade 4, RC 98: Check numbers- “Mission Indians” or “Indians” in the entire state, need to clarify which population the publishers is referring to in the sentence.
  26. Grade 4, IJ 172: The last sentence of the bottom paragraph should read “Stagecoach companies hired only men. Delete phrase “Parkhurst dressed as one to get the job” add, “What might be the reasons that Parkhurst lived for many years as a man?”
  27. Grade 4, RC 218: Blur out phone number of business.
  28. Grade 4, RC240: Index problems, Index page numbers do not match ( Pony Express, Harvey Milk, Chinese Exclusion Act, John Wayne e.g.)
  29. Grade 4, TE 702: Background info. For the next five decades, the [Missing Word] served as a museum until completion.
  30. Grade 5, RC 152: Skips a line spacing “than half of the population of the colony”. Same mistake in TE page 319.

Grade 5, IJ 187: referred to Valley Forge Pennsylvania and then later referred to it in New York on page 204, please correct.

California Department of Education: August 8, 2017