Math Study Guide

Math Study Guide

Math Study Guide

Unit 1

Extending Whole Numbers

  1. The table lists the sales for the top four car manufacturers from May to September 2011 and from May to September 2015.

Car Sales by Manufacturer

Auto Sales / 2015 / 2011
Manufacturer A / 1,257,322 / 1,002,348
Manufacturer B / 1,000,001 / 1,000,521
Manufacturer C / 896,689 / 704,113
Manufacturer D / 997,354 / 930,258

How many more car sales did all four manufacturers have from May to September, 2015 than from May to September, 2011?

2. There are 365 days in a year and 24 hours in a day. How many hours are there in seven years?

3. Scott and Sarah sold candy bars for a school fundraiser. Scott sold 613 boxes of candy, where each box contained 20 candy bars. Sarah sold 588 boxes of candy, where each box contained 15 candy bars. What is the best estimate of the number of candy bars Sarah sold altogether?

4. For a Veteran’s Day parade in town, the mayor gave small flags to each of the 1,325 people who attended the parade If the flags came in 25 boxes with no flags left over, how many flags were in each box?

5. Home Depot purchased 15,762 pounds of pine wood and 18,302 pounds of cedar wood to sell in their new store. After six months, Home Depot had sold 9,235 pounds of wood. About how many pounds of wood does Home Depot have left to sell in their new store?

6. The table shows the number of ticket sales for a movie theater on Friday before 6:00p.m.

Movie Ticket Sales

Movie Times / Tickets Sold
12:00 / 98
2:30 / 215
3:30 / 255
4:45 / 287
6:00 / 342

What was the total number of tickets sold for the movies, with start times of 2:30, 3:30 and 4:445 p.m.?

7. Five cement trucks pick up 8375 gallons of cement from a quarry. Each truck carries the same amount of cement. How many gallons of cement will be in one truck?

8. A company makes 6,318 toy cars a day. The toy cars are packaged in groups of 16. Approximately how many packages of toy cars does the company produce in 62 days?

9. One of the largest hotels downtown has 26 floors and accommodates (holds) 250 people on each floor. If the hotel is completely full 5 nights this week, how many people will the hotel accommodate (hold) during those 5 days?

10. Kelsey wants to buy 60 chairs for her restaurant. A local furniture store is selling the chairs at a cost of “2 chairs for $100.” How much will the chairs cost in total?