Marshall Elementary School

Marshall Elementary School




Marshall Elementary School District shall be in full compliance with the regulations of the U.S. Department of Education under current Title I regulations relating to parent involvement and participation.

Developed jointly with parents of the district, the Parent Involvement Policy for Marshall Elementary School includes the following:

  1. Parents shall be involved in the joint development of the school plan under pertinent sections of the Title I laws and regulations. Parent committees will be formed to examine the Parent Involvement Policy on an annual basis. Necessary changes will be made. The policy will be sent home to all parents at the beginning of every school year.
  1. Parents shall be involved in the process of school review and improvement as required under state and federal. Parent committees will be formed, Federally Required Report Cards will be sent to all parents annually, and PTO meetings will be held to inform parents of school progress or needs for school improvement.
  1. Marshall Elementary School will plan and implement effective parental involvement activities that will improve student academic achievement and school performance. The PTO will meet regularly at different times of day to provide parents an opportunity to attend.
  1. Marshall Elementary School will build the capacity for strong parental involvement by:
  1. Helping parents understand the state academic content standards and state assessments by sending home copies of the Federally Required Report Card that is written in parent-friendly terminology
  1. Providing materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their academic achievement through the PTO, purchasing materials ordered specifically for improvement of achievement, etc.
  1. Involving parents in school activities, especially academically related ones, such as PTO meetings, Open House programs that provide opportunities for parents, students, and teachers to meet and discuss areas of concern, parental attendance at School Board Meetings, and a special phone service that will inform parents of school activities
  1. Marshall Elementary School will educate teachers and other staff to :
  1. Recognize the value and usefulness of parents’ contributions
  1. Reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners
  1. Implement and coordinate parent programs (PTO)
  1. Build ties between parents and the school

This goal will be achieved through developing strong parent/school ties such as

Open House; parent assistance with field trips, exhibits, etc.; building up the

PTO; communicating with parents concerning discipline or academic problems;

inviting parents to participate in school programs; and other areas.

A phone system of parent notification will enable the school to keep parents

abreast of school developments.

  1. Marshall Elementary School will coordinate the parental involvement program with other programs—primarily Head Start. Pre-K students will receive services from the Carroll County District’s speech therapist for screening. Meetings with Head Start personnel will be attended by district administrators and some teachers. Head Start Students will visit the Carroll County Kindergarten classes prior to the beginning of their first year of school. Teachers will work with parents to help ease the transition from Head Start to Kindergarten.
  1. The district will conduct, with the help of parents, an annual evaluation of the parental involvement policy and its effectiveness in improving the academic quality of Title I schools. Parents from Marshall Elementary School will make up a portion of the Federal Programs Committee and will be actively involved in evaluating the parental policy. Parent Surveys will be conducted prior to the evaluation and suggestions made will be considered by the committee.
  1. Marshall Elementary School will conduct surveys to gain input from parents. Students will be given the surveys, and the completed forms will be returned to the schools. Teacher encouragement to return the surveys will hopefully result in a large number of returned surveys in order to get a good sampling of parental ideas and concerns.
  1. Marshall Elementary School requires that parents make a commitment to school and their children’s education by signing a parent-teacher compact (contract).
  1. Opportunities for parents to meet with administrators, teachers, or other staff will be available at all times. Reasonable opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school, participate in their children’s classes, and observe classroom activities will be provided by the school.
  1. Student handbooks will contain a section concerning Parental Rights.