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Dear Friends,

It is indeed my pleasure to write again to all of you at the beginning of, what is turning out to be, an interesting financial year for all of us. While we are still experiencing the effects of the ‘Brexit’ negotiations, it may not be a bad idea to recollect some of the better moments in the past year.

Those of you turned up for the 35th MMA celebrations will no doubt agree with me that it was a memorable occasion. We had an entertaining chief guest in Mr Shankar and some scintillating performers from the idea star singers Vidya Shankar and Srinath. Our friends from ‘Sruthi’ entertained us with their Medley on Shankar’s ‘Yester years’ and then there was the wonderful home grown dance performance from Mrs Rashmi Sudhir and co.

What a night it was- thanks to you all for making our lives so much easier and the event memorable.

I would like to first, take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended and made that occasion a memorable one. At the same time, I would request all of you to join me in thanking each and every one of our committee members, who have given a good part of their valuable time to make these events happen. It is certainly my privilege to be able to work with such an efficient but more importantly, amiable committee without which things would not have turned out the way it did.

I would now like to turn your attention to the future-The 36th MMA celebrations. It has been decided to hold the annual celebrations on the 7th, 8th and 9th of July 2017. The Daventry hotel will remain the venue for this event. While we accept that some aspects were a problem at Daventry, we have not been able to find a better venue which would cater to all our needs including safety for all- particularly children, space, flexibility with staff and of course ambience. The hotel authorities have promised to cater to all our needs and we the committee will try our best to get things sorted for you.

While the final programme is yet to be decided, the format will remain the same as last year. This would include an informal evening on Friday night, sports on Saturday morning, general body meeting on Saturday evening followed by the grand event. On Sunday, there will be another informal committee meeting which will follow breakfast and signal the end of the event. We would like to continue the CME programme as before and will confirm the topics soon.

Further details to follow.

My dear friends, I see the annual meet as a time for not just fun but also as a platform for the renewal of friendships, a time for our children to see what it was like to be in India, the silly antics that we got up to --The reasons why Kerala and India hold that special warm place in our hearts.

Finally, I would like to remind you all that, we in the committee are only human, especially me! There will no doubt be things that could have been done better. I am hoping that you will have the heart to forgive our inadequacies and support us to move this organisation from strength to strength. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts by email or by phone. I am always grateful for some constructive criticism.

Be aware that to make use of the excellent rates at Daventry, you will need to book before the 31st of May. Please allow us to have the confidence to go ahead with the planning by registering for the function as soon as possible. I have attached the registration form to help and prompt you. The details are all available on the website. Please do visit the site and see all the information regarding the future and have a glimpse at the past.

See you all in July, 2017.

With Love and Regards

On behalf of all the committee members

Dr Paul Peter


Malayalee Medical Association