Main Duties and Responsibilities Are To

Main Duties and Responsibilities Are To



Department: Inspire

Reports t0: Area Manager

Main function:To assist the team in providing the highest possible standard of food and hygieneto the scheme.

Main duties and responsibilities are to:

  1. Customer & Client Focus
  1. To plan and implement a menu for residents taking into account: - hygiene, nutrition, variety, personal preference, special diets.
  2. To maintain an efficient and cost effective system for ordering all goods, foods and vegetables necessary for the preparation and cooking of meals.
  3. To maintain the overall safety of the scheme in accordance with the Health and Safety policy. Specifically Health and Safety Hygiene for the kitchen and food storage areas.
  4. Observing correct use and care of all equipment.
  5. Ensure that kitchen supplies and cleaning materials are well stocked and stored safely through liaison with the manager or authorised person.
  6. Reporting faults or requirements to the Team Leader or Scheme Manager.
  7. Setting tables, serving meals collection of dishes to the kitchen.
  8. Disposing of refuse as required.
  9. Carry out all domestic duties within the kitchen.
  10. Develop and maintain a trusting and professional relationship with Service Users.
  11. Contribute towards a harmonious and therapeutic environment.
  12. Be flexible and work such hours to meet the needs of the Scheme as are required for the post.
  1. Leadership
  2. Builds trust and leads by role modelling the values of integrity, compassion and professionalism and expects them from others
  1. Promotes a positive working atmosphere by supporting a culture of empowerment, transparency and development
  2. Has a clear understanding of the organisation’s vision and direction
  3. Understands the need for organisational change and contributes to the growth and development of responsive, client centred services
  4. Demonstrates understanding, motivation and commitment to deliver high performance within their team
  5. Is actively involved in decision making within their team
  6. Is open and receptive to challenges to prevailing practices/beliefs, involving others in decision making
  7. Keeps up to date with the Inspire Strategy, Departmental and local objectives
  8. Translates strategy into operational reality by delivering high quality, professional and innovative services
  9. Aligns individual objectives with organisation strategy
  10. Understands the impact and implications of external factors on Inspire strategy and services

C.Clarity of Purpose

  1. Displays compassion and sensitivity to customer and client needs
  2. Delivers high quality, professional and innovative service at all times
  3. Understands and is responsive to customer/client’s expectations and individual needs, while providing client centred services
  4. Identifies problems and issues and works with the client/customer to provide the most appropriate solutions to promote wellbeing for all
  5. Plans and organises work to achieve results that are aligned with objectives and organisational values that enable positive outcomes for the people who use our services
  6. Continuously strives to add value and identifies where they can improve the results delivered
  7. Takes accountability, responsibility and ownership for the delivery of all results, delegated or otherwise
  8. Displays responsibility, integrity and dedication when delivering results
  9. Demonstrates a readiness to take decisions, take action and commit oneself
  10. Sets clear performance expectations standards for self
  11. Keeps their line manager informed of progress; evaluates, discusses and agrees contingency when targets are not being met
  12. Builds a positive working relationship with both internal and external customers and clients that fosters open and honest communication and feedback
  13. Contributes to the team’s performance and takes appropriate action to maintain high levels of performance and positive team dynamics, particularly through periods of change
  1. Ongoing Commitment to Development
  1. Has the necessary functional and technical knowledge and skills to do their job to a good standard
  2. Focuses on their own personal development to ensure the provision of high quality, professional and innovative services
  3. Monitors and ensures professional registration is maintained at all times, where applicable
  4. Follows and adheres to the relevant policies and procedures in completing their work as laid out by department, organisation and legislation/ regulation
  5. Uses the Inspire Performance Management System appropriately as a framework for ongoing quality discussions with their line manager
  6. Shares knowledge and expertise to promote high levels of trust and to foster a climate of learning and development and supports it from others
  7. Adopts a coaching approach when supporting others, where appropriate
  8. Respects and values the efforts, different strengths and ambitions of others
  9. Develops and role models their interpersonal skills to ensure a positive professional impact
  10. Identifies and understands own strengths and development needs and takes personal responsibility for their continued development
  11. Engages with and makes use of development opportunities to enhance personal practice
  12. Sets clear and SMART performance expectations for self
  13. Develops a specialism in line with personal aspirations and organisational needs
  14. Takes appropriate and measured risks where appropriate and with no risk to service provision, reputation etc.
  1. Team and Partnership Working
  1. Demonstrates an understanding of the critical role of internal and external relationships
  2. Builds a positive working atmosphere by networking and developing trusting internal relationships, to deliver the best service to external customers/clients
  3. Encourages and supports teamwork and the celebration of team success
  4. Participates effectively as a team member, respecting the contribution of others
  5. Understands the need for shared goals within the team and is actively involved in achieving them
  6. Recognises, respects, and utilises the expertise and contributions of others
  7. Participates in external activities to increase public engagement and support
  8. Focuses on achieving beneficial outcomes for the organisation in addition to team interests
  9. Projects a positive image and reputation of Inspire when engaging with external stakeholders
  10. Takes opportunities for collaborative working with internal and external individuals and organisations that will enhance and influence high quality, professional and innovative services
  11. Helps to build financial resilience by demonstrating a cost conscious attitude and by identifying ongoing opportunities to make savings
  12. Encourages, recognises and celebrates innovative ideas and team achievements

F.Wellbeing for all

  1. Contributes to the conditions for high levels of staff wellbeing by providing ideas, leadership and


  1. Supports the development of Inspire’s staff wellbeing strategy by suggesting wellbeing initiatives

and ideas

  1. Promotes a culture of wellbeing for all, through personal commitment and participation, and

encouraging engagement in wellbeing initiatives

  1. Sets their annual wellbeing objective
  2. Encourages colleagues to discuss and take responsibility for their own wellbeing
  3. Promotes a positive working environment where wellbeing for all is central to providing a high

quality, professional and innovative service

  1. Demonstrates a focus on personal wellbeing to aid professional responsibilities
  2. Supports an autonomous working environment
  3. Understands how the traits of a high performance workplace improves staff engagement and

workplace wellbeing

  1. Demonstrates understanding of their requirement to ensure a safe and supportive working

environment, where accidents and work related ill-health are minimised

  1. General
  1. Members of staff are expected to treat those with whom they come into contact in a courteous and respectful manner in accordance with the Dignity at Work Procedure.
  2. Staff are expected to demonstrate their commitment to Inspire by their regular attendance and the efficient completion of all tasks allocated to them.
  3. All staff must comply with the Smoke Free Policy and associated procedures.
  4. All Staff must take care of their own health and safety and that of people who may be affected by what they do (or do not do).
  5. All staff must co-operate with others on health and safety, and not interfere with, or misuse, anything provided for their health, safety or welfare.
  6. All staff must follow the training they have received when using any work items their employer has given them.
  7. Inspire iscommitted to equality of opportunity and to selection based on merit. The Cook is required to adhere to Inspire’s Equal Opportunities Policy and associated procedures throughout the course of his/her employment.
  8. The Cook will endeavour to ensure the on-going confidence of the public.
  9. The Cook will maintain high standards of personal accountability.

This job description is neither exhaustive nor exclusive and may be reviewed and amended in the future to include any other reasonable duties, projects or tasks as may be requested from time to time and to reflect changing organisational requirements, changing staffing levels, etc.

Last Reviewed: April 2016